7 Insanely Dumb ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Fights | MTV Ranked

7 Insanely Dumb ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Fights | MTV Ranked

– [Candace] Nah, boo. Don’t do that. You don’t call crazy people crazy. You might as well poke a grizzly bear. – We’re out here having a
conversation about our toenails. Psycho ass bitch. – Psycho ass bitch? I’m a psycho ass bitch? I’ll show you a psycho ass bitch. (yelling) – I feel like a beautiful
alien in this wig. In my planet, just orgys happen. Everyone loves everyone,
everyone smokes marijuana. Everyone is just happy. – Aimee, let me in. – [Aimee] Nilsa, who squirted my toothpaste all on the (bleep) floor? But in this house, since
I’ve walked in here there’s been nothing but bull (bleep) Not only is my toothpaste (bleep) missing, I stepped in it because look at this. – [Nilsa] Ew. (bleep) – I’m so angry right now. This isn’t some off-brand
(bleep) toothpaste. This is the good stuff. – Ya’ll better say a prayer
for us up in here because it’s about to go down. – Which one of you squirted
out all my toothpaste in the floor, threw the (bleep)
away and made me step in it? – I’m down here (bleep) cooking. What the (bleep) – Bitch, I know your messy ass did that. – Don’t (bleep) start with me. – No, I know your messy ass did that. You were (bleep) – (bleep) You. – Bitch, (bleep) you. ‘Cause you know what? I didn’t pay for that god
damn toothpaste, my momma did. I can’t stand you, man. – GatorJay gonna be here tomorrow. – Can’t wait to meet him. – I can’t either. (laughter) – This is goin’ to suck
and I’m going to bed. – I feel bad for Codi like I really do. You see there’s a huge crush on Candace and now he’s gotta watch Candace be with her boyfriend here
for the next couple days. This isn’t gonna be easy. – There’s still a little
salt in those wounds. – Oh there’s some (bleep)
that’s gonna go down. – Mm hmm. – [Man] Ain’t gonna take long. – I just hope I don’t
forget his full name. – [Man] Gatorade? – GatorJay231. – I’m not calling a grown
ass man that, I’m sorry. I can promise you one thing. I’m not calling him that ridiculous name. But, I’m not calling any man a god. Because I am strong in my faith. – There’s only one reason why
you made a name like that. It’s ’cause your name’s
probably something soft. (chuckles) – I’m thinkin’ it’s Schuyler. – Or Ralph. – I’ll just start callin’ him Clarence. (laughter) – I don’t like this at all. We should be respectful and call Candace’s boyfriend by his name. GatorJay231 Southside God. But the boys are saying
that they aren’t gonna call him Southside God and they
aren’t gonna call him GatorJay. They want to find out
what his real name is. And it’s like if that’s
what Candace calls him, how about we be respectful
and call Candace’s guest what Candace calls him? Candace, come here. – [Candace] What’s wrong? – I just want you to know
that the boys aren’t gonna address Gator as GatorJay. They said “I’m not gonna
address a man like that.” – Wh? Wh? Not even what. Wh? Gator hasn’t even walked through
the door and y’all already startin’ drama over his name. I’m like goodness what’s
gonna happen when get he here? So, what they gonna be addressing him as? – They said Schuyler, Jeremiah said Clarence. – His name is GatorJay231. They can call him Daddy. That’s what they can call him. Please come up here and correct me. Come correct me, baby! Come correct me! – She knows what we were talkin’ about. – Oh, boy. – It’s about to be a all out mad house. – I’m waitin’ on it. Cuz’ all y’all mother (bleep) is pussies. – I just y’all to know for the record, Codi and I didn’t have
nothin’ to do with this. (bleep) (laughter) – Hell, I’m just glad I’m
not the one in trouble. (laughter) – Hey, could you grab me a couple plates? Chicken’s ready. Hey Dakota, you want a piece of chicken? – Uh, yes. Is this ready? – Yeah, buddy. – Well I want two and she wants two. – So that’s four, por favor. – I feel like the girls,
every time we cook, they act entitled. They’re more than welcome
to pitch in and help us out. Well, here’s some chicken. – Better get it before it’s all gone. – [Man] Chicken’s ready. If you want it, come get it. – Or Foghorns? Oohh, Foghorns. – All I know is that
chicken’s about to get cold so if they’re not coming
after it, go for it, Kirk. – [Nilsa] Wait, so that
chicken ain’t for us? – [Man] Hell, you seasoned
