Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Rousey MAIN EVENTING WWE WrestleMania 35?! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2018

Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Rousey MAIN EVENTING WWE WrestleMania 35?! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super
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And today’s episode is more packed than a last-minute SmackDown booking meeting, with
the continued fallout between Becky Lynch and Nia Jax, how this weekend’s Survivor
Series match being scrapped could actually be a good thing and the real reason why Daniel
Bryan turned heel, and it’s not what you would think.
But first… …John Cena just went full John Cena.
Hot off releasing his best selling children’s book, debuting someone else’s haircut at
Super Showdown and refusing to work Crown Jewel because of how that might negatively
impact his Hollywood acting caree I mean, because of various human rights abuses – Cena
has made sure we can all very much see him now, in a new advert for SKYY Vodka: There’s just too much hair going on he-I
can’t deal with CHANGE. A rather silly boyband parody then. Or maybe
not, as Cena told Business Insider why he did the vodka advert. It’s his humble part
in healing the socio-political divide in the United States.
“I think [Proudly American is] a message that’s not only good now, but it’s good
anytime and anywhere. I think, no matter what the situation — if it’s hard political
times or if it’s everybody playing nice together — the message of embracing diversity
is important every single day, no matter where you are on your history timeline.”
Oh God he’s running for President too. Yeah, actually I will have some vodka.
Sorry John, but I’ve got a Segway… …and my votes already for the first female
President of the United States, The Man Blood Becky Lynch… she’s a female man
Since WWE wisely went with Becky’s wild fan reactions and presented her as a babyface
since her feud with Charlotte ended at Evolution, she’s somehow become even more over with
the audience. So over, in fact, even the guy we were just talking about John Cena has posted
an image of her on his really weird Instagram page.
The next highpoint of Becky’s latest run was to be easily the biggest moment in her
career so far – facing Ronda Rousey at the Big 5 pay-per-view Survivor Series in a champion
vs champion match. And according to John Pollock of POST Wrestling,
it was going to be even bigger – as the backstage plan had Lynch vs Rousey as the show’s main
event. Unfortunately, in Raw’s brilliant closing
angle – where Becky attacked Ronda backstage, and then led a SmackDown lady invasion of
Raw, an accidental punch from Nia Jax broke Lynch’s nose and gave her a concussion,
and doctors won’t medically clear her to compete at this Sunday’s event.
Becky vs Ronda was by far the most exciting match on a rather weak Survivor Series card,
and arguably one of the most anticipated bouts of the entire year, and it being called off
sucks. But there may be a ginger lining. Becky chose Charlotte as her replacement to
face Ronda on this Tuesday’s SmackDown . Which is very interesting for two reasons. 1) WWE
kept the Women’s Championship on Becky, implying they have faith in her and her recovery,
and b) Charlotte vs Ronda has been a rumoured WrestleMania 35 match since Rousey’s debut
back at the Royal Rumble. If they’re moving that forward to this Sunday, perhaps they’re
saving Becky vs Ronda for an even bigger stage. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
that’s exactly what’s being planned backstage. WWE officials have reportedly been cooling
on the Charlotte vs Rousey WrestleMania match over the last few months, as Becky catching
fire has seen many fans turn on Charlotte. Boo the woo and all that. And now the much
anticipated Becky vs Ronda match for Survivor Series has been called off due to injury,
Dave Meltzer has revealed “right now the plan is for Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch to
headline WrestleMania” – as Roman Reigns will obviously not wrestle on the show due
to his leukemia diagnosis, and the Triple H/Batista match is in question due to Hunter’s
torn pec. The storytelling possibilities between then
and now are tremendously exciting, with Charlotte and Becky putting aside their differences
on this week’s SmackDown and Shayna Baszler forming a faction with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn
Duke at Evolution putting in place two parts of the long-rumoured MMA Four Horsewomen vs
WWE Four Horsewomen feud. And it just so happens both Sasha Banks and Bayley are free, having
nothing to do at Survivor Series… Rousey herself has teased the Horsewomen feud
by referencing the warring factions on The Gram:
“I’m really sorry to hear The Millennial Man will not be showing up for her legally
arranged ass whooping on November 18th at the Staples Center. Unfortunately now everyone
knows if someone hauls off and punches you for real, your face implodes. I suggest you
keep practicing your tough guys faces in the mirror, should be very effective physical
therapy. And have fun watching Korean soap operas on Netflix or whatever the hell the
Millennial Man does with her free time. She poked the bear and ran like a bat outta
hell when the bear awoke – Feeding me her favorite frienemy and fellow #FAUXhorsewoman
@charlottewwe is a new level of manipulative cowardice, even for The Millennial Man.”
