A LOT Of WWE Stars UPSET With WrestleMania 34! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

A LOT Of WWE Stars UPSET With WrestleMania 34! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis… Nicholas’ Reign Officially Recognised By
WWE …and to answer a question from yesterday’s
WrestleRamble episode, Nicholas is recognised by WWE as a former Raw Tag Team Champion,
his 21 hour reign with Braun Strowman being officially listed on WWE.com. The same belt held by D-Generation X, The
Hardy Boyz, and, of course, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Nicholas exploded onto the professional wrestling
scene late Sunday night, when Strowman picked him out of the “78,133” people in the
crowd at WrestleMania to be his partner in the Raw Tag Team Championship match. But as great as Nicholas was, if Braun went
a little further into the stands, he could’ve stumbled upon forming the scariest tag team
ever known to wrestling… New Japan Wrestlers At WrestleMania
…as watching from up high was possibly the meanest looking man on the planet, Minoru
Suzuki, pictured here at the event holding a Steveweiser and… wearing a child’s tutu
on his back? That’s totally cool Minoru Suzuki. Everyone, put on your child’s tutus… he’s
gonna hurt u- And Suzuki wasn’t the only one stealing
John Cena’s ‘I’m just here as a fan’ gimmick at WrestleMania, as the Ace of New
Japan Hiroshi Tanahashi was also spotted at the event. A fan sitting nearby the seven time IWGP Heavyweight
Champion shared his experience on Reddit: “I asked the ACE how he felt about WM and
he said he loved it. But he didn’t love the main event. Dude was laughing his ass off at the nakamura
heel turn. Funniest part to me was when Braun was looking
for a tag team partner, his crew kept pointing at him and he was raising his hands.” It’s good to hear that the New Japan stars
were having fun, as according to Wrestling Observer Radio, some of the WWE roster were
upset with the event. WWE Wrestlers Unhappy With WrestleMania Length
WrestleMania 34’s Kickoff Show ran for two hours from 5-7PM Eastern, and the main card
went another five, taking place between 7pm and midnight. That’s seven hours in total, and, unlike
previous years where most of the audience only get seated just before the main show
begins, live reports had the vast majority there from the very first Kickoff Match – meaning
a large portion of the crowd watched all seven hours. But while the audience was very energetic
for the first two thirds of the show, by the last two hours the reactions weren’t as
loud as the crowd appeared to grow tired – culminating in them hijacking the Brock Lesnar vs Roman
Reigns main event by throwing beach balls and chanting ‘We Want Nicholas’. GIVE THE CROWD WHAT THEY WANT, VINCE! The turning point is widely agreed to be when
Daniel Bryan was taken out by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn with a pop-up powerbomb on the
ring apron. The idea makes sense on paper: structure the
match around building to Bryan’s delayed hot tag. But it didn’t work in practice, with the
crowd having already waited three years for Bryan to wrestle, and then having to endure
ten minutes of Shane McMahon awkwardly wrestle before they got it. When criticising how the length of the event
drained the crowd of energy, Meltzer revealed: “there were a lot of people upset who worked
late in that show for that very reason.” Remember the days when WrestleMania only used
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100 thoughts on “A LOT Of WWE Stars UPSET With WrestleMania 34! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. I was VEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRY displeased with WM34. I was displeased with the show days leading up to it. I thought it was the most disappointing show in recent months. As far as I'm concerned, the best parts were Seth Rollins winning the IC title, Undertaker's return, AJ Styles retaining the WWE title, and finally Brock Lesnar retaining the Universal Championship, although the latter was predictable. Idk. I didn't like the Nakamura heel turn OR Asuka losing her WM debut OR her first match. Think what you will, but I thought it SUCKED!!!!! Here's to hoping WM 35 goes better than the past five put together.

  2. Wow Ollie straight up plagiarized Meltzer with some of of that "Daniel Bryan pop-up powerbomb" portion. Like literally said what Meltzer said from the WOR WM34 episode…

  3. Nice shirt, that's The Rock's Just Bring It shirt from way back in 2000. I had one, that was the original one. It's in the same font as the LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN one he wore before that. I hate the 2013 one.

  4. Been a Fan for over 25 years..worst wrestlemania ever..on top of that post raw was a Joke! They need UFC'S writers!

  5. Wrestlemania needs to be a 2 night sport event. 3 hr main show with a battle Royal for the kick off and maybe a 205 Live Match/Tag match

  6. instead of a long & boring 7hr Wrestlemania – which is stupid by any standard – they should have a separate show for the undercards the day before for a live audience only. people wouldn't fall asleep, it would be edited down to 2.5-3 hours to be included in a bundle if you paid for the PPV the next day & would be on the Bluray disk. win win but it makes sense so it will never… eeeeevvveerrrr … happen : /

  7. Damnit that was my friend's tutu, we were sitting right in front of him and I had to work up the damn courage to get a picture since he was intimidating as fuck. He did take a picture with me, even got a smile and deuces.

  8. Overall Wrestlemaina 34 was great!I felt the Reigns and Brock match was a dope hard hitting match.I also felt though that they should of went on second to last and they should of done Charlotte and Asuka last,or even the surprise Undertaker and Cena match last.

  9. damn Vacant is legendary, after losing the cruiserweight championship he is holding the Raw tag team titles on his own. Alot of respect

  10. Seriously the fucking kid is the highlight.

    That is a fucking disgrace to wrestling you dumbasses don't realize this.

    God your all fucking morons.

