100 thoughts on “トレーニングin Las Vegas【ホテル】

  1. Asuka seems genuinely happy despite not being used as a complete monster in the ring that she should be. Maybe she agrees with WWE?

  2. Hi beautiful you are breath taking how are you doing I just want to say I love what you do and thank you for taking time out to do it

  3. あなたはとても美しいです、私はあなたに会えることを望みます!あなたのエネルギーだけで私はあなたの周りにいるだけで幸せです。♥️🤎

  4. Don't forget y'all, because of how WWE contracts are worded, Kana is paying for all this out of her own pockets. This is an awesome vid no doubt but that's an important detail to remember.

  5. Asuka should watch one of my treadmill videos when she's running indoors, but I will watch her content all day.

  6. Lol dont you just love her intro. She's so animated. She really needs to make an anime or a movie j know I would tell all my family and friends to support her and watch it lol.

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