10 Wrestlers Undertaker Never Got to Face at WrestleMania

10 Wrestlers Undertaker Never Got to Face at WrestleMania

“The Phenom” The Undertaker is one of the
greatest superstars to ever step foot in the ring. With a career that spanned over 25 years it
seems like he faced everybody at Mania and conquered them along the way. However there are some legends that never
got the chance to face the Undertaker at the show of shows. With that being said here are the 10 superstars
who should have faced the Undertaker at WrestleMania. 10: Finn Balor: The Deadman vs The Demon King. This could have been the selling point for
an ultimate dream match between Finn Balor and The Undertaker. Maybe it could have been a passing of the
torch moment from one spooky persona to another and you could definitely trust Balor to perform
on the big stage. 9: Seth Rollins: In what could have been billed
as the future vs the past, Seth Rollins be Undertaker could have been a great match at
the height of Rollins’ heel run and is definitely a missed opportunity. 8: Mankind: Back in the attitude era Mankind
vs the Undertaker was a classic match. The hell in a cell match at king of the ring
cemented Mankind’s main event status unto our mind forever, so I find it very strange
that he never faced the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Would’ve been better than giant Gonzalez. 7: Kurt Angle: While these two have had classic
matches on other pay-per-views, having them go at it at WrestleMania could’ve been the
icing on the cake. Kurt Angle vs the Undertaker. It was even rumored that Undertaker wanted
Angle to break the streak back in the mid 2000’s. 6: AJ Styles: The phenomenal AJ Styles could
have brought the absolute best out of the Undertaker this year if the rumored match
at royal rumble took place. Instead WWE put Undertaker in the rumble match
and fans were robbed of their chance to see this dream match. 5: Stone Cold: Even though Stone Cold has
a well-documented history with the captain of spooky town including that weird segment
where Undertaker tried to marry Stephanie McMahon, The Texas rattlesnake was too preoccupied
fighting the rock every Mania to battle with the Undertaker. So sadly it never happened. 4: The Rock: In a similar situation to stone
cold, it always seemed like the rock had bigger and better things to do at Mania than face
the Undertaker. Both are such legends that it would have burned
the house down but unfortunately we never got to see it. 3: Hulk Hogan: The man who Undertaker won
his first wwe title from and yellow shirt enthusiast Hulk Hogan would have been a perfect
opponent for the Undertaker at the beginning of his streak. While the match may not have been spectacular
it would have been watched simply due to the icons in it. 2: John Cena: The match that almost happened
so many times and was almost takers last match, John Cena should have faced the Undertaker
at Mania it’s just a crime he never. Cena very much wanted the match as well but
unfortunately Kevin Dunn’s idea of the mixed tag blocked Cena from ever facing the deadman. 1: Sting: We all thought that when he finally
debuted in 2014 at the ripe old age of 54, that we were finally gonna see The Undertaker
vs Sting, WCW VS WWE. The match would have been far from great from
an in-ring perspective but like Hogan, just seeing the two men go at it would be insane. Too bad injuries destroyed what could have

100 thoughts on “10 Wrestlers Undertaker Never Got to Face at WrestleMania

  1. John Cena fucking sucks. I dont know why anyone would want to watch his wigger ass wrestle the Undertaker..

  2. undertaker and sting had match in WCW . non title match . sting win by submission and that's first & I think only time undertaker tap up. Unfortunately WCW can't televised that's match. sorry for my bad English

  3. Kevin Dunn is a f**king moron!! Cena/Taker would have been a much better choice but nooo, Dunn knows what's the fans want right?

  4. I feel like Taker can still go another 5 manias but they would have to be undercard short victories over ppl like The Miz, Ziggler, and Kevin Sami Zayn

  5. Alex vlogs u r retarded James Ellsworth shouldn't even b n wwe the undertaker would break his neck so that wouldn't b good 4 wwe of course if they want a lawsuit on their hands if his neck gets broke then go right ahead make the match

  6. O yeah and another thing that list was bullcrap a lot of superstars n that list he ended up facing at wrestlemania

  7. I wanted shinsuke and Ziggler to face taker too people don't remember how fuckin amazing Ziggler was one of my favorites

  8. I've always wanted Goldberg Vs the Undertaker the two top wwe wrestlers of all time two legends in wrestle mania wouldn't that be awesome 😊🙌

  9. I stopped watching when he said The Rock had bigger better things to do at Wrestlemania than face The Undertaker. Like mate The Undertaker is Wrestlemania what is possibly bigger than getting in the ring with him at WM?

