100 thoughts on “Adam Cole’s best NXT moments: NXT Top 5, Nov. 17, 2019

  1. 🇩🇴💪🐓🧔👍 yeffry yo sordo si 👍 WWE si 🇺🇸 si 💪😁 sí 🤝 si 🧔 sordo yo yeffry si 🤝🤗 si 🤝

  2. Take 3 out cause it's not a Adam Cole moment move 1 and 2 down and the new number 1 is when he wins the NXT title at takeover

  3. Adam Cole is the most hated heel wrestler in NXT and the 2ND NXT Triple Crown Champion. He has done so much for NXT alongside the rest of UE. Not bad for a ghost. Wink wink

  4. How the hell Gargano vs Cole 2 out of 3 falls doesn't count in the best moment. That match was rated as 5.5 star match which I think the only match that WWE have on that rating.

  5. As an overall entertainer I don't really see the big deal about Cole but just recently I was sold on him as an in ring performer after that match he had with Daniel Bryan.

  6. Number 3 is definitely a undisputed era moment unless you're talking about the fact he survived 2 matches and won the dusty Rhodes classic

  7. I guess beating Matt Riddle is better than winning the NXT Championship in the main event at Takeover against Johnny Gargano

  8. Dear WWE,
    I think FOX and USA Network should have one computer for their brands. On Smackdown, I think Micheal Cole should read the Emails of WWE FOX and On Raw, Jerry Lawler should read the Emails of WWE USA Network and for NXT, Beth Phoenix should read the Emails from WWE USA Network. Thank You! PLEASE RESPOND!

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