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We’re not making a lot of headway here you guys need to be maybe a little bit more mature and Work it out. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t know anything. All I know is someone comes into my store really energetic We just got a perfume done with for Kim Kardashian dashing What do you want me to do jump enjoy for what? He’s trying to buy the house next door to her girls You know, he can’t find his way right now. He’s lost. Are you paying for his down payment? Cruella? You’re calling me Cruella you better not be paying for his down payment he doesn’t deserve it You worked so hard for your money and you need to enjoy your money. Yeah, I agree Well, first of all It wouldn’t buy a house for someone I would buy a house for myself as an investment and let him live in it Well, somebody would to pay rent don’t we’re not stupid. So stop. I’m not stupid either You should not be paying for your son that is almost 30 years old to buy a house Drop them cut up cord You guys can judge me all day long I came here to have a nice dinner so just everybody relax You mean you all have to have somebody to blame and criticize Instead of saying what’s the problem? No, all of you can fuck off and go think of something else to talk about I’ve seen you guys through So much that you do that I have to fucking put up with I’m married for 72 days really that was normal I mean the shit we’ve all gone through You guys can do anything you want and it’s okay and all I’m supposed to accept it all and I’m gonna do this same thing For him so stop judging me I’ll be the mediator since no one’s gonna say anything Bruce just saw the 5 o’clock news And it said that you and Lamar just got engaged Okay, and is that a bad thing I gotta listen to the news to find out that you’re engaged You’ve known this guy for what a month So you married my mom after five months five and a half months a whole different situation Totally when you’ve been married twice probably like oh, you’re right. You’re so much you’re better tell me this I’ve gotta listen that I’ve got to find out that you got engaged some guy that you’ve known for a month on the news Tell me that’s right. That’s right. Okay, then I’m done with the conversation. You’re gonna be gettin asked Yesterday, you know what I got engaged? She may hear it all she isn’t engaged yet. I get my ring Sunday We haven’t even got engaged yet not engage or engage engaged yet your what your Screw you Khloe first of all, you could get your lazy ass up in the bit your own glass of champagne. I Don’t know Kris Humphries. I haven’t bonded with him He typically isn’t someone that I would gravitate to I just want to have a Cheers with you and now your alien How dare you you guys are very intense out here. I like you so much I want to go get you a glasses y’all get it court And we kind of stick on subject you let Kim talk I just kind of want to like get on track and see what the dates of everything are I’m thinking we need like a week before to set up and I would watch out Hey Frankie. Cheers Cheers. I call you Frankie. Why because you remind me of a glimpse of Frankenstein? Little bolts right here. I don’t know if we should give Lamar a plus one You came in here with My bag and set it around. You know, I’m eating here eat eat and shut up I’m eating food coming your house looking at the slot Oh, I live in Khloe Lamar’s and I’m a loser even more secure with where you live I’m secure with where I live But everything you guys have been talking about since yesterday has been negative like you guys think I’m a moron like I’m a little bitch Whoa, this kid is insane. I’m really just trying to get him to Do what? He says he’s gonna do pick up the pace I’m pack you’re so everything can be done and then we could hang out and have a good time I’m trying to help your ass. My point is if you’re gonna be here take advantage I know I heard what you said the other no, it’s not being negative you want that as being negative then maybe you should get out if this is day one of living together and your Attitude is worse than it’s ever been. This will not work. You don’t know how much I hear from. Oh, you’re the loser Elizabeth’s sister Balls dude. Oh, yeah have um you moron you Can pick your friends you can have that friend, but there isn’t anybody that would think that this is okay. It’s shady Bruce What’s Shady I have not tried to hide anybody. I have not done anything. All you care about is brushing it under the rug and Continually saying oh, it’s okay. It’s okay because it’s okay with you and your needs are being met You don’t care about the hurt feelings you leave along the way Her feelings. This is your problem. Not mine exactly That’s exactly how you look at this whole thing. It’s my problem. Not yours. As long as you’re okay You didn’t take into consideration any of our feelings and how this would affect us and you’re kind of an ass I’m sorry. That’s the way I feel okay You know, you just have him come to a party for ten years as part of our family he’s still part of our lives God has never done anything mean or said anything negative. So that’s different. Is that actually a show? Yeah, they’re they both done the things in different ways Yeah, but nobody that’s coming would even know how to respond to her because of all the things that although What why are we worried about anyone else? It’s the night. Even if she doesn’t come it’s nice to be wake up The same way that you feel bad for Scott not being invited you don’t feel bad for my dad not being invited because I have a relationship with Scott so that just oh you didn’t have a relationship with my dad for 25 years yeah, what are traitors To go to help What is going on she said a fashion emergency I have nothing to wear Okay, here’s the problem why he just show up To help but last time I heard you guys are all good Mom I would never abandon you if I even knew that you really I Didn’t think that you would care I’m just gonna try to stay neutral and not get involved. I don’t Children energy I’m trying to be as gracious as I can I’m trying to be as understanding as I can I’m betrayed. I’ve been sober on so many levels that your head would spin Okay Okay, my dad Jonathan on this trip so I took care of You how many people are coming I think that both of you have a inferiority complex Like we vibe he doesn’t need to like entertain me all day He sits in the corner and juggles until you laugh like stop Why don’t you guys just go make out again and so on they’re drunk you generally go Honey, if you want khlomoney to come out of the cage, I will take my hoops off Let’s invest that lean on my face and I will whip your ass get your head out of everybody Else’s ass and pay attention to your family trip get over yourself and all your people mom Listen this New Zealand radio thing. Did you proofread the questions? I haven’t seen the questions that they’re printed up on my bed The first question is what do you think, you know about love and if you were to be married again? Would you just elope just say no to all the questions mom? It’s your job No, I’m not PR calm down this is the first time One day mom and I tell you this all the time and you never change so Now I’m not doing your interview is it come show me you’re asking me for the Instagrams and the interviews that we all do and I gave you one and I didn’t see the question So shoot me this came through you you authorized it. Come on. I Have to do all my jobs. And that’s why I’m saying before another one starts. Let’s diminish it Okay, I understand why I’ll take care of it I do All right. I’m gonna go. I love you Go to your happy place like think about Mary Poppins or something just go to a different place in your head so you can get through your day and get something to eat I love you. There’s your obsession with food. It’ll make you feel better promise. Love you

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