Strong words. But don’t worry. Becky’s got stronger:
“Ronnie, TL/DR. When I got my face broke I got up, owned you THEN showed up the next
day looking to fight some more. When you got your face broke you hid for a year under your
blankie. Your mind is as weak as your jaw, & I’m going to move heaven & earth to come
destroy them both.” Another player in this whole storyline – both
real life and kayfabe – is Ronda’s next Raw women’s title challenger Nia Jax, who,
coincidentally, was the one who gave Becky Lynch a concussion.
It’s a work! As many fans were so excited about seeing
Becky take on Ronda this Sunday, a considerable amount of criticism has been directed at Jax
for her careless punch, with Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline even calling for her to go back
to developmental: “That was not an inadvertent elbow. She
punched her right in the face. I don’t want anyone to lose their job, but at the very
least Nia needs to be sent back to developmental for awhile. This isn’t the first, second or
even third time this has happened.” Despite some strongly worded defence from
Ryback – wank away granted! – Fightful have revealed there is heat on Nia backstage, and,
as Alvarez points out, this is just the latest botch by Jax.
GoodGuyRev has posted a list of Nia’s botches, both wreckless and just plain-stupid looking,
on Reddit – which includes: a spot that recently gave Zelina Vega a concussion at Evolution,
not catching a Charlotte moonsault off the top rope to the outside properly, and hitting
a shoulder breaker right on her head, and putting Bayley out of last year’s SummerSlam
with a separated left shoulder. But this is pro wrestling, so Nia Jax is using
this to get heel heat from fans… Jax tweeted following the Becky announcement:
“Hey…we don’t deliver mail, things happen. Is anyone gonna ask me about how my fist feels?”
– with a real life fist emoji! But because she’s the best, Becky replied
to that too: “You gave me your best sucker punch, but
I got back up to destroy your whole roster. They won’t let me fight, but I’ll get
back up from that too. It’s what I do. So enjoy your one free shot, because as bad as
my memory is now, I haven’t forgotten you, bitch.” With the Becky Lynch injury scrapping Survivor
Series’ most anticipated match, many presumed the craziness on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown
– where Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from AJ Styles and turned heel in the process
– was a last-minute change to get people to tune in for the pay-per-view.
It turns out, though, Becky’s injury had nothing to do with the title change.
Dave Meltzer has revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon decided Bryan would
beat AJ for the WWE Championship over the weekend, days before Becky suffered her concussion.
This was because McMahon didn’t want a AJ vs Brock Survivor Series rematch, so SmackDown
was to see Styles drop the belt to get the Bryan vs Brock dream match that was originally
planned for SummerSlam 2014. The initial plan, though, was to have a babyface
Bryan fight a heel Lesnar on Sunday, as that dynamic makes a lot more sense. But Bryan
had reportedly been pitching for a heel turn for a while now to freshen up his character,
and when the Becky match had to be scrapped, that was when Vince gave him the greenlight
to turn villain. “Vince decided to do it all at once, let’s
shake things up… It’s like, ‘We’ll make a big move today that everybody talks
about’.” And it’s a move that appears to have worked,
as despite a disappointing 2.44 million viewership figure for Raw – with its third hour being
the second lowest third hour in modern history – SmackDown was up 11% from the previous week,
with an average of 2.31 million viewers. But far more important are your ratings! 66%
agreed with my 4 out of 5 Cor for Raw, while 44% awarded SmackDown the top rating of SmackDamn,
way out of step with Luke’s Smack Bang in the Middle opinion.
Which brings us onto SmackDown’s lead producer… This week I had the help of our terrific WrestleTalk
Live in London crowd to choose a wrestler and decide what we’d tweet them. It was
SmackDown Producer Road Dogg. “@WWERoadDogg hey u didn’t no? Why is smackDown
so gr9grate? Who is your favorite? DANCING LADY EMOJI GUITAR EMOJI please retweet much
love OD x” I got nothing… he was probably busy. Turning
Bryan heel because we didn’t let him do that to Becky …but at WrestleTalk’s Live in London show
on Tuesday, we got something much better than Road Dogg getting back to us. We got Keith
Lee! And we got Sami Callihan! Everyone should check
out Sami’s Wrestling Revolver promotion, by the way, it’s really cool.
We even got… Adam Pacitti. I WILL WIN MY JACKET BACK ONE DAY!
But most importantly, we got to meet a bunch of the SWAFT Nation in real life. Genuinely
thank you all so much for coming and supporting WrestleTalk. Literally. Here’s a picture
of someone giving me a piggyback (happy birthday again, Loretta).
What are the 32 longest title reigns in WWE History? Click the link onscreen
now to find out! And watch our shocked review of Daniel Bryan’s heel turn by clicking
the video in the top left! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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