Andrade Losing His Title? Matt Hardy Is BACK Paul Heyman TAKES A SHOT At John Cena! WWE NEWS!

Andrade Losing His Title? Matt Hardy Is BACK Paul Heyman TAKES A SHOT At John Cena! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
February 15, 2020. We’re kicking off today with news
from SmackDown, as following
the ratings pop for Goldberg last week, the
WWE pulled out another
Superstar from the past for another interview via Satellite. This time, it was Hulk Hogan
who appeared, as the former
World Champion has reported to be working the
upcoming Super Showdown
event, and was interviewed by Michael Cole. Promoting the NWO’s upcoming
Hall of Fame induction, Hogan
also spoke about the Goldberg-Fiend match on
February 27th, and notably
put over Goldberg’s chances of winning. These comments drew the
attention of Wyatt, who cut in
NWO style, and teased adding the Immortal One to his
ever growing list of victims,
though Hogan responded with a threat of his
own, saying he’ll see us in
Tampa for WrestleMania 36. Goldberg was also announced
live and in-person for next
week’s SmackDown ahead of his Super Showdown
match, and this will likely lead
to his first face-to- face confrontation with the Fiend. Also on SmackDown, Carmella
got her SmackDown Women’s
title match after winning the Fatal Four-Way
Number-One contenders
match last week, and WWE wasted no time, by kicking off
the show with A Moment of Bliss. That segment led to the title
match between Bayley and
Carmella, and whilst the company teased a title change
multiple times, it was Bayley
who retained, using leverage from the ropes to
get the pin. Attacking the Staten Island
Princess and gloating with the
gold post-match, this beatdown was cut short by
Naomi, who confronted the
Champion, and alongside Carmella, quickly took
Bayley out. The WWE announced that
Bayley will put her title on the
line at Super Showdown, the second women’s match in
Saudi Arabia, and that she’ll
defend against either Naomi or Carmella, who will
face off on SmackDown next
week to decide the former Hugger’s opponent. Now, WWE Champion Brock
Lesnar is a busy man, so he
doesn’t exactly have time to deal with delivering
messages out of the ring. Instead, that role falls to his
advocate Paul Heyman, and
following a comment by John Cena, where the 16-time
World Champion described
Brock as the greatest of all time, Heyman responded
in a very unique way. In the image, a young Lesnar is
shown destroying Cena on
SmackDown, as it’s apparent that the Beast neither
needed nor wanted the
validation from Big Match John. Cena will return to SmackDown
for the February 28th show,
which will reportedly kick-off his road to WrestleMania,
and whilst there are plenty of
interesting options for him, Lesnar is already
booked, as he’ll be defending
his title against Drew McIntyre. Speaking of veterans in the
WWE, Matt Hardy said good
bye this week, and whilst he’ll be back on RAW next
week, that wasn’t the
original plan. Originally, Hardy being attacked
by Randy Orton was supposed
to write Hardy off for good, but according to the
PW Insider, WWE’s Creative
team changed their minds. The report goes: “ is told that
creative direction was decided
upon over the last 24 hours as Hardy was not originally
slated for Raw and had even
tweeted a goodbye message on social media.” According to Bryan Alverez, the
Hardy-Orton segment was the
second-highest rated portion of RAW this week,
which Is likely why the creative
team kept the former ECW Champion around
for another week. On next week’s RAW, Hardy and
Orton will meet in a No Holds
Barred match, which will likely be Hardy’s last
match with the company
before his contract expires. From one veteran leaving to
another returning, as
according to the PW Insider, the Big Show will be returning
to RAW next week. The seven-foot star recently
return last month to help Kevin
Owens and Samoa Joe take on Seth Rollins and the
AOP, though the trio lost the
first-ever WWE fist fight, when Rollins recruited
Murphy to join his flock. That return marked Show’s first
in-ring match in two years, and
whilst Show was written off TV after the loss to
Rollins and the AOP, Kevin
Owens did tease that the Giant would be back for
revenge. Between the Big Show’s return
and the Hardy-Orton match,
there’ll be plenty for fans to tune in for on next
week’s RAW, which will air
from the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett, Washington. More return news now, as after
