1/4 WrestleMania VII Wrestlers Dead

1/4 WrestleMania VII Wrestlers Dead

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by post gator web hosting resumes seven that was a quarter of them are dead that’s right easy and exact are either dr events there heart attack about do you
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the road use that time of their bodies amid a visited a hundred different ways right
but one of them is certainly uh… scare was the most a prominent one is
their respect and uh… uh… andre the giant uh… he has passed
away let me read you a list that was a super sad advising my child macho man andre the giant
mister perfect call instead missile miss elizabeth uh… to of course
pat was the manager for much of it uh… british bulldog deal bravo the texas
tornado joey morale up harpercollins earthquake crotch and big boss man uh… general it was a ref he’d gotten a car
accident so much about accounts ceramic with their read my film and also that
the car accident apparently hit hard track and that’s why i’ve gotten a car accident uh… by the way off the top row elbow from the
sky off the top row that’s ratchet a ready much of it sam’s first look at uh… you know does do
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young first so that we did when he died that was right before what was supposed to
be judgment day that god so that uh… the macho man deliver one last elbow from the sky effect whatever it was the greatest we’d ever
so i recruited prepared for in nobody has a law school road wrestling fan i’m really sad over enough pain it’s because i grew up watching these guys
and you know if their own entertainers in our site if you know uh… when bob hope guys like
that’s super sad prophetically but wouldn’t want to read that as i’ve said
was that and i and i feel like you know it’s a shame anythink in the because the steroids it might affect a lot
of all players and separate your ring but it’s interesting that you know you know
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100 thoughts on “1/4 WrestleMania VII Wrestlers Dead

  1. Wait, so this whole video is just Cenk talking and this girl just giggling and "uh huh"-ing. She doesn't offer one piece of news, so what was the point of her??

  2. They only suspend the lower and mid card guys while the top draws like like Triple H and Randy Ornton are often told ahead of time through intermediaries when "surprise" drug tests are going to happen so they an find a way to fake out the tests or let the steroids cycle out of their systems so they don't get caught.

    The WWE's drug policies are mostly for show so if they get sued by someone they can say "well we have a zero tolerance policy for any drug use" they mean absolutely nothing.

  3. @Hammerhead547
    Of course it is because you read internet dirt sheets right? You should listen to MVP's interview with Dave Lagana (former WWE head writer) where they talk about it.

    You have MVP himself being thankful for those tests.

  4. @upabittoolate

    If Vince McMahon's corporate policies towards health care including medical treatment and time off for injuries (not just extremely serious ones) was a little more reasonable there wouldn't be a pill popping culture or drug use and abuse amongst the men on the roster.

    Never mind their scheduling system which forces guys to spend up to four months on the road at a time with no time off and their "creative" contract writing that screws guys who get hurt.

  5. It is a combination of abuse, the fact that they are all massive men, and big men tend to have heart attacks more often, and also the large number of injuries that occur in such a sport take a great toll on their bodies. Footballers and whatnot do not take nearly such a pounding to their bodies, and boxers have a long recovery time between bouts.

  6. @Hammerhead547 Ventura went through this in his autobiography. Only the biggest stars get paid a good amount, enough to pay for their own healthcare, and he forbade the others from joining the union, even though the only reason they wanted to union up is because as a union, they would be able to get a group discount on heatlhcare.

  7. @Arabman666 Boxers and footballers need athleticism more than fat. With wrestlers, sheer poundage counts, muscle and fat.

  8. @MagnesDrachen13 Wrestlers also have bouts every night, whereas footballers only play twice a week.

  9. @Hammerhead547
    You mean Jim Cornette who hasn't worked for WWE since 2005, and not on the main shows or in the main office but in OVW?

    HTM and Warrior don't work for WWE now, and haven't in a long ass time. WWE's current drug policy is what I'm talking about. Since Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit's death they have implemented the policy.

    The fact you cite guys who don't work for the company when then policy wasn't even in place is laughable.

    MVP worked for the company when it happened.

  10. @dangerouslytalented

    That's just the way Vince has always conducted business, he likes screwing those who were/are loyal to him just simply because he can while very handsomely rewarding the guys who kiss his ass.

    In the 80's Vince routinely allowed guys to go out and work the ring wile they were half cut or high because he didn't care as long as he made lots of money for himself.

  11. @AmericanNohbuddy

    The drug policy at WWE is still a joke even with the new changes even Lance Cade (who has since died) said in a podcast he did as a guest of Kenny Bolin just last year that he personally saw underlings from the office personally inform the top draws of impending drug tests and he also saw or had personal first hand knowledge of guys falsifying their "piss in a cup tests" by swapping out their urine for someone elses "clean" drug free urine.

