10 Best Title Designs in WWE History

10 Best Title Designs in WWE History

Throughout the history of professional wrestling
almost synonymous with the wrestlers themselves are
the titles they hold. From the big gold belt to the intercontinental
title, winning a championship in an industry that they love
is a dream and I’m sure that most wrestlers want the belt that
is raised above their head to be aesthetically pleasing as well. As we saw in the first ever universal title match, the look is a
huge deal and that’s why without further ado, here are the 10 Best. 10: IC: A classic which remains. The IC title has seen various designs over the years, but the one which
went away as the Attitude Era got under way, suddenly made
a comeback with Cody Rhodes in 2011. It’s been through good times, and bad times, but the look of the title stays true
to the legends who held it in the 80’s and 90’s and is one of
the best looking belts in WWE today. 9: Undisputed: First introduced in 2002, the
WWE Undisputed Championship belt was created to consolidate
the WWE and WCW Championship belts (that originally represented
the championship) into one title. It was first worn by Triple H after becoming the second Undisputed Champion at
WrestleMania X8. It has a simple yet nice looking center and
is a staple of the infamous ruthless aggression era. 8: US: Think about the most American design
you could place on a title, then multiply that by 5, that’s
what WWE are doing with the current US title and it really is working. The title features two statues of liberty as the plates and a simple
American flag in the middle. It’s a perfect title for the American fans
and looks at home with people like Cena, Angle, etc. 7: Hardcore: A personal favorite of mine,
the hardcore title may have looked like it was thrown together in
5 minutes, but that was the purpose of the design. It was supposed to look like it was beaten down, broken and battered just like
the champion who had to fight for it. The hardcore title was possibly one of the
most fun belts in the history of WWE. 6: SC Belt: The only custom design on this
list and obviously the best custom design is the special Stone Cold
Steve Austin “smoking skull” belt. Being one of the most captivating figures
in WWE history it’s only fitting that the design
for the belt was a major success as well, perfectly fitting in
with the stone cold character it had a skull in the middle with
rattlesnakes on the side, what’s cooler than that? 5: WWE title (now): The current major title
in the WWE and the title with the most history in WWE is of course
the WWE world title. The current belt worn by superstars like Brock
Lesnar, Aj Styles, Dean Ambrose and many more is a nice
and simple design with its own special feature of having customizable
side plates for each new champion. 4: NXT: since its debut in 2012, the current
NXT format has been an absolute hit and has title quality to prove
it. As recently as WrestleMania weekend this title was scrapped
but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a phenomenal design. The all gold color with the massive X in the middle made it one of the
cooler looking belts in WWE and was a great belt while it lasted. 3: Attitude Era: Another installment of the
WWE championship makes it onto our list and it is completely
deserving as well. The title that Mick Foley raised above his head
or so many other great attitude era moments before and after that,
The “Big Eagle” was a spinoff of the winged eagle and was a stunning
belt held by many of the all-time greats. 2: BGB: The king of simplicity and one of
the oldest belts on our list, The Big Gold Belt nailed everything
from size to shape to design to everything about it. While first being the NWA title held by Ric Flair, the title was later adopted
into the WWE and became the world heavyweight title where it would
be held by such legends as John Cena, The undertaker, Triple
H, Edge and so many more. 1: Winged Eagle: Topping the list has to be
the Winged Eagle WWE World Championship. In use during the wrestling boom in the mid 80’s there has never been a more
spectacular group of legends to hold a single design of the WWE
title From Hulk to Savage, to Andre and Michaels and more. The winged eagle was an absolutely breathtaking design and couldn’t
be topped by any in the history
of WWE.

100 thoughts on “10 Best Title Designs in WWE History

  1. Just bring back the winged eagle or the big eagle and they'll never need another design again, those belts were the most beautiful wrestling belts ever I'm and they we're timeless, the belts now are just lazy and fucking weak looking, the WWE title needs to look much different than the other, there needs to be no doubt what belt your looking at because all these big w belts look identical and fucking shitty, they need to look prestigious and not like fucking toys, it drives me crazy

  2. The ruthless aggression intercontinental is highly pleasing to the eye more so than the atrocious white belt imo lol

  3. This list is whack n starts right frm jump coz the classic Intercontinental title (1986-98) is #2 and the original winged eagle wwf title is #1 (1988-98). N the wigga cenas spinner title one of the worst looking belts ever

  4. I know im in the minority here but i always preferred the attitude era intercontinental championship belt but thats probably because i grew up mostly seeing that one

  5. Ohhh hell no!!! I KNOW this corny ass GROWN MAN did NOT just use the words, "cray cray" in the year 2017 like a goddamned High School cheerleader 😂😂😂

  6. I'm going to say something that will probably get me lynched, but I think the WWF Winged Eagle belt is overrated. There I said it.