  10. 1991: Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs Undertaker
    1992: Hulk Hogan Vs Undertaker
    1993: Razor Ramon vs Undertaker
    1994: Diesel vs Undertaker
    1995: Submission Match; Bret Hart vs Undertaker
    1996: Goldust vs Undertaker
    1997: Kane vs Undertaker
    1998: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Undertaker
    1999: The Rock vs Undertaker
    2000: Last Man Standing; Big Show vs Undertaker
    2001: Chris Jericho vs Undertaker
    2002: Steel Cage; Ric Flair vs Undertaker
    2003: No Holds Barred; Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker
    2004: Goldberg vs Undertaker
    2005: Kurt Angle vs Undertaker
    2006: Randy Orton vs Undertaker
    2007: Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
    2008: HBK Retirement Match; Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
    2009: Batista vs Undertaker
    2010: End Of An Era Match: Hell In The Cell; Triple H vs Undertaker
    2011: Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio
    2012: Extreme Rules; Sheamus vs Undertaker
    2013: CM Punk vs Undertaker
    2014: Kane vs Undertaker
    2015: Sting vs Undertaker
    2016: John Cena vs Undertaker
    2017: Undertaker's Retirement and only loss at WM; Seth Rollins vs Undertaker
    My Dream Streak

  11. Cena & Sting
    until now I ask myself why ??? why ??
    these matches never happened
    I think every wrestling fan agrees with me and shares with me the regret.

  12. I agree with all but, 2 on the list. Seth Rollins, and AJ Styles. However I'de rather see AJ Styles face Undertaker than Seth Rollins, I think I'd be too bored. At least AJ Styles is a legend in his own right and make a decent match. I would'nt mind seeing either 1 of them face, Undertaker anywhere else, but, at WrestleMania? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

  13. I believe that The Rock was supposed to square off against the Undertaker but the plans changed without much notice, I believe he was one of the top picks with John Cena or Triple hhh or even Bray Wyatt defeating him at Mania but again the plans changed….. And actually back in the mid 2000's Randy Orton was supposed to defeat the streak even but I think The Undertaker didn't like the ending of the match

  14. brock lesner is not the first choice to break the streak , undertaker was want the daniel bryan and wm 33 undertaker want the shinsuke or finn balor

  15. Sorry guys but undertaker is retired. All of these videos of reasons that undertaker is not retired is false. Undertaker the legend at wrestle arnica is RETIRED

  16. meaning of this video is? sting should never be given a chance.
    i would have liked to seen shawn beat undertaker over romen.

  17. 2 wrestle mania matches will never happen ever STING vs THE UNDERTAKER WRESTLEMANIA

  18. What would probably happen
    Taker > Balor
    Taker > Seth
    Taker > Mankind
    Taker >< Angle
    Taker > AJ but he'd get pretty close
    Taker = Austin
    Taker = Rock (I can see it happening)
    Taker = Cena
    Taker < Sting

  19. You mean 10 Wrestlers who never got to FACE the Undertaker at Wrestlemaina. It's privilege from them not the other way around playaaaa.

  20. rock and stone cold fighting taker wow but i think they dont deserve to lose to undertaker just to build his streak they are bigger than undertaker in so many ways same with john cena the guy runs the company on his shoulders he cant be in same league like mark henry randy kane edge thriple h bigbossman ric flair batista who wend down to taker at wrestlemania

  21. I'am saying this before i want to watch the video
    I think Undertaker that will never face on wrestlemania
    In my mind
    1.Hulk Hogan
    2.John cena
    4.Big daddy V
    5.Kurt Angle
    6.Bret Hart
    7.Randy Savage
    8.Great khali
    10.Stone cold Steve austin

  22. I think the undertaker is not a Strongest,Great in Career,Great in wwe and Tough
    But the undertaker is the Greatest Superstar and The Greatest Wrestlemania streak in all history

  23. Wrong title
    Correction: 10 wrestlers who never got to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania

    Undertaker is greatest of all time

  24. The undertaker is to old to come back at this point I don't even want him to return he'd just embarrass himself but Finn balor against him while be interesting but I don't think he'd win

  25. My top 10 mania dream matches for taker
    10.Vs Sting
    9.Seth Rollins
    7.mick foley
    6.Aj Styles
    5.braun strowman
    4.kurt Angle
    3.stone cold
    2.Finn Balor
    1.John Cena

  26. Cena vs Undertaker at WM would've been the biggest match in the history of wrestling. Vince is a moron for not realizing the financial success it could've been.

  27. I never want to see Balor's scrawny boring ass face Undertaker. I did want to see every other match though, especially number 1.

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