  12. @Hammerhead547
    You mean Lance Cade, who died while not under WWE contract? Who wasn't with WWE for 2 years?
    I'm sure top guys do get some heads up. I wouldn't be surprised.

    But the fact still remains they have a policy now, they have a banned substance list, they ban chair shots to the head, they have screenings like they did for MVP, they have suspended stars. Is it perfect? No. But at least they have something.

  13. If the WWE was really serious about doing drug tests they would not be using the "piss in a cup" test.

    if they really want to get serious they need to be doing actual blood tests to measure hormone levels because a lot of those guys take horse hormones and artificial testosterone and to screen for any steroids or illicit drugs.

    Until the switch to actually drawing blood and sending it to an independent lab for tests I don't have much faith in their drug testing policy or methods.

  14. @Hammerhead547
    How do you know they don't do blood tests or any of those? You obviously don't work for them.

  15. @HugeJohn51, I never implied wrestling was real, I only said it doesn't make sense to dislike wrestling ONLY because it's fake when movies, T.V and video games are also fake. You decided to twist my words and missed my entire point. I clearly stated that actors are PRETENDING just like WRESTLERS, meaning I said in my own words that wrestling isn't real.

  16. People are always talking about the wrestlers who take roids dying, but why don't they talk about the ones who don't use roids (the majority) who live long lives (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Harley Race, etc). It's way too overblown… there's been 18 year old kids dying from heart attacks and bringing up roids here had no place. Ignore the fact that he was clean for /s

    Most of the performers from WM 7 are dead because…. they were older! Look at Edge, had to retire or risk death.

  17. @HugeJohn51, Here's the real context of my argument. Ive watched wrestling with a lot of people who weren't fans, they admitted they thought a certain wrestler was cool or a storyline was engaging, or that a wrestling match was great yet the whole time there were also bitching "but it's fake" and thus couldn't watch anymore or refused to watch it again. They liked the wrestlers, the stories and the matches, but still wouldn't watch because it's fake. That was the whole point of my argument.

  18. @AdCamper Are you saying "He died so we might might live"?

    Because that would make him the messiah… strangely, I have no problem with that.

  19. @rep300 are you fucking retarded? Insulin overdose is deadly and so are other, probably all anabolic steroids.

  20. They give steroids way too much credit. it's definitely a contributing factor but around that time the guys not only took steroids but cocaine, alcohol and other illicit drugs while spending most of the year on the road.

  21. idk why you guys are hating on jacki bray, she covers mostly sports which has nothing to do with politics and i think she is good at reporting even tho i dont agree with TYT politically, i think she does a good job. the guy with glasses that talks sometimes is just terrible and he has to learn how speak up. sometimes i cant hear him.

  22. idiots! Andre died of a growth condition…his heart couldn't handle the burden of his immense body, macho man died cuz his BROTHER…who was driving.. had a heart attack, etc. etc…im not gonna go on…when clearly they haven't done their research…

  23. @Renisance2K Nah it was roids, they fuck with your body and make your mind mush. Flights of bitchy rage, tiny balls, spotty, attention span of a gnat. They stamp out roid losers a dime a dozen.

  24. @Hammerhead547 McMahon's policy doesn't matter here because it's set up such that they're independent contractors. You don;t know how pro wrestling works. All you have is a textbook critique which ain't informed by a damned thing. Ultimately, it's a serious stretch to blame the company for the choices made by the employees' personal choices in their personal lives. Did healthcare make Kerry Von Erich shoot himself? No. Kerry did it. The same goes for the rest. We're done here.

  25. I knew I was right. The big problem is that in america there is not something calledl WOMEN. Just look at the number of failures and loosers who come here not to hear news but to llook at the host.

  26. @rep300 The difference is, bodybuilders cycle on and off of steroids for competitions. Wrestlers who used them were on them 365 to maintain their physique during those punsishing 250-300 show a year touring schedules.

    Throw in the pain killers and muscle relaxants they take to deal with the inevitable injuries they were forced to work through to maintain their jobs and you have bodies being treated to a lot of chemical abuse.

    Sooner or later something will give.

  27. @rep300 Unprotected chair shots and his diving head butt did that. By all accounts Benoit was never the most balanced and sane of individuals at the best of times.

  28. @rep300 From the list Cenk read out, at least 1 was a crack addict (Bulldog) 1 died of a cocaine overdose (Hennig) Andre as has been mentioned had acromegaly(sp) but was also a raging alcoholic who's body broke down years before he died. Boss Man early in his career was massively fat. Liz died of an overdose. Hawk was another drug addict, Texas Tornado shot himself, and Bravo was shot full of holes by the Mafia.