several years away from WWE,
Harry Smith may finally be back. We previously reported that
Smith’s father, the British
Bulldog, may finally be getting inducted into the Hall
of Fame, and according to
Brad Shepard, the talks between WWE and the Smiths
could lead to Harry returning
to the company. Harry, who wrestled under the
name David Hart Smith over
a year ago in WWE, surprised a lot of fans when he
appeared on WWE The Bump
this week, and he was joined by Natalya and Tyson
Kidd, who went over some old
Hart Family memories. Now competing as Davey Boy
Smith Jr, Harry still appears
for MLW where he is under contract, but expect WWE
to make him quite the offer
when the opportunity arises. Back to WWE now, and Andrade
was suspended for 30 days
following his first Wellness Policy violation, and
whilst he kept his United States
title during the time, his days as champion
may be numbered. Justin Barrasso of Sports
Illustrated noted that sources
told him that Andrade is set to drop the title very soon,
though it’s unclear whether
his suspension had anything to do with it. He said: “From everything I have been
told by contacts within WWE,
the recently suspended Andrade’s days as
the United States champion
are numbered. (His 30- day wellness policy suspension
expires on Feb. 27.)” There have been reports of a
mask vs hair match between
Andrade and Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania, but
given what’s happened, the
encounter is unlikely. Now, the real question is
whether El Idolo will make it to
Tampa with the WWE United States Title. We’ve got some more departure
news now, as Cathy Kelly has
confirmed her exit from the WWE after this weekend. Kelly came to WWE after
becoming a big name on
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and soon became a
mainstay backstage, conducting
interviews. After working on SmackDown
and NXT, Kelly was reportedly
supposed to be a correspondent for WWE
Backstage, though nothing
came of the role, and she’s instead focused the majority of
her time on digital content,
such as her recent interview with Simone Johnson. On Instagram, Kelly revealed her
reasons for leaving, saying it
was a difficult message to get across, but she’s
ready to start a new chapter of
her life. She wrote: “I’ve typed out and deleted this
about 20 times over the past
few days, still unsure what to write… I have come to
the decision to leave WWE,
with Sunday’s NXT Takeover being my last day. If
you know me, you know this
was more than a job, you know how much I loved it
and how difficult this decision
was. But sometimes in order to have room for growth,
you have to step away. ‪I am so
thankful for getting to live out a crazy dream
the past four years. Thank you
to the WWE digital team for being a platform
that never stifled creativity.
Thank you to Stephanie McMahon for being
a mentor and inspiration in
every way. Thank you to Triple H for heading up the
best wrestling show currently
on tv and letting me be a part of it. And thank you
to everyone who has supported
me, whether it’s watching a video I’ve done or
sending a tweet of
encouragement. Words cannot begin to express how much it
means. I’m not sure yet where
my next chapter will take me, but I am damn excited
for it. And I promise this isn’t a
goodbye, it’s just a see you later”‬‬ Kelly has also contributed to
Sam Roberts show on Sirus
XM, as well as working on shows such as GenYTV, The
Open House Television Show and
JUCE TV’s Hot Off The Press. According to the PW Insider,
Kelly gave her notice “in the
last few weeks”, and the report stressed that WWE
respected her decision to
leave. It should be made clear that
WWE isn’t releasing Cathy
Kelly, as she’s continued to be used in highlighted spots,
such as the aforementioned
interview with The Rock’s daughter Simone. Joining the WWE in 2016, Kelly
had a very impressive resume
before WWE, and has added quite a few items to
that list while with the company. She cut her teeth in the wrestling
business with Championship
Wrestling from Hollywood, but time will tell what
is next for the popular interviewer. We’ve got an update legal case
of Brett DiBiase, as the son of
the Million Dollar Man was recently connected to
a huge fraud and embezzlement
scheme, which has affected his Hall of Fame
father. Now, the Clarion-Ledger reports
that the State of Mississippi
gave Ted DiBiase’s “Heart of David” Ministry over $2
million in welfare money, following
