Becky Lynch PULLED From WrestleMania 35! WWE Raw, Feb. 11, 2019 Review | WrestleTalk

Becky Lynch PULLED From WrestleMania 35! WWE Raw, Feb. 11, 2019 Review | WrestleTalk

Becky Lynch’s suspension is over! Becky
Lynch’s suspension is back on! And Charlotte’s taking her place against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania.
What? Oh, and we’ve got new Raw tag team champions.
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11th February, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw …in about 4 minutes. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H opened the
show with an in-ring promo like it’s 2000 all over again. Or 2014 all over again. Or
2018 all over again. It’s a New Era, yes it is.
Becky Lynch interrupted them, where it was revealed she’s been medically cleared by
both her own and WWE doctors – a neatly consistent storyline touch with Lynch suspicious of the
promotion. There’s just one more teeny tiny thing she needs to do to get her WrestleMania
35 main event back on, though… she needs to apologise to the Triple H and Stephanie.
Just as early 00s UK boyband Blue once sang in their totally original song, Sorry Seems
To Be The Hardest Word, this set off a night long thread of Becky wrestling with her dilemma
backstage. Ronda Rousey trash talked her, Alexa Bliss tried to steal her WrestleMania
spot, and her former real-life wrestling teacher Finn Balor… just talked about how he’s
going to beat Bobby Lashley for the Intercontinental title.
He made Brock Lesnar believe! Unfortunately none of those wrestlers who
gave Becky advice included her four horsewomen buddies Sasha Banks and Bayley, who walked
past her for the following three way tag. And talking of being medically cleared, it
seems Banks still might not be able to wrestle, as the Riott Squad took her out midway through
the match. Despite a fiery comeback from Bayley, the
Samoan Slaughterhouse – that’s what Nia Jax and Tamina are calling themselves now
– got the win. Elias’ latest performance was interrupted
once, twice, three times a lucha next, so he smashed a guitar over Kalisto’s back. So Balor is taking on Lashley and Lio Rush
in a handicap match this Sunday. Which means he can pin either man… and Brock Lesnar
will still believe! Lashley interfered quickly in Balor’s match
against Drew McIntyre, which rather predictably signalled an ‘Everyone’s Running Down
For The Save Six Man Tag Match’… …where Lashley, McIntyre and Baron Corbin
– WHY ARE YOU A TEAM?! – took on Balor, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle.
Angle and Finn were worked over so long for Strowman’s eventual hot tag, the match had
to be restarted when a second referee pointed out Balor had his foot on the ropes. He made
that referee believe! Braun was finally unleashed, and Finn got
his win back by pinning Lashley ahead of their pay-per-view match on Sunday.
I actually quite liked the false finish structure of this match, but Raw is severely lacking
in star power right now and booking all these names in the same segment really affects the
rest of the show. Kevin Owens revealed in a mobile phone promo
he’s a month away from returning and doesn’t know if he’s going to Raw or SmackDown.
This was a totally different presentation of Owens, showing him with family and friends
hanging out at a bowling alley – hinting towards him being a babyface when he comes back. Ruby Riott rather unceremoniously beat Nikki
Cross in front of a dead crowd ahead of her BOOKING FROM OUTTA NOWHERE match against Ronda
this Sunday. Seth Rollins cut an in-ring promo admitting
that he did, indeed, take six F5s. So an F30 – quick maths. But, in being dominated by
Brock so completely, he made him belie-hey, that’s Finn Balor’s gimmick.
And so the dance begins again. Brock is hardly around in the build up to WrestleMania, and
a former Shield member has to build an entire feud against Paul Heyman.
The segment had a very cool end, though, when Dean Ambrose interrupted just to tell Seth:
‘slay the Beast’. It was a genuinely nice moment, a kind of kayfabe goodbye, imbued
with the real-life story of Dean leaving the company, and his Shield brothers, soon. But he’ll be damned if he properly gets
someone over! The crowd were quiet for Dean getting a roll-up victory over EC3 in the
following match. If there was ever a time do not do 50/50 booking, having your fresh
NXT call-up consistently beating someone on their way out is evidently not the best place
to do it. Speaking of dead crowds, The Revival vs Bobby
Roode and Chad Gable worked a match so good, they brought them back to life. After an excellent
showcase of Gable and some brilliantly timed near-falls, The Revival became the new tag
team champions. After wrestling with her conscience all night,
Becky finally decided to say ‘I’m sorry’ to Stephanie and Trips, getting her immediately
reinstated into the main event. But then Vince McMahon came out, said he’s re-suspending
Becky for 60 days this time because she’s got a bad attitude, and is replacing her at
WrestleMania with Charlotte. If you were always going to replace her, why
have Lynch apologise in the first place – which severely undermines her anti-authority appeal?
And of all the interesting ways you could’ve weaved Charlotte into this storyline, WWE
simply went with: because Vince suddenly decided he doesn’t like someone. Well, I guess the
best art imitates life. But possibly the most annoying part is that
just two months after their big ‘no more authority figures’ speech, we have a heel
McMahon authority figure. It’s a New Era, yes it is.
There wasn’t much good on this show, and the only positives were undermined by lazy
or ineffective booking by the end of the night. This week’s Raw is a low Poor.
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100 thoughts on “Becky Lynch PULLED From WrestleMania 35! WWE Raw, Feb. 11, 2019 Review | WrestleTalk

