100 thoughts on “Andrade & Garza are ready for WrestleMania: Raw Exclusive, March 23, 2020

  1. So he is going to fight for the Raw Tag Team Championships even though he is not a official member of the Raw roster yet?

  2. Awesome interview here…Zelina didn't used her nails on Sarah.After last interview she said to her.Ask stupid questions in that interview.

  3. Zelina: Andrade is the first ever US/Raw Tag Team Champion

    Me: Zelina, let me tell you that The Miz is the third ever US/Tag Team Champion because he won the Unified Tag Team Titles along with Big Show while being the US Champion 10 years ago, Eddie is the first one who did this back in 2003 and MVP is the second one back in 2007 when he won the WWE Tag Team Title along with Matt Hardy so you probably gonna be the fourth one who did that if you win the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles along with Angel Garza at Wrestlemania

  4. Bro, hurry up I think ur 10 years to late, cause The Miz best you to it and he held an extra title with him

  5. Nobody cares about WrestleMania , WWE and WWE wrestler , am not interested anymore , new talent and diversity ruined WWE forever

  6. Andrade has at least brought some prestige to that US championship so hopefully they can also bring prestige to the Tag Titles

  7. Okay, Will somebody tell Zelina Vega to stop running her mouth?!?! I am getting so sick of her, Andrade, and Angel Garza!!! Besides, Those 2 idiots will not win the RAW Tag Team Championship!!!!

  8. Angle Garza and Andrade going to be the new raw tag team champions at WrestleMania 36

  9. What a bunch of BS. Andrade fails the "wellness policy", keeps his title & then gets a different title shot. Way to go WWE. Horrible booking, I mean writing.

  10. people want to see the US Championship on the line at Mania

    WWE : Andrade (US champ) x Garza w ZV vs The Street Profits (c) for the RAW tag team championship at WrestleMania
    WTF is this

  11. Rey and Dana are suspected of having corona. Now in quarantine… Breaking news… Vince cancel Mania!!!!!!!!

  12. Didnt rey just beat Charlottes husband to be last wk? And Angel & Bobby won there tag yet why no tag title picture then? And didn't angel also lose to rey ? I don't get how they had one match together and not only does one already have a singles title but after one win gets jobbers there now worthy to get a title match that street profits had to work multiple wins for ?

  13. Well these two can KISS MY BACK SIDE cause they ain't better than Mysterio or Carrillo.
    Andrade and Angle thinks there better have they won a Royal Rumble no have they been a world champ no have they won the intercontinental championship no are they annoying and disrespectful ABSOLUTELY and that goes for Vega

  14. lo que deja ser el novio de charlotte flair!
    regalias de la wwe que asco!
    se sabe que estos inutiles solo por eso ganan las luchas
    los creativos hacen el favor de crear la historia y que ganen las luchas cuando son un asco!

  15. All I’m say is Eddie ,mvp ,miz maybe he might win maybe they might lose and get traded to Sd Remember The Draft

  16. Missing those days when John cena had us championship and his open challenges no one cares about this title back then us title matches were better than world ones

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