5 WWE Wrestlers: Where Are They Now?

5 WWE Wrestlers: Where Are They Now?

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Charlie Haas first debuted with the WWE as
a heel alongside Shelton Benjamin as Team
Angle. Haas was more proficient as a tag team
partner rather than as a singles competitor
as he won the WWE Tag Team Championships three-times,
twice with Shelton Benjamin and once with
Rico. As for his singles career, Haas only
wrestled on the lower midcard spots, becoming
a regular fixture on Heat. Speaking of Heat,
Lillian Garcia apparently gained a little
heat after she “overreacted” (according
to WWE brass) when Charlie Haas inadvertently
knocked Lilian Garcia off the ring apron as
he was entering the ring which caused Garcia
to legitimately tear a ligament in her wrist.
You can just hear her poor screams after the
accident happened… After his second run
in the WWE, Haas returned to the Independent
scene before being picked up by Ring of Honor,
where he spent three-years wrestling for the
promotion before announcing his retirement
from professional wrestling in 2013. As for
other ventures outside of wrestling, Haas
and his wife opened their own “Custom Muscle
Nutrition and Smoothie Shop.” The shop caters
to sports nutrition and general health, from
fat burners to vitamins and protein shakes.
WWE’s Captain Jack Sparrow… Or should
I say Paul Burchill was well remembered in
WWE for his pirate gimmick even though it
only compromised about six months of his five-year
tenure in WWE. But before his days as WWE’s
lovable pirate, he debuted as the henchman
of the villainous William Regal. But the two
would eventually get into a feud together
due to Regal’s disapproval of Burchill’s
new pirate gimmick. Who could ever forget
the time when Paul Burchill got William Regal
to dress up as a Buxom Wench going by the
name of Lady Regal… After making various
appearances in the Independent circuit after
his run in WWE, Burchill now works full-time
as a firefighter-paramedic with the Jeffersontown,
Kentucky., fire department in addition to
being a member of the Jeffersontown police
department’s SWAT team and a paramedic with
Yellow EMS in Louisville. As well as this,
Burchill is also working towards earning a
master’s degree in order to become a nurse
“I’m The Boogeyman and I’m coming to
getcha!” These were the famous horrifying
words any WWE wrestler would hear before they
met their demise with a face full of worms.
The Boogeyman competed in SmackDown between
2005 – 2007 before being moved to ECW where
he competed for two years before being released.
During his time in WWE, his most notable feuds
would have to be when he terrorized Booker
T and Sharmell, stalked JBL and Jillian Hall
as well as famously licking and eating Jillian’s
mole *throw up*, and who could forget his
feud with Finlay when Finlay and Hornswoggle
took on The Boogeyman and Little Boogeyman.
At 54 years of age, The Boogeyman is still
in tremendous shape posting regular workout
videos on his Twitter page. We have to also
give credit to his diet of worms… The Boogeyman
signed a WWE legends contract in 2015 which
allows him to make infrequent, non-wrestling
appearances with WWE long term. But as of
2018, The Boogeyman now works as an aerobics
instructor in Denver, Colorado.
From the early days of his WWE career, JTG
was best remembered for competing in a tag
team alongside Shad Gaspard known as Cryme
Tyme. As part of their gimmick, Cryme Tyme
regularly stole items belonging to other wrestlers
and on-air personalities, and sold them to
fans. They also even sold false entry numbers
at the Royal Rumble! After Cryme Tyme unfortunately
disbanded in 2010, JTG began a solo run as
a singles star on SmackDown. But, nothing
much came out of JTG’s singles career as
he only won once in 2012 against Yoshi Tatsu
in an episode of NXT Redemption and then reverted
to losing matches for the rest of 2012 and
2013. I guess the only good thing that came
out of his singles career was his sell of
Santino Marella’s cobra strike finishing
move. It was possibly the greatest sell in
WWE history… Nowadays, JTG is working in
the independent scene sometimes by himself
or with Shad Gaspard as part of Crime Time
(spelt differently when in WWE in order to
avoid a lawsuit) or as Team Sexy As Fuck.
He has also gone through quite the body transformation
since leaving WWE which he cites to training
regularly at the gym.
Snitsky made quite the debut in WWE back in
2004 against Kane when he caused Lita to miscarry
her unborn baby she was having with Kane after
Snitsky hit Kane from behind with a chair
which caused Kane to fall on Lita. Sometimes
I just wonder what really goes on inside Vince
McMahon’s head… This incident led to Snitsky
coining the phrase: “It wasn’t my fault!”
After dropkicking baby dolls into crowds,
Snitsky underwent a drastic change in his
image by shaving off all of his hair and eyebrows,
colouring his teeth dark yellow and had several
marks placed on his face. This new psychotic
look re-established him as a monstrous heel
during his time in ECW and when he was drafted
back to Raw. Snitsky went on an undefeated
streak on Raw before his streak was put to
an end by none other than… John Cena. And
now a moment of silence for John Cena’s
burial of Snitsky’s WWE career… As of
2018, Snitsky has announced his plans to retire
from professional wrestling after working
a few more shows. He has found a new passion
which is acting as well as being active in
various charities. Just like JTG, Snitsky
has also gone through a drastic body transformation
since leaving the WWE. He also runs his own
beard care company called: “Big Gene Snitsky”
which kind of makes sense if you look at the
massive beard he has grown. Just look at that
beard… He even ties it up to look like a
beard bun!

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