10 Highest Rated WWE Raw Episodes in History

10 Highest Rated WWE Raw Episodes in History

Hey guys, Ryan here from Wrestling Lists. We’re going to look back at the 10 highest rated and most viewed episodes in WWE Raw history in today’s episode. Let’s not waste time and start with number 10. Along with the sad passing of Owen Hart Over The Edge 1999 also featured a WWE title match featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Undertaker defeated Austin at the Pay-Per View. 2 weeks later on WWE Raw, Undertaker claimed there was a “higher power” who was even greater than Undertaker, and on this episode, he would reveal who the higher power was. The world tuned in to see this dark force who was greater than the legendary Undertaker. It was revealed, quite comically, that it was Vince McMahon. This was all done to continue the Vince and Steve Austin feud. It’s definitely a memorable segment, with Vince proclaiming “It was me Austin! It was me all along!” I remember people were throwing names out at the time of who the higher power could be. Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels and Ted Dibiase were all names people thought could be the higher power. It was later revealed that The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels was going to be revealed as the higher power, but Vince put a stop to that after deciding that Daniels was too short. If you want a job done right, you gotta’ do it yourself I guess. Mere weeks after the higher power was revealed and the Corporate Ministry was established Undertaker and Steve Austin main evented this episode of Raw in a match for the WWE Championship. This was also the night after King of The Ring, where Undertaker had just defeated The Rock to hold onto his WWE Championship. After a solid match, Austin defeated The Undertaker to pick up the victory, and thus became the new WWF Champion. and thus became the new WWF Champion. Post-match, The Undertaker attacked Austin and busted him open. The second hour drew a huge 7.2 rating, with the overall rating for the show coming out to be 6.8. Fans will remember this episode thanks to the “This is your Life” segment with Mankind and The Rock. The segment, which made Vince furious at the time because it went way over the allotted time, drew a staggering 8.4 rating, the highest rated segment in the history of pro-wrestling. It was a great comedy segment where Mick Foley brought out people who he deemed important in The Rock’s life, from his school teacher to his former girlfriend. The WWE championship was also on the line in the main event, as The Rock also squared off against Triple H to end the show. A blockbuster show featuring some big matches saw this episode of WWE Raw reel in some record numbers. Just coming off the Fully Loaded 2000 pay-per-view, the in-ring action kicked off with Steve Blackman defending his hardcore title against The Road Dogg. Stephanie and Shane McMahon teams up to go against Big Show and Lita, Kurt Angle worked against The Undertaker, there was a triple threat tag match featuring The Hardys, The Dudleys and Edge and Christian, and the main event saw a tag match featuring Kane and The Rock squaring off against Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. This show was in the middle of the McMahon – Helmsley era. Triple H was WWE champion and Stephanie was the Women’s champion. This episode was a go-home show, leading up to Backlash 2000. Fans tuned in to see the conclusion of the McMahon family drama that had been folding for weeks prior. The week before, Triple H was about to pedigree Linda McMahon because she slapped her daughter Stephanie. It was all whacky stuff, but fans, for whatever reason, were eating it up. The Main event saw The Rock teaming up with Chris Jericho to battle Chris Benoit and Triple H, with Shane McMahon as the special referee. The final hour drew a big 7.9 rating. At WWE Judgement Day 2000, The Rock was defeated for his WWE Championship when Triple H won an iron man match against the peoples champion. Of note during this main event, however, was the return of The Undertaker. Undertaker returned with a new gimmick. Gone were the druids, slow creepy entrances and iconic theme music. Now, Undertaker was a motorcycle riding American Badass. People tuned in to see more of this new Undertaker gimmick the following night on Raw. ‘Taker showed up to help The Rock fend off D-Generation X and The McMahons at the end of the show. American Badass Undertaker would stay in WWE up until WrestleMania 20, where the Deadman gimmick would return and American Badass ‘Taker wouldn’t be seen again. Fans were eager to see if Vince McMahon was a man of his word when they tuned into this episode of WWE Raw. The night before at