100 thoughts on “Alexa Bliss imitates The IIconics: SummerSlam Kickoff 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. 0.34 commentator: "i was expecting Moana to come save the day."

    the other commentator: "you ever stop?"


  2. To emeryone saying they didn't know Iiconics had a match: It is called a rematch clause. And it happens, literally all the time, I promise you.

  3. Only Victoria can do dat move perfectly Cassie should need to improve it..wasting the one of the best move

  4. ….something about those Aussie girls- they're not very good. Straight up. The glass ceiling keeps breaking from all their shrieking n temper tantrums….certainly not from their wrastlin' talents. Whathafork was that finishing move? Alexa did all the work.

  5. it is very hard for me to imagine Alexa playing babyface, but i would love to see a babyface run of her cause not only her in-ring skills but her acting & mic skills are so good, she's the goddess in every sector

  6. Is this a joke? What the iconics did is just a lot of screaming and acting like a crazy person. I do not understand how come wwe could even push them to become a women' s champion?

  7. I don't care if the IIconics are champions or not… But now I know for sure that Billie and Peyton will vanish soon…

    I just feel sorry for Billie Kay.. She's a sweetheart 😍

  8. congratulations 🎉🎉👏👏🎉 Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross WWE women's tags teams championship awesome 💋

  9. Iconics has a lot of move sets, i'm really impressed on how many they are not like other female wrestlers who keeps using the same sets every match.

  10. That counter into the Widow's Peak was a thing of beauty. Iiconics need to regain the titles and have a serious reign this time!

  11. Love em or hate em, the Iiconics are actually the best women's tag team. They'll be on top again in the near future.
    Peyton Royce said it best "They are the heart of the Women's Tag Team Division"

  12. Everybody is talking about if she did the widows peak & no she didnt ! Victorias widows peak is way better than what you guys saw in this video but if you Don’t believe me then watch the bikini contest episode where victoria widow peaks christy hemme , that was absolutely insane to watch ❤️😰

  13. Go back to Barclays center. Crowd was flat. Card was weak. Total disgrace the intercontinental title wasn't even defended. Neither tag belts from the men's were defended. Might as well scrap the women's tag belts they're ruined.

  14. Rule number 1 in wwe: never do 1:06 the great innovative offence to a shorter opponent, it would only work if Bliss did it to Royce

  15. Not that I dislike Bliss and Nikki, but I feel like the Iiconics should be more dominant especially in tag matches since they have actual history and experience as a longtime tag team/friendship compared to throw together teams like the champions. That's been stress to fans ever since their NXT days

  16. 0:32 IIconics should've won if the referee count normally, I mean, it's seems that the referee is waiting for Nikki Cross to interrupt the pinning moment

  17. 0:32 IIconics should've won if the referee count normally, I mean, it's seems that the referee is waiting for Nikki Cross to interrupt the pinning moment

  18. I just caught on to Alexa bliss gear she's wearing a sick buzz lightyear outfit atleast it's makes anything the iiconics do I'll be annoyed nobody just does not like them in general there to childish and not no wrestlers

  19. I Think This Was Planned That Nikki And Alexa Will Be The New Champions Why? Because The Referee Slow Counted When Billie Kay Pinned Alexa

  20. I wish they developed billie's femmefatale gimmick and peyton's poison ivy gimmick before just shoving them together as generic mean girls.

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