the ministry being opened by DiBiase over
20 years ago. It was also reported that the
Ministry was under some
serious financial woes, until they hired Brett as their deputy
administration, and that
payments started in May 2017, including one payment
of $900,000 to the Heart of
David ministry from the Mississippi Department of
Human services. Brett was recently arrested
along with five others for
aledgedly stealing over $4.15 million in welfare money, and this
huge embezzlement case has
now seen The Million Dollar Man’s charity be
named in the case. From the Million Dollar Man to
THE Man now, as Becky Lynch
recently commented that she should be
making more than Vince
McMahaon. Her assessment is that since
she’s the biggest star in WWE,
at least in the women’s division, then she
deserves the top pay, and
although the RAW Women’s Champion is rumoured to be
making a lot of money, it might
not be as much as the Boss. The Wrestling Observer News
letter noted that Vince
historically makes less than WWE’s top stars from a salary
standpoint, but usually makes
more through paying himself on stock dividends. It’s no secret that top names in
WWE do make a lot of money,
and their report said that both Lynch and her
friend and rival Charlotte
Flair are making serious dollar. They said: “Lynch and Flair are believed to
be the two highest paid women
in the company, with the belief each signed a
$1 million guarantee. “ This believed $1 million down
side guarantee figure doesn’t
include royalty money, so it’s likely The Queen and
The Man are likely making a
lot more than that. Even with WWE’s troubling
2019 fourth quarter financial
report company executives still brought in some
hefty bonuses, and WWE
Superstars can make a lot of money guaranteed as long
as Vince McMahon is handing
out huge contracts. With that said, when all of the
money is counted it will be hard
to make more than Vince McMahon while working
as an independent contractor
for his company. More money news from WWE
now, as the company’s stock
plummeted after the axing of their Co-Presidents, as
Michelle Wilson and George
Barrios had a different view from the company that
conflicted with Vince McMahon’s. The Wrestling Observer News
letter reports that though a
full-explanation is yet to be given, there is word that
Wilson and Barrios had issues
with how McMahon was buying up as much talent
as he could. The report reads: “Within the company it was said
that they were against the idea
of signing up talent that wasn’t being used
and the much higher talent
expenses to keep anyone and everyone from leaving,
which lowered the profit margin
that Wall Street was expecting from the big TV windfall” Simply put, the stock price fell
because the profit margins
weren’t there, and then Wilson and Barrios were
eventually let go. It’s clear that McMahon has a
much different long-term view
for WWE, which includes claiming every pro
wrestler they possibly can. To be fair to Vince, he also
doesn’t want to see any of
his Superstars leave the company, as after nearly being
crushed by his own creations
in WCW, the Boss doesn’t want to come close to
that happening every again. Back to the ring now, and King
Corbin is not exactly a graceful
King, though after treating one of his subjects
particularly badly, the Lone
wolf has been pulled up on his actions. After dumping a beverage on a
fan’s head during last week’s
SmackDown, the WWE has announced that
Corbin received a heavy fine
for his actions, and wasn’t allowed to compete this week. Of course, the fan was a planet
played by All Pro Wrestling
promoter Markus Mac, and it’s highly likely that the King
wasn’t fined at all, and this is
just part of the storyline. It was an interesting way to
explain Corbin’s absence from
the ring last night, and we’ll have to see where WWE
goes from here regarding
their King of the Ring. And finally today we’ve got news
from next week’s SmackDown,
as the road to WrestleMania continues. During this week’s SmackDown,
it was announced that Lacey
Evans will sit down for an interview with Renee
Young on next week’s show,
in what will be a rare appearance for the Canadian
as a special contributor for
the blue brand. The Sassy Southern Belle
hasn’t been featured much
since her loss at the Royal Rumble, and with the Smack
Down Women’s title picture
pretty full, fans can expect Evans to have plenty to
say on the road to
WrestleMania 36.

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