27x Freedom Crate Pulls – NWO meets Wrestlemania Event – WWE Champions

27x Freedom Crate Pulls – NWO meets Wrestlemania Event – WWE Champions

hello everyone and welcome to this new
video this is going to be a video for superstars pulls on freedom crate I’ve
been saving up a lot I mean for a long time to do this at the end of the event
but time has forced me to do this because I might actually use the shards
of Syxx now to do the limited time tours get some moves up for him
because I have depleted all mighty peace if I don’t get HHH this must be the
most unlucky pull I can have and I don’t have HHH yet so he seems to be the
common drop so maybe maybe I get him today
there’s the flash must be 2 plus there are a few in this crate that I don’t
have probably more than a few but I can see the bottom to star bronze section
and there are few people that I don’t have so who is it going to be I could use
this charts for syxx now for his moves at least and I have to do the syxx limited time tour NXT Seth Rollins why keep the free superstars in this one Alexa Bliss NWO shards for syxx as much as
I hate this during the pulse but he’s going to help
me get his moves up my blue black purple all TPs are at double digits now and
the new bags which drop TP bags are only giving out red TPs for some reason
you know it’s time to switch to some other color to star silver edge I do have him
but that would have been a new superstar something different I still got the two
stars silver I think I haven’t added to their 2 star silver from this I think
Naomi and more syxx syxx there it is the new superstar is
HHH as expected and finally he is part of the roster and I have been
thinking of getting him since the evolution tour that happened several
months ago I think and he was the only person that I didn’t had on evolution so
he has come on talking about evolution we have time Randy Orton I do need his
shards to get him to three star fuse so another syxx come on I need natalya as well okay it has been syxx everywhere this is
going to help me but I could have used someone else instead of an extra set
maybe Natalya well how many eight nine nine out of 27 is different superstar
and almost 2/3 or not almost exactly 2/3 of the pulls is six well I think this
completes my ruthless aggression era superstars which are also part of
attitude era according to this game but I think this is the last no I
I cannot have one more person from that era Brock Lesnar striker and he is too
good to be achievable in this way so he is the last person I think why do I like
the Ruthless Aggression era because that’s the time I started watching wrestling
episodically and lot of memories during this period evolution chain gang Cena
Eddie Guerrero and those are the times so here is all
the pulls for freedom crates that I had I have to do so many tours now in the
future there are three tours coming I might get some from there I still have
to do syxx and also Shawn Michaels so there’s a plenty more and I will be
doing one more of these I guess at the end on the last week and that’s about it
guess thanks for watching stay subscribed and I’ll see you guys in the
next video bye

12 thoughts on “27x Freedom Crate Pulls – NWO meets Wrestlemania Event – WWE Champions

  1. Wrong move bro,you could have waited for today because they will release undertaker tour today,that way you could have done 30 pulls,that way you could have more chances to get better characters.

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