Alexa Bliss Had to Wear Her Title Belt on a Flight

Alexa Bliss Had to Wear Her Title Belt on a Flight

-At one point or another,
you’ve all held titles. And I want to ask the
hard-hitting questions here, because I know what I would do. But do you take your belts
with you everywhere? ‘Cause I absolutely would.
I would sleep with it. -You have to.
-Alexa, let’s start with you. -Oh, Lord. Yes, you have to
take it everywhere. That’s, like, kind of, like —
You’re like, “Oh, my gosh! I won a title.” But then they’re
like, “Yes, now you have to carry it through TSA,
and it’s gonna make your bags 10 pounds heavier.” -You do have a TV title, though,
and one that you carry around. -One they carry around. And it can get you in a little
embarrassing situations. For example, one time — It always has to be
in your carry-on. You always have to have your
gear and your title, whatever you need for the show
in your carry-on, because Lord knows
airports lose your bags. -Yep. -And I was putting my bag —
I was putting my bag in the overhead,
and my bag just wouldn’t fit. And the guy’s like,
“Excuse me, miss. I need to check your bag.” And I was like, “No, no. No, no.
It’ll fit.” And I’m, like, still doing it. And then he was like —
-And then you body-slammed him? No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. -He was like, “You need to take
something out of your bag.” And, of course, the only thing that I could take out
was the title. And then, of course,
miraculously, my bag fit. And so I had to sit there
and be that person that, “In case you didn’t know
I’m the champ…” Sit in my airport seat
like this with the title. You know, just everyone that
walked by, “Hello, champ.” -Oh, my God. I bet you the safety briefing
about buckling your belt was so different for you. -Oh, I held it up.
-Yeah. Well, Paige, what about you? Have you gone through
something like that? -Yeah, so, obviously,
we have to go through where they check your bags and
everything like that, but I didn’t have
my championship in it, but they were more focused
on my jacket. So, my wrestling jacket —
I had a crap-ton of studs on it. Like, they’re really long.
They’re very aggressive. Very aggressive. Obviously,
there’s a lot of metal. So, like, the woman pulls
it out, and she was just like, “What is this?” And I’m like, “It’s my jacket.” And she was like,
“That’s a very spiky jacket. Are you gonna
use that as a weapon?” And I’m like, “What?” I was like, “You think
I’m gonna come on the plane and just start, like… Like, start attacking people
with my jacket?” And, literally, we had to have,
like, a crowd of people come over, and they’re,
like, inspecting my jacket. I was like, “I promise you
I’m not using this as a weapon. I actually wear this thing.” And, like, in the end,
they were just like, “Oh, it’s just a jacket. Yeah, you can go through.” And I’m like, “Alright.” -You’re like, “If I was gonna
use anything as a weapon, it’d be these.” -Yes. Or it would be the
championship belt that’s laying right beside it. Like, I don’t know what
to tell you. -Natalya, what about you? Have you almost missed
a flight because of this? -Oh, many times. I was actually in the kitchen,
which is, you know, not unusual for me
to be taking selfies. Everybody probably knows
I’m a selfie queen. And I was taking selfies
with my cat 2Pawz. If you’re not following him
on Instagram, I would suggest you follow him. -There she is. -I’ll do whatever you say,
honestly. -So, when I won the
SmackDown Women’s Championship, I was, like, you know,
in the kitchen, taking selfies with the cat,
and I almost missed my flight. And I was like, “Oh, my gosh. I’m not even gonna
make check-in.” I literally have to go
with the carry-on because I’m gonna miss
the flight due — I mean,
I’m gonna have to explain to talent relations and WWE
why I’m not able to defend this title at
a pay-per-view because I was taking selfies
with my cat. -Priorities. I respect that.
I respect that. So, Alexa and Natalya,
you have actually faced off against each other in the ring. -Yes.
-Many times. -What do you remember from
those matches? -Can I start?
-Yeah, start, please. -For some crazy reason,
every time I wrestle Lexi, I manage to give her
a giant wedgie, and I don’t know why or how
it happens, but, somehow, there’s always a wedgie involved
in our matches — always. -It’s only on
the televised matches, too. It’s not even on the live events
that aren’t televised. But, yeah — -It sounds powerful
and horrible. Let’s relive it.
I have a picture. I mean, that looks like — Yeah.
That’s a — Here’s a question. Here’s a question. Have you mastered how to pick
a wedgie during a match? -Yes. 100%.
-Really? -Anytime someone rolls you in
the ring, 100% of the time, you’re gonna see me do
one of these as I roll in. -Really? -Pull the shorts
right on my butt. -You either throw the person out
and pull it out or you’re just, like, in a pin, and then they help you
pull it out. -Yep. -Well, there’s an art to it, and
we’ve definitely mastered it. -Yeah.

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