  11. I just don’t get the heel turn for Nakumura not that he can’t pull it off but this guy is one of the Wwe’s biggest merch sellers and is over with hardcore fans kids and casual fans he should have won no heel turn was needed he could have been a face for awhile and when he finally faced Daniel Bryan and Bryan beat him that’s where you turn him heel it’s not fucking Rocket science booking that you could get a decent face run and when he turned heel on Bryan the heat he would receive is ridiculous but no WWE is too stupid also on another note fuck WWE for turning the tag team into a joke and straight burying one of your more elite tag teams in recent years I thought nothing would top David Arquette I was wrong

  12. 7 hours for a EHHHH show. thank god the show isnt longer. i mean it was great no crappy un-needed live performances BUT still the show is a drag on. i didnt watch til 7pm and i was done by 11. i personally think the mania week is wack this year.

  13. WWF Backlash 2000! With that sick Light-HeavyWeight Title bout between Dean Malenko and Scotty 2 Hotty!? ☝YES!☝

  14. WOW! How much of a badass is Minoru Suzuki? He's daring some chump to make a comment about the tutu. That takes some balls.

  15. protip record the reshow, start watching that when it actually started and then fast forward to catch up around middle of the card lol

  16. I wish daniel bryant goes to raw and make a feud with reigns and lesnar. Imagine bryant defeating lesnar streak, that would be a slap to reigns face.

  17. Minoru Suzuki left after Shinsuke's match against AJ, he wasn't there for the Tag Team match or the main event

  18. I don't mind the length of wrestlemania. it's supposed to be the biggest show of the year with all these days of stuff leading up to it, so it fits for it to be a long show. I wish they would have just got rid of the preshow and made it a 7hr wrestlemania, that way I would not have to listen to renee youngs annoying voice and that jackass Sam Roberts.

  19. Your all the all a bunch of wussies it was only 7hrs geez just picture it like a work shift except your work was watching WM. Hopefully next year we get an 8 hr wrestlemania and by the end everybody will be asleep.

  20. If I go to a Wrestlemania I need to plan for it accordingly. That means I need to determine which matches on the card I'd be willing to miss and make sure once those matches come up I leave my seat immediately to go around the arena, maybe check out the shops, eat, have a bathroom break, watch some youtube videos, talk with my friends, etc so that I will still have the energy and excitement I need for the matches that I really want to see.

  21. I went to one of WWF's TV tapings in the days before raw and it lasted about 7 hours. (at the time they had four diff syndicated shows each with a diff name and they taped all four at once.). While they changed the ring apron they had dark matches in a separate ring, one of which was Triple H's try out.

  22. Lmao they was throwing beach balls plus the crowd sucks while Roman vs Brock match was going on they was shout out this is bored , we want Nicholas I think raw and smackdown was way better then wrestlimaina this year asukas shouldn't lost her steak at mania it's was too soon & same place was undertaker lost his steak that suck big time

  23. Who'd ever of thought watching one guy do the same suplexes and F5 over and over vs another guy that does a jumping punch and a spear would be so boring after watching everyone else display more talent in every match before.

  24. when will WWE learn you just cant get a crowd that big to focus and cheer non-stop for 7 hours. just shorten wrestlemania to 3-4 hours max

  25. I'm not sorry to say but the whole thing with Nicholas was stupid. Here's why, it ruins Braun Strowman and anything they are going to try to do with him. They built them up to be this monster of men character. Now his character can't be looked at as that, his character is more of a joke now. Sheamus and Cesaro are one of the best tag teams they have going and two of the best talents they have. They just ruined it for them as well. Nobody stopped to think of that. The fact that this Nicholas kid is over is one of the many reasons why WWE fans suck these days. They rather watch bullshit and cheer for bullshit instead of actual talent.

  26. speaking of Wrestle Ramble Extra. why the hell are 1$ patrons allowed to vote in something they will never be able to see?

  27. That’s my tutu behind Suzuki! Imagine my surprise when I saw that not only was he sitting by me but that my outfit was in his picture!

  28. The worst part about Braun winning the tag titles with a random child as his partner is that it was against Cesaro and Sheamus-THEY ALL DESERVED BETTER,especially at Wrestlemania SMH

  29. i ran into suzuki at mania, i was terrified and i'm a foot taller and about 100 lbs heavier. a bunch of people left before the roman match. i walked out myself and there was a large group of people who did as well, just didn't really want to waste time watching the match. even with roman losing it didn't change anything, it wasn't the match people wanted to see

  30. Absolutely hate the tag team titles. They are ugly and not even gold finished. Need to go back to original titles.

  31. They give you a seven hour event and you people complain that it’s too long???? Seriously are people never freakin happy?

  32. I never watch the Kick off show. It's not like you're missing anything. I remember when kick off shows were 30 minutes long. And it wasn't the first time WrestleMania had a women's battle Royal. Stupid Vince and Triple H can't even keep track of their shit

  33. I tried to give Wrestletalk another chance by watching this video… but what kind of crap as usual clickbait is this, no names mentioned and just a little box with a random Meltzer quote after 3 mins in the video…again, just a waste of time

  34. I got an idea, have Goldberg come back to kick Roman reigns ass and have stone cold referee the match. but the match is interrupted somehow and either Stone cold or Golberg accidentally hit one another. then we get Goldberg vs Stone cold at Mania 35. just something off the top of my head.

  35. WrestleKingdom is 5 to 6 hours long. This is the promblem either with the wreslters or WWE. When you stop scripting moves, finishes, etc. and let the wreslters do their own thing. Time won't be an issue. Put on great back to back matches and the crowd will be into it and the wreslters won't mind how long it is.

  36. the NJPW roster would have invaded the shitfest called wrasslin' mania. it would have been more engaging.

  37. Host is so bad he can't do more then one sentence in one take, this is why there are so many cuts in this video…. seriously it's bloody annoying!!!!

  38. Sadly I think that the only good matches were the 4 way IC match, Asuka vs Charlotte and Aj vs Nakamura. The rest was just awful.

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