’em, man, go nuts. – Yeah, I don’t think that’s
gonna be enough chicken. – Yeah, I thought it was a
lot more, we can make more. – [Man] Yeah, eat that. – [Man] It’s nice and crispy. – [Man] It’s nice and smoked too. – Good, ain’t it? – I’m gonna go get my
chicken before it’s gone. – Well bring me a, hey will you bring me a paper plate? – One chicken, well I guess we just get one for now. – Whatever. – What the (bleep)? – They just told us the chicken
was ready and now it’s gone. I am not happy about that. – I don’t know because
they limited me and Nilli to how many pieces we got so I don’t know if there’s anymore or not. – Are you serious? – Me and Nilli got one a piece. – For real now? That’s messed up. I don’t like that. Let me go get clarity on what’s going on. – Yeah, come on. (burp) – [Candace] I just woke up. – Oh, there’s some chicken
right there for you. – Yes we do! – Okay, so my understanding
is that girls are only allowed to get one piece? – Who said that? – That’s what Aimee said. Aimee said she get one piece and she said Nilsa get one piece. – So now they wanna (bleep) lie? – That’s why I came down here to ask. – I’m sorry if we seasoned
it and cooked it while they were sittin’ in the pool, like, and it was gettin’ cold. I was like, you know what? Screw it, Kirk. Eat as much as you want. If they’re not gonna get
out of the pool to get it. – Hold on. – We tell you food’s done,
come get the (bleep) food. You don’t get the (bleep) food, the food gets (bleep) ate. That’s how it (bleep) works. Alright, Kirk. I see you stand your ground. Don’t let these girls run all over you. – I’m about to go light
these Jesus candles, my hopes might have said somethin’. – We called it out, straight up. That’s the case. And then when they tell you there’s only one piece of female
left, (bleep) me off. It does. – Okay. Kirk, that’s why I asked. – Who said there’s only
one piece for the females? – Aimee said that. – Aimee said there was only one piece. – I said that. – It was a misunderstanding. – Why’d you say that? – It was a misunderstanding. – But how much was there when
we said the (bleep) was ready? – Why you talkin’ to me like that? – Cuz’ I’m mad as (bleep) right now. Why are you mad? – It’s (bleep) chicken. – For y’all. And we asked you, we
tell y’all it’s ready. Y’all wait ’til we eat
it, then it’s like oh. Like what the (bleep) – You know what? Now you just lost me. No, I thought you were better than that. – I am better than that. But right now I’m (bleep) bitter. – Jesus take the wheel. He is upset about chicken. I feel like every single one of the boys is on their (bleep) period. – We tell you food’s done,
come get the (bleep) food. (dramatic music) (hip hop music) (screaming) – I’m not okay with that. – I’d be careful if I were you. – This guy was like
calling my roommates a hoe, being disrespectful and I’m not putting up with that (bleep) at all. Hey, it’s a whole different
story with me dawg. – Aw, who did that? – I’m gonna beat you the (bleep) up. – Kirk just like started
throwing crackers at this guy from across the bar and
all hell breaks loose. (bleep) (bleep) – There’s crackers flying
all over the place. Everyone’s at each other’s throats. There are bouncers, everywhere. Like, it is just crazy. – Man, (bleep) this guy. (laughter) – Why? – But he was trying … – I don’t care. – Throwing crackers. – I don’t care, go. – Really? – Yeah, that’s a charge. – That’s a charge? – Yes, it’s called battery. – What happened? – Want to go to Uglys? Y’all wanna go to Uglys? – Crackers, like little
(bleep) a pack of two saltines. – We’re leaving in an
hour to go to dinner. Just telling you. – I don’t have enough
time to take a shower, blow dry my hair, straighten
my hair, do my makeup and all that in one hour. – Yeah. – That’s not gonna (bleep) happen. – Not if you’re laying in bed right now. – Just (bleep) it. I’m mad now cuz’ I was told 8:30. – [Man] Let her stay. – I don’t know why you’re mad at us. (bleep) stay here. – (bleep) that. I’ve known Aimee for a
long time, she always acts like this when she doesn’t get
her way and I’m sick of it. – Since it’s gonna take
other people longer time to get ready, do y’all just want to
go at 8:30 to dinner? – [Man] No, bull (bleep) – I was so good to leave
