100 thoughts on “Aleister Black demolishes a local competitor: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

  1. Why is Aleister Black competing with the Local competitors? This sucks the guy is too good he should be competing for the title matches not this sheets

  2. Black is going to end up being the face of WWE in the very near future. I can't wait to watch his card unfold. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

  3. The Wwe has a plenty of Superstars in the locker room but they make Aleister Black fight against a Local Competitor 🙄

  4. Once again
    Aliester Black forced to fight jobbers and local competitors
    Make him fight some challenging guys like Joe, Corbin, Styles in some PPV

  5. Please don't waste the talent of Aleister Black. He deserves an interesting feud and battle soon for the championship.

  6. wwe is hiring these local compatoters cause they are afraid that one of their stars will look bad if he lost
    no wrestling is about winning and losing
    someone has to loos so the other can look good
    am not one of these nxt smarks
    oh triple h need to take over wwe
    but i think if triple h toke over wwe these stuff won't happend

  7. Alestair : I'm waiting for someone to knock the door and pick a fight with me.

    The Fiend : All you has to do is to Let Me In.

  8. Why is Aliester Black fighting a local jobber?🤣 No seriously is this what his character has become to creative?😒

  9. What a freaking disgusting joke like really wwe? God awful wwe is disgusting putting out these awful shows every single week. Horrendously disgusting how Aleister is being booked and everything in general raw and smackdown

  10. when i first seen Aleister i thought he was the most interesting wrestler wwe have had for a LONG time and they're doing nothing with him! i hope he has a feud very soon, and a good one, or see him shine in AEW!

  11. He cut a killer promo. i love Aleister’s entrance and music but let’s give him some character development and nuanced additions and details to his character every week. For example, obsession with something black like black granite or a feather or something black he pores on himself that fires him up and signals the end. Also, I love his entrance and entrance music but he needs a more dynamic attire. I would like a coat he wears with a huge black pole attached to the back of his jacket that extends 15 feet into the air balanced by his jacket with a huge black crows head sideways at the very top and the wings outstretched. That be so gangster. So as he’s on his way to the ring, he’s balancing this coat with this huge crow atop of it signaling his opponents blackout. He then takes off the black crow thing out of his jacket and does his jump in the ring Indian style holding onto gold chains. He’s mesmerized and hypnotized by all things black, particularly black granite and marble material. That’s what fires him up. The fans hold up all things black and black feathersvto strengthen him. Let’s start to build this all up with Aleister over the next few weeks and really build on his character.

  12. aleister and drew feud or seth vs aleister or fiend vs aleister or randy vs aleister or aj vs aleister or balor bs aleister

  13. Robert Roode did good in this match. Nah just kidding lol, this was decent, weird to see a local guy get so much offense in.

  14. Comment section bitching again. If they gave Black someone from the locker room, you'd all complain about WWE making that person job.

    You guys say WWE doesn't listen to its fans? I can see why.

  15. that local competitor looks like a combination of Robert Roode & Samoa Joe. Who agrees? Like this comment…………

  16. What’s a local competitor pls tell me what this is cuz I google it and it just shows video about wrestlers vs local competitor

  17. Put Aleister against Brock ASAP.

    I'm not just fanboying. Hear me out:

    1. Brock's best feud was against CM Punk
    2. Aleister Black's energy and style are very close to CM Punk

    3. Brock needs a believable competitor (because it is NOT Cain Valesquez)

    Aleister has the potential to be a cornerstone of the brand. A win against Brock would do just that. But it would have to happen before Aleister loses interest from facing nobodies and before Brock gets too old to seem like a legitimate threat. If this feud happens in 2020, it would be perfect.

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