  7. my favourite 12 belts=
    1-whc (02-14)
    2-spinner (05-13
    3-ic (02-11)
    4-wwe championship (98-02)
    5-us championship (current or old logo)
    6-spinner us (04-05)
    7-white ic (11-now)
    8-current whc (14-now)
    9-nxt championship (12-16) idk if that's right
    10-undisputed championship (02-05)
    11-wwe championship (13-14)
    12-nxt women championship (idk its time but it was with Paige elite 34)

  8. The Winged Eagle and Big Gold are 1a and 1b for best championship design. They both just scream class and prestige.

  9. 이새끼 지랄한다 이년이 올린 다른 영상에는 스피너 벨트 ㅈ같다고 해는데 뭐냐 왜 여기 좋다고 나오나 그럴꺼면 넣지를 말든가 ㅂㅅ아

  10. Top 3 belts
    3. 90s intercontinental
    2. Hardcore
    1. Winged eagle
    Honorable mentions
    Wcw nwo title
    Smoking skull
    World tag team

  11. Too bad they cant really do a hardcore angle in the PG era. I havent watched any wrestling in probably 15 years. Grew up in the attitude era. I watched until ruthless aggression was over pretty much. I tried watching a single RAW episode about a year ago. It was so garbage, i turned it off within 5 mins. I cant watch without JR and a TV-14 rating. It really has sucked for a long time. Without another true competitor in the business like WCW, they have no true NEED to really take risks and go after ratings

  12. Big Gold Belt.
    WWE Undisputed Championship Belt.
    United Championship Belt.
    WWE Spinner Belt.
    Intercontinental Championship.
    Cruiser Weight Championship Belt.
    Tag Team Championship Belt.
    Women's Championship Belt.

  13. I completely agree with your take on the Hardcore belt. That would be sick 🤘. I don't stand with Winged Eagle as #1. Me personally I've always had a thing for IC white. Thank you Cory Rhodes 😊

  14. All the Titles looked better before. Also they need to bring back the WHC & Hardcore titles back. It would add more division rivalries.

  15. I must admit, I always liked the 1985 WWF belt. Simple but elegant design. Also like the old "10 lbs. of gold" NWA World Title (Harley Race/Ric Flair era)

  16. Winged Eagle
    Big Eagle
    Smoking Skull
    Reggie IC
    Reggie Tags
    Oval IC scratch F
    European scratch
    Original Raw Tags
    Network Heavyweight

  17. My idea for a second coming Hardcore belt would be that World belt that Brock Lesnar bashed with a sledge hammer when he was trashing Triple H's office during their feud in 2013

  18. I don't like Wwe spininng belt cuz it look like plastic toy to me that i can't tell which one is the real champion whether the one my younger brother had or the one john cena always carry around him when live tv.

  19. The best tital design is that rock introduced after defeating John Cena at wrestelmania .Those who think so hit a like.🤨🤨

  20. I don't know rather to get the big Eagle or the current WWE Championship belt, but I sure Hell want that white Intercontinental Belt.

  21. All the titles nowadays except for the us and intercontinental belt look the same like the raw and sml titles

  22. Ok Austin belt is is top 1 or 2 I think u got 1 right I give u that and the other belts are trash 🗑 Literally

  23. Thought the John Cena spinner U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP WOULD'VE MADE THE LIST…after all, it was custom made for John Cena. That U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP FIT "DOCTOR OF THUGANOMICS" JOHN CENA

  24. WWE doesn't care about titles anymore.
    They make them look like ridiculous toys so kids will buy the toy replicas at Wal-Mart.

    Old Vinnie Mac even said on Stone Colds podcast that All the titles are quote
    "Not Important, what's important is the story."


    But then again I remember the days when wrestling titles were EXTREMELY beautifully designed and had value and prestige to them.


  25. My Top 10 is (don’t give me hate)

    10. Intercontinental Championship(like the one on the SvR games)
    9. United States Title
    8. World Tag Team Titles(it has like red accents on it, before those orange spartan unified belts)
    7. WWE Tag Team Titles(These we’re also before the orange Spartan Belts)
    6. Current WWE Championship
    5. Spinner Belt
    4. Current Intercontinental Title
    3. Attitude Era WWE Championship
    2. Unified WWE Championship
    1. Big Gold Belt(World Heavyweight Title)

  26. Fuck me this is by far the shittiest list ever. The fucking US flag belt is trash, to put it ahead of the IC and Undisputed is madness. Then to add a busted up shitty Winged Eagle above it all again is nuts. And then including ugly ass shit shows like the NXT trash and current WWE logo belts. Fuck off mate. Where are real classics like the Hogan 84, 85 and 86 and the Andre 87? Or the classics tags. You probably don't even know what they are.

  27. My top favorite WWE Championship title belts would have the Undisputed title followed by the bid gold belt and the attitude era big eagle championship!!!

  28. The Current WWE Championship looks like a piece of trash designed as a marketing gimmick. And you're putting it at number 5? You must be out of your mind.

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