100 thoughts on “A mysterious creature emerges in WWE: Raw, April 8, 2019

  1. It's supposed to be a rip off of Pee-wee's playhouse, only it's going to be Bray Wyatt's playhouse.
    Anyone curious, that's the current plan

  2. It sounds like Bray Wyatt’s laugh but who is the evil doll and toyhouse Showing? Bray? Sister Abigail? NXT? A women?!

  3. For people saying it’s Bray Wyatt because he is wearing the shirt Bray used to wear, note that bray wore a blue shirt and that thing is wearing a red shirt

  4. Please WWE Give Bray a What's in The Cardboard Box Gimmick Where He carries It With Him For a while with Different Surprises Like Weapons, Letters-Anything to Surprise Opponents and Fans

  5. Bray had a mental breakdown…
    He is Jeff Dunham now

    Next time he will sit in a room with three puppets resembling his old family, his Wyatt family

  6. And then I watched the silly promo of Shelton a few days ago.

    Mercy the Buzzard might have something to do with Shelton in that promo. Shelton was also looking up and down and then smiled in the end.

    Could it be Mercy has possessed Shelton?

  7. I'll be scared open that box that was scary as hell when I first seen this preview I knew it was some mystery and scary about it

  8. Here after Bray successfully defended the universal title against Daniel Bryan. Looking at the old comments and just laughing at how wrong the people were.

  9. And who would’ve thought that creepy music and buzzard out the box would lead to one of the greatest gimmicks and characters ever in Wrestling.

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