4 WWE WrestleMania Matches You’ll Never See Again!

4 WWE WrestleMania Matches You’ll Never See Again!

WrestleMania has had it all. Celebrities, sports figures, MMA fighters,
icons, and even future presidents – multiple times. There have been cage matches, ladder matches,
Hell in a Cell matches, street fights and lingerie pillow fight matches – but I am Luke
Owen and for all the event’s spectacle, here are four WrestleMania matches that will
NEVER happen again. Big Show vs. Akebono WrestleMania 21 in Hollywood, California didn’t
just have a major changing of the guard – with both Batista and John Cena winning their first
world championships – it was also had an awful sumo match between Akebono and The Big Show. Akebono was a great sumo wrestler, and was
the first non-Japanese born wrestler to reach Yokozuna – the highest rank of Sumo wrestling,
not the 90s WWF wrestler – and the match had quite a lot of hype around it. But the crowd booed it out of the building
when the traditional pre-match salt throwing and mind-games became tiresome. The match itself was just a lot of hand slapping,
with the finish being Akebono using a hip toss to throw Show out. But the match did have one fan…if only by
default, with Bryan Alvarez writing in his review, “No real rating, but I will say
that this was [Shawn] Michaels vs. [Kurt] Angle compared to [Christy Hemme vs. Trish
Stratus].” – of Figure Four Weekly, Issue #511 Surprisingly, this wasn’t Akebono’s only
time in the WWE, as he teamed with Big Show at a house show against Carlito and Matt Morgan,
and he won championships in All Japan Pro Wrestling and Dragon Gate. But for all his accomplishments, there hasn’t
been a sumo match at WrestleMania since, and this is probably the reason why. Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean from WrestleMania
15 was the culmination of the infamous Brawl For All tournament, a series of televised
shoot fights – meaning the wrestlers actually physically beat each other up – which unsurprisingly
caused more injuries than created stars. And who did Gunn face for winning his matches? One of the toughest men on the planet in heavyweight
boxer Butterbean, who – by this point of his career – had 36 knockouts and 18 toughman
contest wins. But this wasn’t a boxing match, this wasn’t
a wrestling match, this was a fight. Rumours have been rife around this match,
with many speculating that it was punishment for Gunn winning Brawl For All. The story goes that Jim Ross wanted to use
the tournament to launch the WWF career of Doctor Death Steve Williams, who was then
planned to feud with WWF Champion Steve Austin. However Williams got knocked out by Bart Gunn
in the second round, who creative had no plans for. So WWF got Gunn into training fast: “They took him off the road for months to
train in boxing and turn him into a real boxer. And then we’ll put him in with Butterbean
and it will put wrestling over, because we’ll have a wrestler beat a PPV guy.” – Dave Melzter, Lapsed Fan Podcast Head writer at the time Vince Russo confirms
this. “With the presentation he put on in the
Brawl For All, we really thought he could have beat Butterbean, or else we wouldn’t
have put the guy in the ring.” Instead, Butterbean won the match in a matter
of seconds by knockout. The WWF were not expecting this to be as one-sided
as it was, and were very embarrassed by the result. Gunn himself has said he’s only seen the match
once – the replay shown on the night – but maintains that he could still beat Butterbean. “They wouldn’t let me lift weights, I dropped
like 25-30 pounds. Because of the training I was doing, I was
uncomfortable, I was green. Even before the fight I didn’t feel right. I wish I could take it back and redo the whole
thing. I’d do it my way. Same thing might have happened, but I would
have been happier.” – Bart Gunn, RF Shoot. The Gimmick Battle Royal WrestleMania X7 is considered by many to be
the best Mania of all-time. It had a thrilling hardcore match, Vince v
Shane, the end of Right to Censor, TLC 2 and Steve Austin shaking hands with Vince McMahon
to become the new WWF Champion in the main event. But there’s another match its very notable
for: the gimmick battle royal. What’s a gimmick battle royal I hear you
ask? Well, it was a self-aware poke of fun at the
WWF gimmicks of old. All the wild and wacky ones you remember from
your childhood were there. Dustbin men, clowns, repo men – who do not
look like me – hockey players, racial profiling, soldiers, turkeys, TNA creative, sailors,
and – oddly – James E. Cornette. The match also featured four men who, the
year previous, had featured in a tag team match that was so bad, Bryan Alvarez of Figure
Four gave it, “minus all the stars in the Universe, and the Universe is infinite.” The match was over before it even begun, with
the entrances lasting longer than the Battle Royal itself. In the end, The Iron Sheik won by throwing
Sgt. Slaughter and Hillbilly Jim over the top rope. Cornette lasted longer than Repo Man – WHO
DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ME. The original plan was for Slaughter to win,
which is why at the end of the battle royal he puts Sheik in the cobra clutch, but the
master of humble had to win because he couldn’t leave his feet. “Sheik won, literally because he may have
died taking a bump over the top rope to the outside.” – issue 302 of Figure Four Weekly, Bryan Alvarez. Why hasn’t there been another gimmick battle
royal? Surely there’s a place for Matadors, Irish
stereotypes, Undertaker knock-offs, pimps, vampires and poorly thought out 50s sitcom
parodies? But with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle
Royal, there probably isn’t enough time on the WrestleMania card anymore – even if it
is seven hours long. WWF vs. NFL Battle Royal Another Battle Royal now, but one that was
very different. During the Chicago section of WrestleMania
2 – an event that took place in three different locations – members of the NFL took on WWF
wrestlers in a very publicised match, particularly because it featured Refrigerator Jones who
was a cultural icon at the time. The match even featured Dallas Cowboy hero
Too Tall Jones as a guest referee alongside Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus. Fun fact: Dick Butkus would go on to be a
coach for the Chicago Enforcers in Vince McMahon’s XFL. Another fun fact: Dick Butkus is a hilarious
name. Like most Battle Royals, the match was pretty
slow and uninteresting, but did feature one great spot where Big John Studd eliminated
Refrigerator Jones, who then pulled him out of the ring via a handshake. As for the rest of the players, there isn’t
a whole lot to say. Apart from about former Pittsburgh Steelers
defensive tackle Ernie Holmes, who upset many in WWF during the practice battle royal the
night before. “For whatever reason, he was mouthing off. [Saying] wrestling is fake, and I could beat
all you guys. And Andre goes up on him and goes, “you talk
too much”. They had to talk Ernie Holmes down, even though
Ernie didn’t back down even though [Andre is] so big. And some of the wrestlers go, “you don’t want
to mess with this guy”. – Dave Meltzer, Lapsed Fan Podcast All the NFL guys were just thrown out at various
points and it wasn’t put over on commentary, and the final three ended up being The Hart
Foundation and Andre himself. Do you remember when Vince McMahon made Trish
Stratus bark like a dog on Raw? And what are Oli Davis and my predictions
for WWE Battleground? Find out more by clicking the videos to the
left. Press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on
Patreon. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was a list.

