100 thoughts on “Aleister Black vs. Leon Ruff: Raw, March 23, 2020

  1. They are building him slowly. This is how they did it back in the day. They would feed top guys jobbers left and right. So when they got a big opponent, it was a big deal. Be happy that he's not where Ricochet is rn on the card.

  2. This was another squash match for sure! But Leon Ruff is slouch in the ring! He’s another up incoming independent wrestler from Evolve wrestling who is actually pretty damn good!

  3. Why is he facing JOBBERS??? WWE SERIOUSLY LOOK YOUR WASTING BLACKS TIME .. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to aew

  4. Black needs a championship opportunity at the WWE championship or United States championship cause he just fighting guys that only appear once on raw

  5. Black is so amazing. Why is he having a nothing match with lashley for no reason with zero build? Remember his last year or next matches? Breathtaking. Why not just continue his mini feud that was dropped with Murphy to at least insure a WrestleMania worthy match for both men. Give em 20 min an they'll steal the show. Ugh… Why wwe do you always drop the ball on story an reasoning. Why not push for good nxt takeover style matches? with the no crowd feel It's the only thing that's going to work to save WrestleMania

  6. As soon as Aleister sat down I would just said you know what not about this life and got the hell out of the ring

  7. Not a lot of guys can pull off the no crowd/silent situation they have going on. It suits Aleister Black. Just make everything seem ominous.

  8. Here is a free feud idea WWE Nakamura Vs Black have Nakamura go back to being threat like he was in NXT and have him and black go at it .

    Side note a great triple threat match I would like to see last Man standing match with Pete Dunn Alister black and Nakamura

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