46 thoughts on “Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen May 18, 1979 – Full Match

  1. この頃は流石に知らないけれど、2年後の対戦は幼いながらもはっきり覚えています

  2. 伝説の田園コロシアムの2年前のシングルの映像、貴重ですね。ありがとうございます。ブラッシーがハンセンのマネージャーしてたんですね

  3. This is like the second match where there was no decisive winner Stan Hansen sure took it to Andre what a fight

  4. I think it was around '74 when I first slammed Andrew the Giant and, admittedly, he was much smaller then. Props to Hansen for getting him up in this match!

  5. Stan hansen is hard to look at man They had a hard time finding decent talent back then

  6. I dont care what you delusional wrestling fans think Stan Hansen was a job or Andre could have destroyed him any one of the times he put his hands on him hes lucky andre sold his week as moves

  7. Whoever gave thumbs down to this match to some of the greatest wrestlers that had ever lived you are stupid ! Have you lost your minds!?oh that's right you like to look at the little girl wrestling they have on tv today ! How boring and pathetic! Real fans want real wrestling.

  8. 田園コロシアムでの対戦以前にシングル対決があったのを、この動画で知りました。

  9. このカード メインエベントにするべき‼️💢 猪木絡みは セミにするべし‼️

  10. 79年第2回MSG、緒戦でも上田をラリアートで一蹴し、それまでの単なるブルファイターから80年代を通じ90年代に至る、ハンセンのスター街道驀進の栄光の幕開けとなった。

  11. Running into Stan Hansen in an alley would put you in a coma running into André the French Giant would change your life forever

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