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  1. We will never, ever see another 'Loser must bow to winner' match. Nobody deserves to be subjected to the kind of humiliation that JYD did on that fateful night in 1987. NOBODY.

  2. You know the drill…you have:
    0 Intelligence, Attractiveness, Unlimited Wealth, Salubrity
    1 Downsyndrome
    2 Autism
    3 Brain Cancer
    4 Cardiac Arrest
    5 Chronic Diarrhea
    6 Infertility
    7 Blindness
    8 Deafness
    9 Quadriplegia

  3. "Refrigerator" Jones , lmaoooo wtf man , a lil simple research could've handled that , its William "The Refrigerator" Perry

  4. Refrigerator Jones??? Umm no his name was William The Refrigerator Perry of the Chicago Bears

  5. The Sumo match wasn't bad it was quite interesting for WWE to do something different culturally wise. But I do remember people booing the hell out of it.

  6. it's will "the refrigerator " Perry dude. he's a legendary player man. it's ok but it's another botch, obviously oli has been taking to Daniel Bryan ,cause even with all the complaining, he gives, ladies and gentlemen, ZERO FUCKS, Yeah, still ZERO FUCKS. lol what's up playas, that's oli and Luke. respond cause I'm funny and Awesome

  7. Undertaker vs. Sting, Undertaker vs. John Cena, HBK vs. AJ Styles, People need to grow the fuck up and realize those matches will never happen

  8. You said future president, but WM 10 had Bill Clinton, the President at the moment. Remember Irving telling him he was glad Bill raised taxes? Haha

  9. Every dream match people wanted Chris Benoit to be in like Benoit vs CM Punk, Benoit vs Samoa Joe, Benoit vs AJ Styles, Benoit vs Daniel Bryan, and much more.

  10. We'll never see Hulk vs Rock again!!! Never see Sid v Undertaker again!! Never see undertaker v Kane again!! Never see Ric Flair v Undertaker again!! Never see The sixteen man tournament again!!! thank goodness!!!!

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    Superbowl Shuffle to Smarten him up on The Bears !!!..
    Hell Perry even had his Own
    G.I. Joe !!! Freaking Lame !

  13. William "The Refrigerator" Perry is owed so many apologies from you guys. Not once, or twice, but three times you get his name wrong!

  14. I hope we'll never see another Diva's battle royal. That match from Wrestlemania 25 was the worst ever and was a slap in the face to women's wrestling to have a guy dressed up as a woman win it

  15. ..perry. refrigerator perry. william perry. no relation to ed jones. aw, luke. the teleprompter is not your researcher friend.

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