5 Smartest WWE Wrestlers

5 Smartest WWE Wrestlers

He may be an intimidating, psychotic monster
in the ring, however, behind the mask, the
Devil’s favourite demon, Kane, is quite
the accomplished man. Kane or Glenn Jacobs,
should I say, earned a degree in English Literature
at Northeast Missouri State University, where
he played both basketball and football. Jacobs
is actively involved in politics and is a
supporter of the Libertarian Party. Besides
being a member of the Free State Project,
he makes sure his political views are voiced
through publishing blogs called “The Adventures
of Citizen X” and he has also posted several
articles in the past on lewrockwell.com. That’s
not all as outside of the WWE, Glenn Jacobs
owns an Allstate agency with his wife, where
he works as an insurer. If you still are somehow
not impressed, Kane won a WWE special of the
quiz show, The Weakest Link back in 2002,
defeating the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Stone
Cold Steve Austin and Edge.
As you probably are aware, Dolph Ziggler goes
by the nickname, “The Showoff” in the
WWE, however, outside of the WWE he can “show-off”
all of his academic achievements… *groan*
the writer of this script, go jump out of
a window now… As the WWE have mentioned
numerous times, Ziggler is an Alma mater of
Kent State University where he was a Collegiate
wrestler, winning three amateur wrestling
championships during his time there. Prior
to this, Ziggler won two national championships
as part of the wrestling team at the high
school he attended and holds the school’s
record for the most pins in a career with
82. Aside from his impressive athletic accolades,
Ziggler graduated from Kent State University
with a major in political science and a pre-law
minor. In fact, Ziggler was accepted in a
law school at Arizona State University, however,
the WWE got to him before he could start his
first semester.
Video game aficionado and member of The New
Day, Xavier Woods has many academic achievements
under his belt outside of the WWE. Woods graduated
from Furman University in Greenville, South
Carolina with two degrees in psychology and
philosophy but what is also impressive is
the fact that Woods studied for both while
also wrestling under a contract with TNA at
the time. Woods has also managed to gain a
Master’s degree in psychology from Walden
University and is even currently working on
a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Capella
University. So the “PhD” part on his Twitter
username is justified. We will have to call
him Dr. Woods soon, or rather, Dr. Watson.
Some might not have heard of Christopher Nowinski
due to his premature retirement from wrestling
but for those who do, you will know that he
competed in the first series of Tough Enough
and was one of the three finalists losing
out to Maven Huffman. Nowinski is renowned
for being the youngest ever Hardcore Champion
and also WWE’s first Harvard alumnus…
Sorry Otunga. He graduated from Harvard University
with a degree in Sociology and during his
time in the WWE he was known by several names
including “Chris Harvard” and “Harvard
Chris”. Nowinski now works as a consultant
for Trinity Partners while serving as the
Co-Founder and President of the Concussions
Legacy Foundation.
This list would not be complete without featuring
former WWE wrestler and current SmackDown
colour commentator, David Otunga. He has achieved
many great things academically and at an early
age he graduated from Larkin High School in
Chicago, Illinois with a perfect GPA of 4.0.
Otunga then earned a degree in psychology
from the University of Illinois before working
as a lab manager in the cognitive neuroscience
centre at Columbia University. Not only this
but Otunga went on to graduate from Harvard
Law School, which was made very clear every
time he entered a WWE ring, and passed his
Bar Examination, allowing him to practice
Law in a given jurisdiction. He spent some
time working as a Lawyer for the Sidley Austin
Law firm before pursuing a career in the WWE.
From a Harvard Law School graduate to a SmackDown
colour commentator. That’s one way to use
a Harvard Law degree, I suppose.

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  2. Pretty sure even a monkey can get a degree in psychology.
    Not even joking, I have one and I can tell you it's literally the easiest thing I accomplished in my life. Where I live, people even say "you wanna be seen as a doctor but you don't want to study hard? psychology is the way". Damn, even in the serie Scrubs they said a similar line.

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  4. Wait… Is this list of only active "wrestlers"? I ask because Raven has an IQ of 143. The man is considered by so many to be a genius.

  5. Mark Henry talked about on a Network show watching Kane and Daniel Bryan have a detailed and heated political Conversation in full Gimmick saud it was the funniest thing he'd seen

  6. The late George "The Animal" Steele should have made this list. Bachelor's degree in Science at MSU and a Master's at Central Michigan State and is quite an accomplishment. RIP George.

  7. So being knowledgeable and hard working = intelligent? I am not sure about that. Sure those are good qualities but are very loosely linked to being smart.

  8. Mojo Rwolly brings up how he has a masters degree doing it quicker then average speed too.

    I also remember Titus O Neal has a masters in admission .

    Well there many that have hard to get vocional cerdtions, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees but even some that didn't finsh almost finshed hard degrees with very good grades

  9. College degrees don't necessarily mean that you're intelligent, the only person who is actually really smart is Cesaro for speaking 5 language and maybe Kane for being a writer

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