at 7:30. All of us are. – Oh no Gus, this is not the right time to pick a fight with me. I already am mad at you because the way you been doin’ Nilsa. This is not a good time, especially when I have not had a nap. – [Man] Aimee? – [Aimee] (bleep) I
heard all y’all in there. Oh we leavin’ at 7:30 because y’all are so (bleep) damn selfish. – How are we the selfish ones? We wanna go out, we
wanna see the whole city. Do you think we want
to sit in a hotel room for three and a half
hours while you’re caking makeup on? No. (bleep) – Tired of her throwing temper tantrums. Getting her (bleep) way. It’s (bleep) – [Woman] Gus, shut the (bleep) up, bitch. – So we decided to put Nilsa’s
stuff into Kortni’s room and switch Kortni’s
stuff into Nilsa’s bed. I’m just tryin’ not to laugh
right now because Kortni is sittin’ right there. (chuckles) – We didn’t do this. – Better come, bye. – Look, it’s a harmless prank. What’s the worst that could happen? – What the (bleep)? Who moved my (bleep)? – Hey, Kortni. – [Kortni] No one touches my (bleep) My brain is melting out my (bleep) ears. Wait, wait, wait, wait. – [Kortni] Bitch! Nilsa, why you movin my (bleep)? I told her I’d beat the (bleep) outta her if she put her (bleep) in my room. Now I gotta beat the
(bleep) outta somebody on day (bleep) one, Nilsa. – Who the (bleep) moved my
(bleep) outta my (bleep) – Where did that come from? (chuckles) – What happened? – I don’t know, apparently some (bleep) got switched in a room. – Who’s stuff is this? – I don’t know, I ain’t see enough. – Who’s stuff is this? – I didn’t see it, I gotta go
finish cookin’ the hot dogs. – Yeah, I’m on kitchen duty so – Someone moved my (bleep)
outta my goddamn room and someone’s gonna get (bleep) up. – Kortni. – It’s not us. – Dakota was the last
person who (bleep) told me. – Well you better holler
at somebody else, Kortni because we didn’t move it. – And you don’t need to be comin’ out here hollerin’ at me like that. – I’ve talked to you before
about this situation. – Okay, then why are you askin’ me? – She didn’t move it. She didn’t move it. – You didn’t move my (bleep) – No I did not. – Okay, thank you. That’s all I’m (bleep) asking. – Don’t come out here screamin’ at me. Psycho! – Nah boo, don’t do that. You don’t call crazy people crazy. You might as well poke the grizzly bear. – We’re out here havin’ a
conversation about our toenails. Psycho ass bitch. – Psycho ass bitch? I’m a psycho ass bitch? I’ll show you a (bleep) psycho ass bitch. I’ll show you a psycho
ass bitch if you want. – Oh my god, here we go. – You talk (bleep) as soon as I walk away. You won’t step the (bleep) up whenever I say somethin’ about it. Don’t (bleep) with me. Get your ass beat. Bitch. – I knew this was gonna be
good, but I did not know this would be this good like (bomb exploding) – Nilsa’s stuff is in your room. – Why? So who moved her (bleep)? Who touched her (bleep)? – She didn’t move – I’m gonna beat their ass. (laughter) – Well that escalated a little worse than I thought to be honest. I planned on tellin’ her the
whole time, but with the way she’s actin’ now I’m kinda scared. I’m gonna sit back and not say nothin’ – Everybody come the (bleep) downstairs! – I gotta take a (bleep) Hold on. Kortni’s losin’ it. I run into the bathroom. Where do you go when a tornado comes? Where I’m from, you get in the bathroom. – [Codi] I’m takin’ a (bleep) – Come the (bleep) down here before I drag your ass
down the goddamn stairs. At this point, I’m about
to hit every (bleep) in this house until someone tells me who the (bleep) moved my (bleep) Better get your ass downstairs before I (bleep) drag ya ass downstairs. – [Codi] Hold on. I’m wipin’ my ass. I just gotta wipe my ass real quick. I’m takin’ a (bleep) Okay, hold on. Can I wipe my (bleep) ass? – Yeah, wipe your ass bitch. – [Codi] Okay (bleep) (laughter) – We about to ride it out,
we don’t know what the (bleep) happened, dude. – What’d you wanna see? – I didn’t see – What the
(bleep) are you talkin’ about? – I don’t know what happened. – Take that (bleep) to the grave (bleep) – Why are you tellin’ me to start (bleep) with me and Nilsa? – I’m just takin’ (bleep) (bleep) – I’m up here takin’ a (bleep) Is that okay? – Who took my (bleep) out of the room? – You look at our track record, I am thinking this isn’t gonna end well. – You pulled me to the
side, said she moved my (bleep) outta my goddamn room. Did you (bleep) not? – I didn’t say she moved it,
