10 Dark German Legends

10 Dark German Legends

no culture is as fun-loving or
light-hearted as Germany but there is also a darker side thousands of years of
division and hardship have left Germany with countless twisted legends and they’re
not all about French people stealing sausages many German legends are
genuinely disturbing even traditional fairy tales are thought to be inspired by
real-life historical tragedies the Pied Piper of Hamelin may once have been a
real figure who kidnapped an entire village of children and that’s just a
fairy tale more codified legends tell of werewolves vampires cannibals and tragic ghosts in a remote valley was once a desperate hunter. It had been weeks since he last killed an animal and he and his wife were in danger of starvation at
this point his rifle was broken so even when he encountered a boar he was unable
to do anything but one morning he was approached by a stranger this stranger
was wrapped in a cloak that hid his face and has an accent he had never heard
before the stranger gave him a gun with seven
bullets telling that it was a gift from a friend and what no other kind of
bullets would fit for gun these bullets were special the first six would hit
whatever target be hunter wished them to but the mysterious stranger would decide the target early seventh in time this proved to be true the hunter was soon providing
more than enough for his wife and gave much away to the community every week he
brought home a boar without needing a second shot about his until the seventh
week that first day an especially large boar appeared on their property it was
too good an opportunity to miss so he took aim and fired
he heard the bullet connect and the sound of its carcass hitting the ground
but somehow verb or ran away unharmed with no trail of blood it was only on
turning of rounds where he saw his wife on the ground bleeding to death before writing a seminal gothic novel
Frankenstein a young Mary Shelley spent much time in Germany it was here she
would learn of Legends for chilled her bones once hold of an insane noble
living alone in his remote castle behind its vast walls he practiced alchemy he
regularly had dead bodies stolen from nearby cemeteries and brought to him for
strange experiments by using God knows what in God knows what way he created an
elixir of life a solution that could reawaken the dead, potentially granting
immortality but it didn’t quite work if the corpses it was applied to would
certainly reanimate but they were mindless zombie like undead figures with
no will desire or consciousness it was far from the kind of immortality its
creator was hoping for so he gave up accepting failure
he sent his creations out into the woodlands surrounding his castle some
were torn apart by wolves or simply by the elements but many are still out
there wandering the black forest of seven Germany lacking everything that
makes us human yet unable to die while already dead there was once a poor Miller who ran a
small grain operation with his young daughter year after year they struggled
to stay in business barely making enough to survive then one day he was
approached by a man he had never seen before there was something menacing
about for man but he seemed nice enough in fact he offered the miller a bag of
gold in exchange for it he asked only for what stood behind the mill. The miller knew an apple tree stood there a small loss in exchange for that price so
they agreed to the deal only after accepting the gold did the miller
realize his daughter was standing under that tree he had sold her to the stranger
one week later of a strange man returned they now saw him for what he was: the
devil. He had come to claim the girl’s soul but as for girl had come in no
mortal sin he was unable to enraged the devil demanded Lee Miller cut off four
girls arms fearing the devil would kill them both
he complied, mutilating his own daughter and for the rest of her life she was
without arms in a remote district of Germany can be
found the tiny village of Morbach nothing much happens in Morbach today
but locals remember a time when people across Europe knew of em the way they
described it there was once a notorious werewolf called Johannes Schweitzer
while the Napoleonic Wars tore apart Europe he’ve roamed freely terrorizing
the German countryside as he went cast by God for committing war crimes he was
to live as a monster until his death for years he seemed unstoppable but on
arriving in Morbach something happened somehow the
impoverished locals of this unknown village killed for Wolfman the last of
his kind in Europe to commemorate this a single candle was lit a candle that
never burnt out not for hundreds of years it was only in 1988 when that
candle finally burns out within days new reports emerged of a monstrous creature
lurking in the forests reports that only stopped when a new candle was lit still
today that new candle burns and terrified locals keep a close watch on it it was for year 1212 ad the age of
crusading but years before Jerusalem had fallen to Muslim forces and Christendom
had since been desperate to reclaim it yet launching a crusade was never an
easy feat and no one had been able to then one day a 12 year old German boy
emerged claiming to have been visited by Jesus himself who told the boy to
personally retake Jerusalem and convert its inhabitants to Christianity he
travelled in many states of Germany proclaiming his divine quest of how he
would lead an army to Jerusalem, retake her through peaceful means, and convert every
single Muslim. To ensure it was peaceful if the army he gathered was entirely
comprised of children by the time they set off for the Holy Land
he led a force of 30,000 children with God as their guide the Children’s
Crusade marched on Jerusalem, expecting to be greeted as heroes but across the
Mediterranean they took on the help of a group of merchants who promised to
transport them for free it seems like a gift from God but not for long taking
advantage of their naivety the merchants instead took them to North Africa where
the children were sold into slavery never to be seen again
you there was once a young woman called Walpurga living in rural Bavaria her husband’s dying young she was thrown
into poverty this made her easy prey to a male co-worker who soon seduced her
one night she enticed her to drink a vast amount of alcohol the next morning
she awoke to find Satan himself standing over her he revealed that female
co-worker had really been a demon in disguise and the last night she had sold
her soul the devil now owned her soul and she had no choice but do whatever he
commanded in following years she would regularly go out at night to murder
children every time a body was found a trail of blood led away from it but he
was years before a blood trail was found leading directly to Walpurga by that
time she had killed 41 children breaking their skulls and drinking their blood
like a vampire In the Bavarian alps small communities
have long been plagued by a terrible beast. Like a lizard with the head of a cat, they made short work of lone travelers
passing through remote mountains possessing great strength and a long
sleek body it is known to reside in tunnels deep within the mountains only
emerging to feed like a snake it senses even slight vibrations in the ground
knowing in advance when anyone was approaching many unsuspecting travelers
have fallen prey to this monster dragged underground and eaten alive
it’s breath is poisonous, its claws sharper than steel in 1811 a local Lord offered
a bounty of gold to anyone who could kill the Beast
dozens of hunters and mercenaries set out to find the monster aiming to bring
back its head to say trophy none of them were ever seen again long ago there was an evil king hated by
all who knew him a cruel tyrant he was corrupt and emotional often venting his
rage by abusing his subjects for years he kidnapped murdered tortured looted as
if he was deliberately causing his own people to suffer sometimes he would even
hunt humans chasing them down with a bow and arrow one morning he shot dead an
entire family he enjoyed it but it was the last straw
the Celtic gods of his tribe had long tolerated his bloodlust but this was too
much in revengefully massacre they cast him the King and his family were
transformed into stone with a king now a statue the tribe descended into civil
war soon fading from history it said where stone figures can still be found
somewhere in southern Germany long ago there was a great king whose
counsel stood atop a mountain it was a time when Europe was still home to
mythical creatures most notably for Giants standing fifty feet tall no human
had ever been able to kill a giant as far as people were concerned they were
invincible then one day a particularly strong giant ventured south and demanded
the king hand over his daughter the princess was horrified by the prospect
of marrying a giant But the King feared reprisals and agreed to her marriage but
the day before the wedding she decided to escape mounting a horse and riding
off the giant chased after her screaming the whole time he seemed to be catching
up but then they reached a steep cliff edge the horse left from it with
great strength clearing the gap and learning safely on the other side but
the giant was too heavy to do the same falling to death on the rocks below hiding in the forests of northern
Germany can be founds terrifying undead monsters by night these hideous beings
emerge to feed on human flesh they themselves were once human
but after committing suicide were cursed by God to forever walk the earth now
they are driven by a constant hunger for human flesh while their own flesh rots
away. The more they consume, the longer our own lifeless body will survive and
so every night they head to graveyards burial grounds and cemeteries anywhere
dead bodies can be found it is easy to recognize them within Long Fangs
the smell of their flesh rotting and the odd grunting sound they make
but approaching them would be a mistake the only known way to kill them is decapitation and even that doesn’t always work

