5 WWE Superstars Who Could Become World Champions

5 WWE Superstars Who Could Become World Champions

When it comes to selecting talent to become
world champion of your company, you’d imagine that a wrestling promotion would consider
their ability within the ropes as well their ability to rake in the dollar bills. All that being taken into consideration, there
are some immensely talented performers that I firmly believe have the potential to become
world champion. My name is John, and these are 5 Superstars
Who Could Become WWE Champoin. Cesaro – Starting off this list is someone
who has won over the fans with his superhuman strength. Cesaro is one of the most impressive superstars
on the roster, and people have known this for a very long time. And many thought he would get his mega push
after winning the inagural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but he has really been
in and out of tag team purgatory. However, it doesn’t seem so bad, as he’s a
two time champ with Sheamus. While Cesaro claims to have set the bar, I
think we can all agree that he can go a little higher. Cody Rhodes – As if this needs to be said
given the fact that he is now the Ring of Honor World champion, Cody Rhodes has proven
that his decision to leave WWE has payed off. From being in a story-line that was a weird
spin-off of his brother’s persona, to asking for his release and being uncertain of how
exactly to market himself now that he doesn’t have those amazing stardust gloves, to being
one of the key members of the Bullet Club, winning the ROH title and is set to face the
IWGP Heavyweight champion Okada. With all of this in mind, I can’t see how
anyone can dispute the potential of Cody to make his return later on and become WWE champion. Big Cass – With the recent split of Enzo Amore
and Big Cass, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is…why is Big Cass still using Enzo’s
music? Well, first of all, it’s Enzo and Cass’s music,
Enzo just so happens to sing in it. Secondly, word on the street is that Cass
is having a theme put together for his singles run. Cass is a really big man with an even larger
arsenal of intense moves and is someone Vince McMahon thinks highly of in terms of being
a the full package. Now that he has cut the dead weight that is
Enzo from him, he can now move closer to stardom and closer to become world champ. Rusev – Rusev is someone who a lot of people
are questioning as to what is next on his agenda. He demanded a world championship opportunity
at Money in the Bank and oh wait Money in the Bank happened and there was no Rusev. Now, we have another bout between Randy Orton
and Jinder Mahal set for the next pay per view, so what is Rusev going to do? Is he just going to wait until there is an
open spot to face Jinder or whoever is champion and demand another title match? Well, rumor has it that he will soon be challenging
for the United States championship, but with his ability and past dominance with his first
reign as US champion, one has to think that he has the ability to become the new face
of smackdown live, especially if Lana is by his side. Matt Hardy – The Hardy Boyz being back home
in the WWE has been a great experience that has led to them once again becoming tag team
champions. But their title reign has ended thanks to
Sheamus and Cesaro, so what could be next for The Hardy Boyz? Well, it was rumored that Vince McMahon had
the idea to try and put Jeff Hardy back into the main event picture by having him challenge
for the Universal championship and possibly even win. But Jeff was also claiming to be pretty banged
up whenever this rumor first broke. But what everyone wants to know is when will
Matt Hardy take on his broken character and delete Brock Lesnar from the Universal title
picture himself. Matt is more over than his brother at this
point and didn’t just travel the world and reinvent himself to not become a world champion
in WWE. At least, I think he should be given a shot
or at the very least a run in singles competition. And these were 5 Superstars Who Could Become
World Champion. Who do you think should be on this list? Do you think Once Lorcan is going to be the
next WWE champion? Comment down below. I hope you’re all having an amazing day; thank
you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you later with more wrestling videos.

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  2. More upper body mass and Vinny Mac would have Cass with 3 belt on him. Tag, Inter and the U poppet belts.
    Should of ran the team longer, with Enzo out on injury for Cass to make the big step up, Enzo back and they get the tag team belts.
    More gym time needed 20lbs more upper body then Cass might look the part.v

  3. Cody Rhodes don't need to go back to the WWE cuz to me he doing all right for himself Rey Mysterio he doing all right for himself I think most of the wrestlers who left WWE don't need to come back cuz WWE just going to make them as a joke like the club Luke Gallows and Anderson they was winning titles all over the world I think I'm right about this but now WWE making them as a joke my opinion they should just leave and go back to New Japan

  4. Matt Hardy already was a world champion in the WWE. While some don't put it on the same level as the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship, Matt Hardy is a former ECW champion with WWE and that does classify as a world championship. So technically Matt Hardy's already done it

  5. where is wrestling origins if it ever returns do ceasoro please we need wrestling origins please bring it back its been like a month or something!

  6. the last wrestling origins was 2 months ago! like if you want wrestling origins to return like the comment

  7. how long does it take you to make these video??? Cody lost the title match against Kazuchika Okada almost two weeks ago.

  8. Vince is such a picky old coot. I can never understand why he doesn't give a fuck about Cesaro. Indy fans love him and has got that legit badass Jason Statham look going there, and he's a big sweaty man that's strong as hell. Ah for some reason he doesn't that "IT factor". I call bullshit.

  9. Baron corbin,matt hardy,sami zayne,samoa joe,kevin owens (wwe title),cody rhodes,shelton b,john Morrison, drew McIntyre, bobby roode,austin aries,cesaro,big cass,rusev,

  10. I think that cass will use a deeper version of his old theme like what Neville fine when he turned heel and enzo will still use the same

  11. Good video but plz i don't like it when you make video's and upload them about 1,5 week later plz get your facts on time

  12. Wrestlers to be world champion in my opinion is

    5 Sami Zyan
    4 Rusev
    3 Matt Hardy
    2 Shinskua Nakamua
    1 Braun Strowman

  13. Can you make cesaro origin stories im surprised you guys havent already but would be awesome if you could please

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