I said somebody moved that – No, you said she did. – Kortni! – I said somebody moved it. Everyone shut the (bleep) up! Codi!
– Where’s your (bleep) at? Day one (bleep) and you’re
already (bleep) with me? You want angry Kortni,
you’re seein’ angry Kortni. You’ve seen Kortni aaaaaaaangry, but you ain’t seen me angry at you bitch. – You wanna move the (bleep) (screaming) – Oh, you’re not gonna
start throwing my (bleep) Hell to the (bleep) no. – It was almost like
slo-mo seeing white pants. (bleep) Codi’s face was like (slow motion yelling) (boom) He got lit up. (laughter) – If you ruin my goddamn white
pants then it’s (bleep) on. I know that (bleep) If you ruin my white goddamn
pants, it’s (bleep) on. Those are white pants. I brought them so I could
wear them after Easter. ‘Bout to make me break a fashion rule. (screaming) (bleep) – Hell no. (screaming) (bleep) (hip hop music) – Right now, I’m thinking that
Kortni’s about to kill Codi. Codi likes to stir the pot
a lot, but he’s gettin’ some pretty good southern
justice right now. – Kortni! – Who took my (bleep) out of the room? – Not me. – Is Codi the one that switched it? – You asking a question? – Yes.
– I have no idea. – I’m asking you guys.
– I don’t know what happened. But, didn’t you say you
wanted her room anyways. – I did want her room. – But did you move it? – No I did not. – You know what? This (bleep) is crazy! This (bleep) weighs more than I do! I would not move all my (bleep) that I moved into my bedroom
into Kortni’s bedroom. Who moved it? – Ugh, not me. (screaming) – [Codi] Just calm down. Everybody calm down. – Someone’s gonna admit this (bleep) or someone’s gonna get (bleep) hit. (hip hop music) (wall bang) Knock a (bleep) out. Check that wall out, see
what I’ll do to a (bleep) – We’ve been here four or five hours and Kortni’s punchin’ walls. She’s goin’ crazy. – No one touches my goddamn (bleep) – Wooo, it’s gonna be a long summer. (dance music) All I saw was a tall ass Amazon woman doin’ like this to me in the bar. Hey, what was this about earlier? – [Woman] Oh, I was just saying hi. – Oh, this is hi? – [Woman] Yeah. – That’s how I would take it. If you did that to me
that’s what I’m gonna say. – [Woman] I was not like
hey you’re a hot high five. – Just give me a high five
then, this ain’t needed. Just give me a high five. Don’t do this, because that’s
automatically me gettin’ defensive like alright you’re not gonna bully me in my hometown. – Come to find out,
that’s Jeremiah’s girl. Go figure. – That girl is so mean. – [Man] Who, Nilsa? – Yeah. – Dude she just said Nilsa is a mean girl. – I did like, the, like, I don’t know. I thought that was like hey what’s up. But it’s not. – That’s what Jeremiah’s
girl just did to me. – If somebody messes with
Nilsa, I have her back. That’s my friend. – That’s all she did. – I’m not gonna let anybody
mess with anybody in the house, especially her. – Oh, (bleep) Nobody wants Kortni causing a scene. – Like yeah, you wanna
(bleep) watch me bitch, I will (bleep) knock you the (bleep) out. – How can you take offense to that? Especially when they’re
acting cute when they do it. (bleep) Hash it out when we get home,
I’m not tryin’ to (bleep) – Knock the bitch the (bleep) out! If someone gives me a dirty look, they’re gettin’ hit in the face. I won’t even say anything to them. ‘Cause if you looked
like you smelled a fart and you’re lookin’ at
me then we have issues. – It’s about to go down. – Okay, do you know what this means? – No! – That means bitch I’m
(bleep) watchin’ you. Like no, don’t look at one
of my roommates like that. Please. I don’t wanna (bleep) a bitch up. Please don’t. I don’t wanna (bleep) like hit you. – If you hit me, you’ll regret it. – Bitch, you want some of this? I don’t wanna (bleep) a bitch up. Please, don’t. – Kortni’s like oh hell no. I’m gonna beat her ass
and I’m like she’s gettin’ ready to explode. – I’m not pissed off at you,
I just don’t want somebody lookin’ at my roommate
or my friend like that. – I’m cool with everybody, like for real. – Yeah, just that means I’m
gonna (bleep) watch you. – Actually in my opinion,
it’s like hey you’re sexy as (bleep) keep doin’ you. – Yeah, yeah. – Like I’m friends with
everyone, I don’t make enemies. – I’m good, we’re good. – They both comin’ in with
strong winds, but no blows. – Oh well, I was hopin’ for
a good country ass whoopin’.

