100 thoughts on “Becky Lynch shares a post-WrestleMania message with Shayna Baszler: WWE Exclusive, April 4, 2020

  1. Sasha banks 20 or 22 day Champion reign in 4 Victory and Becky 1 year plus reign and women's division is down and out ?

  2. You guys are seriously pathetic. When ronda was here no one loved or even respected her. She was the ONLY champion who used to defend her title the next night after a ppv. But all of you booed her for what ? Becky. Her best move ? Roll up Ig. I mean that's what she's using to win matches. Now that ronda is gone everyone wants her. Wow. I hope ronda won't come because you guys don't deserve her. And she deserves better. And for becky, just put her in the damn hall of fame already Vince. Ronda then Sasha and now shayna.

  3. Now who is going the title away from her? I think Nia Jax she made her relevant she create “The Man”

  4. i figured the way wwe hypes up cage fighters like lesnar/rousey, becky would lose her title but i am loved seeing her walk out of mania still with the gold!

  5. Ik shayna deserves it but whom will shayna face after championship victory shee has literally buried eveyone a down for Becky vs ronda

  6. If you think "The man" is boring hit the like button. Because she so "too overwhelming overrated". SMH??.

  7. People say how bored they are of Becky and how much they hate her, but I'm bored of people hating her without an obvious reason.

  8. I am so happy Becky I love you becky shyna don't underestimate Becky if Ronda return Becky will also beat Ronda we love you Becky the champ is gonna complete 1year as a champion i am soo happy

  9. Only a matter of time before the fans turn on Becky. I mean she has had that title for so long but at the same time Becky has grown stale as The Man now that she has been champion for over a year.

  10. Guys I don’t know why you are mad shayna can’t win a title after being called up straight away ruby liv and Logan have all just come back the only person would be natalya. Becky Lynch has had a historic title reign and it was certainly not boring

  11. Becky squeaked by the win. She can't act she is a champion. Shanyza Bazler dominated the match. Becky pulled a sami Zayn win

  12. Shayna lost to Becky, only to wait for a triple threat with Becky, Shayna and Ronda.
    Backstage all the 3 are friends.

  13. Oh please!! Becky still champion? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ??PLEASE! This is a stupid match with stupid victory for roll up..
    I hope in a rematch for Shayna! She deserve it

  14. Why becky cannot be defeat. I know becky like vince mcmahon. Just cm punk say this becky just a dog to Vince mcmahon. I' don't like. Now raw women champion just suck.

  15. Becky defeated Rousey and Baszler. She needs to take out the last 2 to complete sweep of MMA Four Horsewomen thus igniting WWE Four Horsewoman vs MMA Four Horsewomen feud.

  16. I knew Becky Lynch would retain the Monday Night Raw women's championship title and Becky Lynch is the rightful Raw women's champion so I hope Shayna Bazler knows now to not mess around with THE MAN.

  17. She gotta botched pin over Ronda (her shoulder was up) and a choke reversal into a pin over Baszler & acts as if she had dominant victories. In order for her to be to seen as “The Man” she needs to win like one at MANIA.

  18. All these build ups for Shayna just to loose by a roll up ?
    Vince buries wrestlers quicker than Daniel loosing to Sheamus

  19. So let me get this straight. We have shayna absolutely destroy opponents left right and centre. Eliminate every woman in the elimination chamber match(arguably the worst one ever) so she can be built as the next champ and then they make her lose to Becky Lynch via stupid pin? I can't understand the writers 90% of the time in WWE.

  20. I think Becky should turn heel so everyone loves her again (everyone still does) but I like it when she was a heel because her face expression and her promos were on point!

  21. Congratulations Becky for winning 2 wrestle mania matches in a row because u beat Ronda rousey and Charlotte flair for the championships and u retained ur title

  22. Come on! Why doesn't Vince want her to lose? It was a good match to be honest but result was very predictable.

  23. What exactly was the point of making Shayna Baszler look so strong if she was gonna lose to Becky? Shayna defeated, clean, 5 opponents on the same night at Elimination chamber. And she lost to Becky Lynch. Seriously. That sucked. WWE's gonna end up having Becky Lynch booed in and out of arenas like Seth and Roman were.
    And why did Becky beat Shayna? Well, she did it coz she's THE MAN
    That's it. That's the reason WWE has. She defeated an MMA expert who single handedly beat 5 opponents in one night all by herself, just coz she's THE MAN.

  24. Becky Lynch is the great one now the goat the man Becky Lynch she stepped up and she proved but she was the man the goat she proved that she deserved to be in WWE nobody can't tell her that she doesn't belong there that was her dream to go up in WWE face all those girls those weak girls especially Ronda Rousey she's a week b** we all knew that Becky Lynch was going to win so just shut your mouth the goat the man Becky Lynch

  25. Becky should turn heel, have her face heel Asuka in a streetfight match. Asuka should win and Lynch can take time off. If/when Rhonda returns she can have a series of matches with Asuka and when Rhonda eventually wins, Becky can return and beat Rhonda clean for a huge pop

  26. I’m 26, been watching since I was 8, but it’s so stale now especially the women’s division I might have to stop…this Becky reign really drained me lol it’s just so hard to walk away, but I kept watching in hopes she’d eventually drop the title and we get something new…but at this point I’m tired lol time to grow up and find new hobbies

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