7 Great WWE Wrestlers Who Never Won a World Championship

7 Great WWE Wrestlers Who Never Won a World Championship

How do you define success in the WWE? Is it simply by getting over with fans, or
selling a lot of merchandise? To me, the ultimate goal as a WWE superstar
should be to win a world championship, as nothing else says “I made it” quite like
it. Unfortunately, some of the greatest superstars
in the WWE didn’t get that kind of recognition, even though they likely should have. Today, Wrestling Hub presents 7 great WWE
wrestlers who surprisingly never won a world championship. “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson definitely
lived up to his name, serving as the muscle for one of the greatest wrestling stables
of all time. The brawn of the Four Horsemen, Anderson would
have a lot of success in tag team competition in WCW and WWE, but unfortunately he could
never capture the WWE or World Heavyweight titles for one simple reason. As The Enforcer, he always served as Ric Flair’s
right hand. He’s part of the reason Flair has won so
many world title wins, but it came at the cost of never winning any of his own. Ted DiBiase is a bit of a controversial pick
in the sense he did at one point hold the WWE title after cheating and having Andre
the Giant win it for him, but this was eventually overruled by the WWE. He came close to winning on other occasions
though, such as when he reached the finals of the tournament for the vacant title at
WrestleMania 4, though couldn’t win. Despite going as far as creating his own belt,
the Million Dollar Championship, Ted DiBiase would never capture the elusive WWE title. One of the greatest superstars to come out
of WCW, Sting is another wrestler who probably should have won a WWE Championship. Now this one is a bit odd because as you know,
Sting didn’t make his way to WWE until recently, very late in his career. However, many were hoping that WWE would honor
Sting with a World Championship as he is one of most popular wrestlers of all time and
is loved by fans. However, Stinger eventually went out without
ever winning a WWE title. Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a massive
star in the 1980’s, and for good reason. His character work was absolutely awesome,
his promos were unique, and his in-ring ability was fairly decent as well. Oh, and he had a snake. He was just an all-round good superstar who
likely would have been able to pull off a major championship run, but WWE was never
sold on the idea, and I’m not completely sure why. Roberts would end his career without ever
winning a WWE world championship. It doesn’t matter if you call him Curt Hennig
or Mr. Perfect, this man was an extremely gifted athlete that is among one the most
respected wrestlers of all time. Henig was not only a legitimate contender
in the ring, but he was a great heel that was quite good on the mic as well. Despite being one of WWE’s best heels in
history, Mr. Perfect was never given the honour of winning a WWE World Championship. Once again, I’m not sure why WWE never went
this route, but it’s a travesty that one of WWE’s greatest performers would never
achieve true greatness. Despite what you may think, Andre the Giant
never actually won the WWE World Championship. Easily one of the most iconic wrestlers of
all time, Andre would be one of the most dominant forces WWE had ever seen. After Ted DiBiase helped Andre cheat to win
the title, Andre quickly passed the championship over to Ted. Like I said however, this was overruled by
the WWE, thus Andre’s only world championship win has a big asterisk next to it. Unfortunately, Andre would never cleanly,
properly win the WWE World Championship in his career. Rowdy Roddy Piper may have never won a WWE
World Championship, but I’ll gladly contradict myself by saying he was still a major success. He easily got over with fans and helped bring
WWE into the mainstream. Piper was a legitimate tough guy who would
go up against the likes of Jimmy Snuka, Andre the Giant, and even WWE Champion Hulk Hogan
at the first ever WrestleMania. Despite his major popularity and excellent
work as a superstar, Piper would never capture a World Championship in WWE, though he would
go down as one of the most iconic and respected entertainers in wrestling history. And those were 7 great WWE wrestlers who never
won a world championship. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a
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43 thoughts on “7 Great WWE Wrestlers Who Never Won a World Championship

  1. Owen, Bulldog, Vader, Bam Bam, Bray Wyatt.
    I may be completely on my own here but i would have perfectly ok if the plan went ahead for Chyna to win it, & before anyone says it would have diminished the belt, Vince has held it.

  2. Andre did win the championship, his reign is considered the shortest in WWF/E history, lasting like 15 seconds, but the moment he handled it to Ted it was vacated.

  3. What makes the world title special is the fact that everyone does not get a chance to wear it. Today, too many wrestlers get a chance to be champion. If Ellsworth becomes champ, I'm done.

  4. So im guessing were not counting other brand world championships cause uk
    Stings got 2 NWA World title reigns and 4 TNA World title reigns

  5. Andre did win it that night … because he gave it away , that is why they had a tournament … if it was overuled Hogan would have got it back and also he was called a former champion on something I seen that was produced by WWE…

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