100 thoughts on “【大惨事】牛タンカレーをマニュアル見ずに圧力鍋で【美味し過ぎた!】

  1. この前ショップジャパンのクッキングプロ買ったんだけど、これの方が大きくていいですね。

  2. I got into slow cooking a little while ago and whilst I have a crockpot it has nowhere near that many buttons, I'd be scared to look at it without reading the manual

  3. Me as a vegetarian sitting in my couch watching Asuka’s cooking video….

    My wife – honey what do u want for dinner?…

    Me – I want some beef tongue….

  4. Ah yes, the annoyance of oil popping up off of the skillet and hitting your skin. Such an exhilarating feeling (said no one…ever)

  5. Such a cutie you are! You do all this stuff to keep yourself from being bored while on the road with wwe???

  6. Im sure its hard to eat healthy and on the road. You look like you have figured it out pretty good. I hope you kick Becky lynch at royal rumble. even i you loose you are still a better wrestler.

  7. beef tongue is no different than tongue tacos or cabeza tacos dammm this video is making me hungry later going out for tacos.

  8. It’s a great thing that the pressure cooker has a locking mechanism. Otherwise, we’d have heard about a terrible accident.

  9. happy new years i gein undertand now yoou turn e commence a te comprendre ton langage mais tous eule cet journer pour toi c est comme pas feter aujourdhui bonné tu es merveilleuse continu tes cpable

  10. Hello, Kana Chan, you have a very cool and cute video, but I'm Russian and I do not understand anything, if you can add Russian subtitles then do them pleaseฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  11. I love my pressure cooker to. It's awesome to be able to cook rice quickly. Especially when I'm really hungry.
    Your going to be able to make so many great meals. You be addicted to the pressure cooker.

  12. Kana we can all relate to getting popped by oil, butter, grease, or whatever while cooking. You took it like a champ though. lol Love this channel.

  13. Okay I will admit I kinda made fun of her English and then I realise she's a professional Wrestler I was kinda scared I'm sorry please don't beat me up 😟😟

  14. Kannachan u r too likeable..💞💞
    Really cool videos… Japanese things r so interesting…i love beef tongue,im greek so we eat them…

  15. Hey asuka did you get met with Kazuchika Okada or some other njpw?
    Sry my english is Bad like yours iam frome germany 🤣

  16. Becky Lynch's comment on Monday Night Raw about Asuka starting a YouTube channel about making soup brought me here.

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