Fully Loaded, Steve Austin defeated the Undertaker in a first blood match. If Austin won, Vince McMahon had to leave WWE forever and never show his face on WWE shows again. Vince showed up, wanting to leave on his own terms, so Steve Austin got Jim Ross to come to the ring to sing Vince McMahon out of the company. The crowd popped huge for the segment. Matches on this Raw also featured Ken Shamrock vs Triple H, The Acolytes vs Edge and Christian, and The Rock vs Chyna and Billy Gunn in a handicap match. This was a special tribute episode of WWE Raw in memory of Owen Hart who passed away a mere 24 hours before the show aired. Storylines, angles and planned matches were scrapped on this episode, and instead WWE aired interviews with talent and staff. The talent talked about their memories of Owen Hart. Wrestlers were also given the option of working in the ring, with Vince McMahon not forcing anyone to work a match if they didn’t want to. In the end, guys like The Rock, Triple H, Big Show, Mankind and Goldust decided to work. The show ended with Steve Austin paying tribute to Owen, raising a beer for him in the middle of the ring. This was the fallout show from Backlash 2000, where The Rock had become the new WWE champion after defeating Triple H. On this episode of Raw, The Rock was put into a Steel Cage with Shane McMahon for the main event. Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe were referees for the match, while Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were all at ringside. The odds were stacked against The Rock, but he managed to get the win. Other matches that night included Chris Benoit vs Tazz for the Intercontinental Title, Too Cool vs The Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho vs X-Pac There can be arguments made as to why this ended up being the highest rated show. There was no Monday Nitro this week, and also no Monday Night Football. WWE had a huge chunk of their target demographic tuning in on this Monday Night, and therefore had an opportunity to show what they were made of. While the show did drew huge numbers, it wasn’t exactly a 10 out of 10 show. Matches included Ken Shamrock vs Chyna which didn’t even get underway, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe vs Rodney and Pete Gas which lasted around 2 minutes, and Bradshaw vs Farooq that also ended in about 2 minutes due to interference. It does make you wonder why WWE wouldn’t have pulled out all the stops for this show, surely they knew they were unopposed on this Monday night, right? The main event saw Steve Austin, The Rock and Vince McMahon facing off against Triple H, Shane McMahon and The Undertaker. Shawn Michaels was the referee. The babyfaces won the match. This episode of Raw shows that even with a questionable match lineup, fans during this era would tune in anyway due to the drawing power of WWE’s attitude era. It’s also one of those shows that anti-attitude era fans can point to, as it’s a prime example of a mediocre show that drew insanely high numbers The stars were aligned this night for Vince to knock it out of the park with all these eyes on Raw, it’s a shame the match quality was questionable. Thanks for watching guys. Subscribing and giving me a thumbs up really does help the show and channel and only takes a second. See you next time.

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  1. 1997-2003 was the best era for wrestling period. Best rosters, best matches, best moments and so much more. Glad I was alive then.

  2. People say highest rating in the history of pro wrestling and forget back in the late 40s and early 50's wrestling drew 40 million viewers a week on TV.
    How about the lowest rated Raw episodes. HAHA.

  3. The internet most likly ruined talent with lack of competition. Also vince was a great boss heel. He needs to get back on the announcer table

  4. I started watching wrestling from 1999 to 2003. I can see why I was so drawn to the WWE; highly entertaining with fun characters. Plus being age 9 thru 13 helped too 😆. #thosewerethedays

  5. 10. Russo / Ferrara
    9. Russo / Ferrara 8. Russo. 7. Russo 6. Russo 5. Russo 4. Russo 3. Russo 2. Russo 1. Russo. There's been an agenda in the wrestling media to scrub Russo's name from the history books. Vince Russo was the only guy to ever re-invent and re-invigorate a dying product. That's the real reason for Corny's un-ending bitterness! 🙂

  6. everything had to do with stone cold… idk how anyone can have a favorite wrestler over stone cold… u all deserve cancer for that….

  7. Damn, so what was the # on the night Mick Foley won the WWF title? That was the best to!! The way that ended was so perfectly planned.

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