  29. Does anybody know that NFL players die super pre-mature deaths? Its not discussed very much probably due to the huge revenue generated by it (ya think?). But not many of those guys live too long after they get out. Their bodies take a beating, they also use steroids, and most are hooked on pain meds way before they even stop playing.
    Just food for thought.

  30. @TheComputerNazi In one of his last matches in Mexico he was so drunk he shit all over Bad News Brown. If you knew him you would know this.

  31. @CarnardP ….Right on, brotha. Good to see awareness about our discriminatory institutions and conventions. Republicans want to create an idea of "freedom", but only promote the freedom of a certain few, while undermining the "freedom" of many. But they have to keep presenting "freedom" for propaganda and to deceive.

  32. God took macho man..one last elbow?? that not funny…

    in the first round of the rapture draft, god selects…randy savage…now that is FUNNY

  33. @Griffinltd You truly are an idiot. Gigantism is a disease caused by a gene in the body that causes one's body to grow to immense sizes and eventually to the point where their heart can't handle the load. BIg show had/has it and andre did as well

  34. @rdrakken I don't think that steroids are the only problem in wrestling, but they are a problem. Sad thing is that companies care more about other drug, while they turn a blind eye to roids. The business would be better without them in general. That being said, it's unfair that wresting gets a bad rep because their athletes die young because of steroid use. Athletes all over use steroids, especially back in the days.

  35. Look, steroids are a problem but that is not why a lot of ex wrestlers have problems. They preform every week, year round, and a lot do that for 10-20 years. NFL, NBA, and other sports only do it for a few months out of the year. The amount of damage that does to a persons body is what shaves years off of their life.

  36. @TheComputerNazi You mean tell the truth about someone? If you actually knew him you would know these things.

    By the end of his career Andre was an serious alcoholic who's physical condition was so poor he never left his feet and needed to use the ropes to hold himself up.

    These are just the sad facts of the end of his life.

    Your use of language suggests to me that you weren't even born when Andre was an active wrestler.

  37. @rdrakken Macho man was a minor league baseball player before his career took off. He didn't start piling on the muscle mass until the end of his career in WcW when he couldn't do the high flying stuff like he used to,

    Spot on about everything else though.

  38. Andre the Giant really doesn't count either because he suffered from Gigantism and people with this condition have a life expectancy of about 40. (according to a documentary I saw about him)

  39. Big Boss Man died of a heart attack because he was over 300lbs ++ throughout his life, it was kinda expected, im sad he's gone but life can suk that way

  40. @rdrakken Herc died of heart disease, uhm….yeah roids, Mr. Perfect, accidental overdose, Ms. Elizabeth (overdose) so yeah drugs played a huge role in a lot of these guys/girls deaths to say otherwise is just silly. Yes Dino was shot yes Andre had been in poor health for at least a decade etc…but the reality is Drugs/roids have taken a huge tole on the wrestling world Kerry Von Erich Committed suicide yes, but after finding out he was being brought up on federal drug charges.

  41. @rdrakken I like what you said about steroids. While I'm not carrying a brief for roids, they're probably one of the least harmful things those guys do.
    The media coverage of steroids is so inept that it would be funny if it didn't matter. When Chris Benoit died, they would list all the things wrong with his life (too much travel, two failed marriages, physical ill health, serious, repeated brain injuries…) and conclude that the steroids killed him!

  42. "Roids 're probably one of the least harmful things those guys do."

    The media constantly jumps on the "blame the steroids"-bandwagon, when there is way more to it. What has cancer, getting shot, comitting suicide, being in a car accident and taking a drug overdose to do with steroids? None of these deaths is linked to steroids. I think pain killers and the hectic lifestyle (at least in WWE) are much more of a problem. if it would be the roids, the football players would be just as screwed.

  43. Almost half of these guys died of heart attack or failure.  I can only assume drugs of some sort whether PED or other had something to do with it.  Even Mike Tyson admitted to using cocaine before fights.  

    Macho Man 58 – Heart Attack,
    Andre the Giant 46 – Heart Failure
    Mr. Perfect 44 – Drug Overdose
    Miss Elizabeth 42 – Drug Overdose
    British Bulldog 39 – Heart Attack
    Dino Bravo 44 – Gunshot
    The Texas Tornado 33 – Suicide
    Joey Marella 31 – Car Accident
    Hawk 46 – Heart Attack
    Hercules 47 – Heart Disease 
    Earthquake 42 – Bladder Cancern
    Crush 44 – Unconfirmed
    Big Boss Man 41 – Heart Attack

  44. "Definately the roids, no question"   ….I'm sure that the recreational drugs like Cocaine and prescription drugs had nothing to do with it. TYT like to criticize other outlets for doing the exact same stuff as this.

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