  1. Come on Oli. Consistently downplaying Finn Bálor’s role, he was telling her to not let her pride get in the way, and that he is waiting for the right time also, despite what he wants to do. They are playing a division amongst the McMahon family of some sort and it was meant to be abrupt. The tag title match was down right Great! You need to stop going into Raw with your mind already made up. The 3 team tag with the women’s division was one of the best multi-tag team matches on WWE in months and they are hiding the Sasha injury while still telling the appropriate story of the babyface, and now having to outlast the rest of the field in the chamber. I thought Nikki and Ruby was short and sweet, even if the crowd was dead. The six man tag was fine. Just back off of the the show starts at a “bore” and has to dig its way out. I hate that I love your content otherwise because I won’t stop watching your videos. Anyway cheers.

  2. There was nothing wrong with the injury angle, but instead of sticking with that they had Becky cave by refusing to see a doctor and then seeing a doctor. Then they had her cave and apologize to authority figures. Then they had the forgiveness of the authority figures disregarded by punishment for attacking said figures who just forgave her. Now pitting her against Vince is tainted by having her cave to their nonsensical requests.

    People justifying the situation with things like, "Well if you hit your boss then you would get punished, blah blah blah" are insane. The fact that it's such a predictable main event isn't a bad thing, but you can still screw up the road to get there.

  3. The whole show sucked! Except for Finn Balor pinning Bobby Lashley, and Seth Rollins cutting a very good promo. I think Becky Lynch getting pulled from WrestleMania and Vince McMahon putting Charlotte in is total fucking bullshit! Nobody wants to see that match, especially at WrestleMania. The rumors of them making it a triple threat match is also stupid! Everyone wants to see ONLY Becky Lynch take on Rhonda Rousey. Anything else just plain sucks!

  4. Ambrose leaving is a story line, they are using it to turn him back to baby face to make him happy so he doesn’t leave and the revival winning the titles is a cheap way to say hey please stay. WWE trying everything.. Dean will stay cause of his wife but hopefully the revival don’t get sucked in and leave because the moment they extend their contracts they will lose the titles and never see them again lol

  5. Still enough time to make the Wrestlemania match a Fatal 4 Way… Nia Jax v The Man v Rowdy v Charlotte, and it totally fits

  6. Pulling Becky from anything is just royal stupidity. She’s the hottest worker they’ve got. She’s a true organic star.

  7. Charlotte is the fall guy so Roni doesn’t get pinned and look bad when Becky wins the triple threat match.. But what happened to the fans are in control!!?

  8. terrible era 😀 . Im not even interested in wrestlemania now with ashley taking that spot. boring. aew we need u sooner not later 🙂

  9. And Vince wonders why smackdown is better than raw how In the world is he the same person that over sees raw and smackdown some how I believe he cares zero about smackdown that's why it strives and raw he's %100 hands on

  10. The Jericho Cruise is the new WrestleMania. Hopefully between that and AEW looking to be a great success the WWE steps up on their overall product.

  11. I would have graded it lower than that. Only good part was Revival winning, but everything was undermined by the shear stupidity of the rest of the show….Becky Lynch segment included. I'm just gonna get my WWE updates here and not bother watching any of the programming anymore. That bs with Lynch really left a bad taste in my mouth concerning WWE.

  12. My theory is that the wwe is inserting charolet into the title match to protect Rhonda. It could be that wwe is not confident in rhondas Roh work to have her in a high profile match on the biggest stage of wrestling.

  13. It's truly baffling that the Revival finally get their title victory only for it to be an afterthought due to a very poor pace to the show overall. Segment after segment seemed either rushed or botched. However I do get why they ran with Becky apologizing. This is only going to lead to her becoming even more aggressive and doing everything and anything possible to either get reinstated for the match. Or to Interfere in it taking out everyone else in the process.

  14. Can't wait for AEW tired of all the bad story lines from WWE and watching Vince McMahon ruining his company he needs to retire he's going to end up leaving his kids a worthless company if he keeps making bad decisions.

  15. It's the first time I've watched RAW since Baron Corbin started taking over the show… mainly b/c I was curious about Becky (and it was good background noise to have on while cleaning my apartment), and that ending was so bad that I'm cancelling my WWE network subscription. She should've said the entire night she wouldn't apologize, and then at the end given Steph/HHH the double middle finger and told them to go F themselves, and then have Vince come out and keep the rest the same; and it would've been great.