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  1. 'getting mad over chicken'
    bitch did u not just-
    u literally-
    u were mad
    because u got one thing of chicken

    first time ive seen her & i want her to LEAVE

  2. Its so funny how Jerimah's girl is like : "if you hit me you'll regret it." How I took it was like the girl's I went to school with.
    You'll be regretting hitting her because of lawyer fees

  3. #6 the chick sticking up for GATOR JAY saying they need to respect his name. Shes the type to have a grown ass man with a full beard claim hes a SHE and she would call him SHE. Scary times.

  4. They should have not been greedy with the food 😂 because someone waited to get food then it gets ate that's crazy I'm territorial with food 🤣🤣 I would have thrown a bigger fit

  5. I'm sorry the pointing at eyes with two fingers is a warning.Everyone knows that its been around forever and day. That girl that oh i'm just saying hi is Lying

  6. Lol my friend made me watch an episode of this, and I may have lost more than enough brain cells to these idiotic people 🙃

  7. To me honestly I’ve never been even a fan of jersey shore but to me their fights were at least more relevant also too I don’t get these “rappers” calling themselves dumb ass names it’s DUMB & STUPID

  8. Candace literally looks like she doesn’t even have tits like at all this show is dumb lol jersey shore was a bit more classy lol

  9. Candace literally looks like she doesn’t even have tits like at all this show is dumb lol jersey shore was a bit more classy lol

  10. y’all do realize that the guys making fun of the gater jay name are the same guys who went to a club w matching shirts w their ship name customized on it expecting to party and pick up girls

  11. I think the boyfriend GatorJay was trying to use the show to get some kind of pseudo reality 15 minutes of fame being remembered for ‘that guy’

  12. I am not bout to call you gatorjay231 Southside god. You aren't a God. And that's a stupid ass name. U wanna be called gator then ok. Cool gator or gatorjay lol that other shit is stupid af lmao

  13. Ngl ik that Nilsa and Aimee should've helped out with the food. But to get mad because they wouldn't get out of the pool and to say that they didn't help cook the chicken, it doesn't take more than one person to season and cook chicken lmao. Now I know not to let a girl walk all over me. But I also know that you should be respectful towards woman.

  14. i don't care for jersey shore, but these kids trash, they act like they can fight but have bodyguards so they basically big for no reason

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