5 WWE Wrestlers Who Betrayed Their Partner

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Betrayed Their Partner

Shawn Michaels first came to light in the
WWE as a tag team wrestler alongside Marty
Jannetty. The two of them grew up in the wrestling
industry together and fought under the tag
team known as The Rockers. In a scene that
featured a barber shop, Jannetty pleaded with
Michaels to keep their bond tight, as many
fans speculated that the two were growing
apart. Michaels agreed, hugged Jannetty and
then proceeded to kick him in the chin before
throwing him through a glass window. It was
this single, swift kick that launched Michaels’s
hugely successful singles career. Jannetty
on the other hand was never the same again
after Michaels’s shocking betrayal as he
never reached the main event spotlight like
Michaels did.
The Hardy Boyz are widely recognized as one
of the most successful tag teams to ever step
foot in the WWE! Consisting of Matt and Jeff
Hardy, the two have won a total of 8 tag team
championships within the WWE including: 6
World Tag Team Championships, 1 WWE Raw Tag
Team Championship and 1 WCW Tag Team Championship.
However, with all of this success, Matt strained
relations with his brother Jeff when he betrayed
him not once, but on two separate occasions.
One of these being at Royal Rumble 2009. Jeff
Hardy, who was the WWE Champion at the time,
was in a championship match against Edge.
Matt Hardy showed up and feigned helping Jeff
before hitting him across the head with a
steel chair. Following the shocking betrayal,
Matt revealed to Jeff that he was behind all
of Jeff’s horrible “accidents” which
included: a high-speed car crash, a pyrotechnics
disaster and a house fire that led to the
demise of Jeff’s dog. Rest in peace Jack!
Remember JeriKO? Or Team Kevin and Chris (as
Kevin Owens preferred!) They were hands down
the team that made RAW so entertaining to
watch every week. Let’s be honest… The
chemistry between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho
was on point week in and week out and WWE
fans absolutely loved the comedic duo. But,
their friendship came to a shocking end when
Kevin Owens attacked Chris Jericho after giving
Jericho a new list with his name on it during
the “Festival of Friendship.” They essentially
made a heel, make a heel turn on another heel.
Kevin Owens’s betrayal to Chris Jericho
hit fans hard as Jericho was mercilessly beaten
by Kevin Owens. I bet Jericho couldn’t bear
to watch that back on his Jeritron 6500.
Week after week on Monday Night Raw, Enzo
Amore was getting laid out by a mysterious
attacker. Many fans were puzzled but intrigued
to find out who this mysterious attacker was.
A few suspects were named as the storyline
progressed such as: The Revival, The Big Show
and even Enzo Amore’s tag team partner,
Big Cass. But little did Enzo know, it was
in fact his tag team partner Big Cass all
along. Corey knew though. Corey always knows…
Big Cass revealed to Enzo that he was the
mysterious attacker and how he was fed up
of Enzo holding him back. Fans watched as
Enzo shed a single tear before Big Cass booted
him in the face. It was definitely an Oscar
worthy performance by Enzo! Give that man
an Oscar!
Back in 2012, many considered The Shield to
be one of the most dominating groups in WWE
history. The Shield consisted of Roman Reigns,
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and they would
go around beating up their foes in a badass
fashion. Little signs of dysfunction within
the team were hinted as Ambrose became cocky
and thought that he was better than his fellow
brethren. However, much to the surprise of
the WWE universe, it was in fact Seth Rollins
who betrayed the team. Rollins agreed to a
secret deal with Triple H and The Authority
and in an unforgettable episode of Monday
Night Raw, Seth Rollins attacked both Dean
Ambrose and Roman Reigns with a steel chair
from behind after Triple H announced his plan B.

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  1. Imagine this:the rockers reunite on 2019 last raw of the year and they make a talk show that night called "new years "rockin" eve"then elias beats them up then shawn micheals superkicks both of them and vince mcmahon fires them all

  2. 5 Shawn Michaels ( rockers )
    4 Shawn Michaels ( DX )
    3 Shawn Michaels ( DX ) ( again )
    2 Seth Rollins ( sheild )
    1 dean ambrose ( sheild ) ( 2018 )

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