  16. Just when you think Vince has finally started to listen to the fans he pulls his big FU stunt. The old fart needs to go to his football and leave the wrestling to the next generation. 80's tactics no longer get over.

  17. One thing i don't really understand is, if the McMahon's also have control over Smack-down, and Becky is a smack-down "super star" then why not have the Becky vs McMahon(s) segments directly on Smack-down?
    Why not use that time to build a story line for literally anyone else?
    Yeah, you're building up for WM for the fight over the women's title and all, but why not just move the McMahon/Becky talking segments to smack-down?

    Maybe im missing something about this story-line.

  18. I hope it isn't a triple threat. Pulling Becky from the match makes senses. Any one who goes up against Becky is going to get heat from the fans, so protect Rousey as a Face, they had to put her up against someone who can work a good heal angle. This does that as well as keeps Becky hot as the "her against the powers that be Stone Cold" character.

  19. Is this not just all to build to Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky at Mania? Adding Charlotte is the way to have Ronda job the belt without doing the job herself. It’s a nice story with Becky, but the best MATCH would still be the originally planned Rousey/Flair summerslam rematch

  20. Doesn't winning the Royal Rumble guarantee you main event spot at Wrestlemania? Vince singlehandedly destroyed the hype and tradition.

  21. Oh, I'm so surprised, I couldn't have possibly seen that com–I totally saw it coming. I'll be skipping Mania this year. Double or Nothing is coming, ROH, probably has something lined up, New Japan does, and I can't think of a PPV Impact did that let me down…..overall, so, I'll get my wrestling fix this year, elsewhere.

  22. Hey Guys I just found out why Vince doesn't let Brock go. Check out the link: and play at 0:35

  23. Honestly, Charlotte is an amazing competitor and one of the best women WWE has on their roster. But the fans really want to see Becky vs Rhonda. Would it hurt so much for Charlotte to, for once, not be inserted into title matches?

  24. It's all a work, of course she will win the Raw title at WM. She's put too much work into the company. Personally I'm getting sick of flair getting pushed.

  25. Why so negative Oli?? Is it cuz Whatculture got invited to WrestleMania and not you guys.. this episode didn't bring the roof down, but it firmly but Becky at the top of the babyface pile.. it furthered the story of Becky vs everyone for the main event at WrestleMania.. and this needs to be built up cuz it could end up like the awesome threeway between Orton, Bryan and Batista.. not mention that it's the first time women will be doing the main event.. AND it gave Charlotte some REAL HEEL HEAT in the build up.. Please lighten up a bit

  26. This is why I stopped watching WWE, they are making horrible decisions. I really hope AEW gets a cool cable deal. I am down to give them all my attention and money. WWE has been a big let down these last couple of months. I stop watching by last years wrestle mania cuz I was made how they’d didn’t use rusev the right way. Now becky Lynch the most over person isn’t on the card. Smh

  27. Suspend the McMahons and Triple H… This SUCKS worse than a government mule's 🥥🥥


    Why i ought to tke my size 12 Reebok cover it with a @Tapout wear Turn it sideways and shove it straight up Vince's wrinkly old alabaster keester

  28. Am I the only one that think EC3 totally suck someone please tell me I'm wrong am I missing something with this guy I didn't like he in NXT and not liking him on the main roster

  29. I remember when wwe said Vince Hunter and Steph were not going to heavily involved with storylines. Yet here they are again.

  30. Everytime Becky gets hurt Charlotte gta come fill the void that nobody wants 🤦🏽‍♂️ Vince your doing great job , 👏👎

  31. You know what, Oli? I stopped watching wrestling almost year ago, but kept watching your reviews in here and judging by your expression looks like the product keep going down. Cheers from Bulgaria! Русев мачка!

  32. I truly don't understand this tribalism and blind devotion so many people seem to have these day, especially to the level necessary to defend WWE when they are so awful. Do they work for the company? Are they all secret illegitimate children of Vince? It just doesn't make sense to me. You see the same thing with political parties, comic book movies (DV vs Marvel), and in everything today. WWE produce a very bad product more often than not these days, and their process just exemplifies that, with Vince changing storylines on a whim and rewriting episodes the same day. That's no way to run a show, and it comes through in the final product. These are just facts. And yet, there are people who defend the company with their last breath. I just don't understand that mentality at all. Humans are incredibly dumb.

  33. WWE is making people look forward to the debut of Aew…. The decision to replace Charlotte for Becky was rawful decision!!

  34. That's why Vince McMahon is " The Man" ,not Azz Clown Becky Lynch!! Vince can do whatever he wants to do! He is The Chairman of the company! Good decision Vince McMahon!!! Thank you for adding Charlotte Flair and suspending Azz clown Becky Lynch! Best move ever!!!!!!!!

  35. Becky has to win and ronda can not lose i call that BS thats the whole hype for the match is can becky beat ronda and now beckys gonna beat charlotte its already predictable

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