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  1. Yeah if you are just used to knowing about fairy tales from the Disney point of view. When you read the original fairy tail you're going to be in for a rude awakening.

  2. Fairytales in the rest of the west: "Hooray, the kittens found their mittens!"

    Fairytales in Germany: "And ze kittens ver gutted by an evil witch to punish zem for being dumbkofs!"

  3. Yes the Children's Crusade is an interesting piece of history. Something that usually left out when people talk about the histories of crusades.

  4. The place where the horse jumped over the cliff is a nice tourist attraction where you can go and look at the hoofprint on the cliffs edge.

  5. Every night I dream of savoring Eskys huge Bratwurst, I'm on my knees disgusted with my vile thoughts. However I can't stop, why do I crave daddy Esky's meat so bad?

  6. Been waiting for the German legends for a awhile and it was definitely worth the wait. Keep up the great work Eskify!

  7. Hunter shoots wife after believing that she was an "especially large boar that just appeared on his property" and that she was "too good of an opportunity to miss." – So, is Germany like the Florida of Europe?

  8. Giants were real. The product of fallen angels/human women. Research it… it gets pretty interesting. There is actually a ton of evidence out there. The elites who run this earth are Satanists (freemasons/skull and bones/royals). They try to erase evidence that supports biblical history. Also recently a TON of biblical sites have been uncovered over the past couple of years.

  9. Read the mill one in an old book of old russian tales as a kid, but ok. Except in that one she could still cry her self clean so the dad had to cut out her eyes, then tongue etc, till she died or sumn.

  10. Everyone in Germany was a poor hunter or farmer, and hundreds of thousands of children were killed or lost in Fairy Tales, yet Germany has a population of over 82 million, and the 4th largest GDP in the World – I don't know if I believe any of these stories.

  11. I heard Mary Shelley watched a science demo of electricity making a dead frog's legs twitch. Her nightmare about it became the famous Frankenstein story.

  12. dark german legends? this should be called light german legends, as its relatively light compared to their hideous past in some wars with some ovens and ditches

  13. These are wonderful. I worked third shift and your sick sense of humor keeps me from killing people, they thank you.

  14. Fallout! I didn't know they got the Mysterious Stranger from krauts!
    And call me crazy, but most legends have an iota of truth to them. There are also similarities in most place's local legends. Manifestations of energy perhaps mutations of an immortal soul
    but no proof so one can't be certain

  15. A thousand years from now there will be dark German legend about an evil boggard with a silly mustache that tricked 6 million people and lead then to their doom.

  16. Light-hearted and fun-loving?! cackles
    I must say, I've never heard that being said about our culture before! And those you mentioned here aren't even the creepiest. And don't even get me started on the nightmarish reality that was German history!

    But anyway, I've waited for a video on dark legends from here for a very long time and I like this one. Thank you kindly. Ü

  17. “Picture it… Germany, 1212. Nobody could launch a crusade… except for one 12-year-old boy who claimed to be chosen by God to spread Christianity to Jerusalem. He took an army of 30,000 children to ensure a peaceful spread of religion. Unfortunately, they ran afoul of a group of merchants, who took advantage of their innocence and lead them to South Africa, where they were sold into slavery.

    Dorothy… that twelve-year-old boy was me. The evil band of merchants were what later became known as the American Republican Party.”

  18. Eskify , Have you even watched the series
    "Tales from the Dark Side "
    It's an old TV programme it made me think of something you would watch as I do like a different tale every episode

  19. 1 should have being the legendary cyclops of teutonberg forest with the body of Bismarck and the head of frederick the great

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