100 thoughts on “ビュッフェで食べ放題【エクスカリバーに宿泊】

  1. Kana your videos really help me with my depression so thank you for being my light in the darkness your an amazing wrestler and an amazing person!

  2. Oh I know how hard it is to get to the tram-Excalibur casino floor is a maze. Took me almost a half hour to find it to get to the Mandalay Bay hotel for the NHL awards last summer.

  3. She must be traveling a lot because she’s out here making content in Japan but also has to go back to wwe in the United States.

  4. Iron maiden. Asuka I'm quickly becoming a fan of you. You become cooler and cooler with every upload. Much love and respect. 👊💪🤟

  5. She should do a guest appearance in the tournament of the kings show, at least an empress could show them how it’s done.

  6. I have to say, This is Your Best Video so far Asuka!!! ❤️ Now let's make #Asuka2Belts happen on Raw tomorrow!!! o/

  7. La verdad yo me comería todo y con una salsa más guacamole hecho en el molcajete espero un día lo pruebes japonesa hermosa

  8. I was at Excalibar 2 times in the 90’s as a kid. In the basement there was a carnival for kids to play game and win prizes because we couldn’t go up and be in the casino part. But the carnival is not there anymore

  9. #1 I would have enjoyed more footage of you eating or the tasty buffet! That food looked GOOD!

    #2 It's difficult to go wrong with the buffets in Vegas on the Strip. I went to more than once and they were all amazing

    #3 You may be tempted, if driving, to eat things that you might think the small towns in Vegas on your way in/out are good! You;d be VERY wrong. Sea Food is typically best avoided many times, or at least in chain places. Carrot cake is garbage artificially flavored trash. HOWEVER, I DID eat all you can eat pancakes, and those were tasty. So stick to non-fancy items and you'll be fine.

    #4 The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay at the end of the strip is a lot of fun! <3

  10. 😥 I remember Askua when you wear in Las Vagas like two weeks ago likely when you filmed this a shooting was close by to you .

  11. I need to hang out with Asuka, she looks like a fun person to be around. And not to mention that she is sexy A.F. too.🌹💖😍

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