100 thoughts on “All of Sting’s WWE appearances: WWE Playlist

  1. If Goldberg can hold the belt with little to no skill or match length. I don’t see why Sting can’t especially if he’s cleared to go.

  2. The wrestling history will always be incomplete if there was no match between the two greatest wrestlers ever

    Sting and Undertaker

  3. Sting should have been the next Hulk Hogan but Hogans big ego and bad management kept that from happening. If he started in WWF he would have.

  4. Sting was a legend he would have retired undefeated and with a good record but WWE ruined it I'm a big fan of WWE but they didnt treated him right or what u call disrespecting like when he was sopposed to fight the under taker which my idol too but they made him fight triple H like common sting deserved much much much more better but for me he is still a legend and a hero sting will leave forever in my heart I love you sting😘

  5. So, are we gonna act like he didn't appear at Fastlane 2015? Because I know for a fact that he made an appearance there as well


  7. Uno de los mejores de todos los tiempo y sólo lo trajeron para humillarlo si hubiese hecho su carrera en la WWE lo abrían tratado de otra forma. Así sólo pierde la lucha en general por que fue más grande que hhh .y rollend todavia no estaba a su nivel

  8. I love that John Cena grabbed that little boy and gave him a hug. You can tell that kid is going to remember that forever!

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