As crazy as it sounds, some fans love to know
what’s going on in wwe superstars’ personal lives, which includes who they are dating
outside of the wwe Alexa Bliss was one of those superstars that
everyone was curious to know about The 28 year old former women’s champion
had a longtime boyfriend in the wwe and that was Buddy Murphy Going back to 2014/2015, Blake and Buddy Murphy
were an upcoming tag team that was just missing an extra piece to fully established themselves
as a top tag team This missing piece was Alexa Bliss. The tag team saw great success after Alexa
heel turned and aligned with the team On screen, Alexa was neutral with the two
of them and the character of Alexa Bliss didn’t seem to have a favorite between buddy and
Blake But outside of the wwe, Alexa Bliss and Buddy
Murphy actually ended up growing close and dating for a long time By the time Alexa Bliss had joined the main
roster in 2016, the couple was even engaged to be married However after 4 years of being together, the
couple unfortunately decided to split So what exactly happened between Alexa and
Murphy, there’s a lot of insane rumors out there about what lead to their split, so let’s
take a look at what actually ended up happening Alexa Bliss and Murphy reportedly split in
late 2018 in a very quiet matter They didn’t announce their split to the
world at first, but everyone eventually figured it out over time The couple that once took so much pictures
together, hadn’t posted anything together in months and that caught a lot of fans attention
as well Despite the rumors, there were no bad feelings
or anything terrible that lead to their split Alexa and Murphy just never had any time together
and Alexa’s call up to the main roster is what made the couple grow apart After having so much time together in nxt,
Alexa was now on the road with the main roster while Murphy was still in nxt at the time Leading them to most likely have 1 to 2 days
together a week during that time period So the couple agreed to split up since they
had complete opposite schedules and weren’t even spending time together like they did
in their nxt days But the former couple still keeps in close
contact with each other and is extremely supportive of each other Alexa Bliss still shows support to Buddy Murphy,
especially during big moments like his cruiser weight championship win Alexa will always like his posts and leave
a comment congratulating him on his big wins Buddy Murphy was a guest on Lillian Garcia’s
chasing glory podcast and revealed a lot about his relationship with Alexa Bliss Murphy had this to say: “Lex, in a way – I’m not gonna say we
were holding her down, but look what she’s doing now. Like, we helped her get there but I’m glad
she didn’t stay with us, because then we would of held her down. Her talent would have gone through anyway. Everything happens for a reason. I’ve got so much of her merch.” Murphy then continued to talk about their
schedules and how they still help each other: “Yeah, complete opposite schedules. But it’s one of those things where you just
kind of, to me, that’s how the cards are being dealt for now. I look at it, well, it’s only for now. So I can look at it like that, but, ya know,
I support her 110%, I watch her stuff. I send her my promos. She’s the one that helped me how to speak,
she’s taught me heaps. Like, I try to help her in the ring and she
helps me with the character stuff.” So that’s another interesting note there
about the former couple, Alexa was responsible with helping him get his promos and character
together, which are some things that Alexa has absolutely mastered over the years While Murphy helped Alexa learn some things
to use for the ring Murphy is now finally starting to establish
himself as a star while being tag team champions with Seth Rollins While Alexa Bliss still remains one of the
biggest superstars over on Smackdown So fast forward to present day, what’s going
on and who are they now dating? Since Alexa Bliss’ split from Murphy, we’ve
heard the most insane rumors about who she was dating We heard just about everyone from Braun Strowman,
No Way José, and to most recently, a new nxt superstar that was liking all of Alexa’s
posts on Instagram However, all those ended up being completely
false, but it looks we may have an idea of who Alexa Bliss is now dating TMZ is now reporting that Alexa Bliss is dating
37 years old, Ryan Cabrera Ryan is a music artist that became famous
in the early 2000s for some of work during that time Ryan was backstage during Smackdown’s debut
show on fox network in late 2019 Ryan is a close friend of the Miz so he was
able to make it backstage easily That’s when he met Alexa Bliss and they
reportedly hit it off right away They were then seen together just a few weeks
later right before survivor series in November and then seen again on New Year’s Eve They also went to Disney recently and took
a picture together there as well So that’s about all we know about Alexa
Bliss and Ryan as of this very moment If the report by TMZ is in fact true, then
this means that they’ve been dating for a handful of months now so congratulations
to the both of them What are your thoughts on Alexa Bliss and
Buddy Murphy’s split as well as Alexa’s new rumored boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera? Let us know your thoughts on this situation
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17 thoughts on “ALEXA BLISS’ NEW BOYFRIEND! The UNTOLD STORY Of Alexa Bliss and Murphy’s FORCED BREAK UP! – WWE

  1. So Alexa Bliss and Ryan's relationship has been floating around for a while now, but with TMZ giving a bit more backstory and proof to the relationship, I thought it would be enough to cover in a video, so what are your thoughts on what TMZ is reporting here, do you believe Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are actually dating? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoy these kind of videos! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. Yet another video on alexa bliss. You do know just because someone says that people are dating doesn't mean it's TRUE. Even if they are dating. You. Dont. Need. To. Make. A. Video. On. Her. All. The. Time.

  3. I Love My Alexa Idc Who Shes Dating 💙🤞🏼 As Long As She’s Happy 💍 That’s Good Enough For Me , Tbh I never liked Buddy Murphy 🤨 .. that’s just my opinion

  4. Who knows , there’s lots of rumors about her , she has lots of male friends and how much can you trust TMZ , no one close to them has confirmed this not even them

  5. Alexa and Ryan are just good friends and every time someone posts this stuff Alexa and her friends all say they are just friends and all these times they’ve been seen together Alexa is their with or for the wwe or collecting something for a PPV or something like at the Grammy awards she interviews the cast of birds of prey and then is invited to the lounge and wwe has been on the west coast a lot this year so why would you trek back to Florida if your just coming all the way back and I’ve seen the pic she shared pics like this with her other friends like mike Rome who she goes to Disney a lot with so lastly until Alexa or Ryan confirm it they are not dating

  6. I love Alexa Bliss😍😍 It doesn’t matter who she is dating. I don’t get into their personal life. As long as she is happy is all that matters. I would love to see her win another title soon cause I think she deserves it

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