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  1. What the…. do you mean to stand there and tell me i WASTED 10:45 of my life for this? Tu topo della metropolitana!!!!

  2. Really like your channel and I follow you but recently was almost scammed by someone posing as you through the whatup app a on Instagram. Lucky for me I am too smart for that. Anyway good luck just making you aware

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  4. Por alguna extraña razón YouTube me recomendó este video y título me salto en español XD… me pregunto si habrá alguna latido por aquí

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  6. Hi Kanako Urai Aka Asuka You Are Very Funny ☺️ Video And Awesome Wrestler Thank You For Showing Us The Real You In This YouTube Channel 👍🏽👍🏽BYE ABN 🤓

  7. I know you get this comment ALL THE TIME….but it is so true….YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL…. I read online you were a model when you were younger……I cannot believe your in your 30s….you still look like 21

  8. Can you try watch Fairy Tail with your reaction? If you already seen it before, you can try watch another that you never seen before. Your the best Asuka!

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  10. Damn I learned something ??? Never thought of blowing in those gloves I use em a lot ??? Yeah I just watch cause she's cute & kinda goofy.

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