BIG WWE PPV Plans For 2018! WWE NXT Mystery Debut REVEALED! WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

BIG WWE PPV Plans For 2018! WWE NXT Mystery Debut REVEALED! WrestleTalk News Dec. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. Headline: Original Plans For Neville
Neville hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since the 26th September, and despite rumours that
he would be back on Raw and 205 Live by the end of November, we’ve not heard a peep
from the King of the Cruiserweights since he reportedly walked out on the company.
Neville debuted on the main roster on March 30th 2015, losing the first name Adrian but
gaining a cape. This backed a lot of stories from the time that Vince McMahon wanted to
debut Neville as a superhero akin to Mighty Mouse, with some rumours even saying he was
going to have mouse-like features. While this never came to pass, some concept art of Neville’s
Mighty Mouse look has been released on Twitter by James McKenna of Pro Wrestling Sheet. Wow,
and Neville thought losing to Enzo was bad. Still, it’s better than that t-shirt he
got. Should Neville return to WWE TV, maybe he
could be part of the company’s big PPV plans for 2018.
Headline: WWE Global Warning II For 2018? According to James McKenna of Pro Wrestling
Sheet, WWE are considering heading back to Australia to hold another Global Warning event
in 2018. And unlike Starrcade last month, this wouldn’t just be a house show or WWE
Network special – this would be a full-on PPV.
“Sources with direct knowledge say WWE have discussed running Global Warning II in October
at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which holds 100,000 people. This time, however, they want
to broadcast the event on PPV and the WWE Network.”
The last Global Warning was held in 2002 – headlined by The Rock defending the Undisputed Championship
against Triple H and Brock Lesnar – and was a great success for WWE, with around 56,000
people attending the show. Pro Wrestling Sheet add that these plans aren’t official yet,
but things are moving in the right direction. Should Global Warning II happen and succeed,
it could open the doors for WWE to hold other PPV events around the world, which would be
something of an ace in the hole for their global expansion.
Headline: Mystery NXT Debut Revealed Speaking of aces in holes and this week’s
NXT saw a mysterious video play of a shadowy figure walking towards the screen with the
title card “soon” – the two os replaced with the Ace of Spades. The shadowy figure
looks to be wearing a leather jacket leading some people to speculate it would be the debuting
Rockstar Spud, who has been rumoured to have signed with WWE. However those rumours all
said that Spud was heading straight to 205 Live and skipping NXT. And despite sharing
the video on Twitter with a THINKING EMOJI, it’s being reported that this video isn’t
to hype Spud. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
instead revealed that this the video is for the debut of Mae Young Classic finalist Shayna
Baszler, who uses the nickname the Queen of Spades. Since the Mae Young Classic finals,
Baszler has been wrestling on NXT house shows, and she was at the recent NXT tapings last
week, suggesting her debut could be imminent. There’s another reportedly imminent signing
with WWE! And what does Vince McMahon make of the Broken Hardy gimmick? Click the videos
to the left to find out more, press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. Order
issue one of the magazine and download the WrestleRamble podcast. I’ve been Luke Owen
and that was wrestling.

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  1. I think Oli didn't took Nia/Enzo news well. I saw how he changed everytime he talk about it. He didn't look sick. He looks… BROKEN

  2. What is so fucking difficult about this? Do a PPV in the Uk. They make the best crowds for every event they do over there.

  3. I still find it really odd that the original Global Warning is non-canon in WWE. It's not even on the network ( as far as I can tell). At least the UK PPV are on their and were shown, not a weird taped highlights from one of the three shows and random segements from the other 2 shows

  4. I like the concept of NXT to let wrestler work on their skills. But some of the assignments are puzzling. I am sure Nakamura's time in NXT was mostly to work on his English so I can live with that. But why is someone like Adam Cole doing time in NXT while freakin' Mike Bennet goes straight to the main roster? How's that working out, btw?

  5. I wish it was Finn Balor (the shadow looks like him with his leather jacket on). Put him back in NXT so he is not getting constantly buried and lost in the mix on RAW. In RAW what do you have for him. A match with "Woken" Matt Hardy and ummmm… nothing. At least 205 or NXT he can shine and be a leader.

  6. If that's the case then why use a shadow of what's clearly a man? Not saying your wrong but if it is her just proves the production crew are morons.

  7. Oli is gonna be gone till royal rumble at where he will come in at number 30 and win the royal rumble facing brock lesnar for the championship

  8. I live in Australia and i need to go, and you said Melbourne wrong otherwise you guys are the best wrestling channel in the world thanks.

  9. Do they really want global warning 2 to outsell wrestlemania if that's the case why not make wrestlemania in Australia

  10. You Of All People Said That Neville's T Shirt Was Bad While Wearing A Freddy Vs Jason T Shirt Judging By That Shirt You Obviously Don't Have A Good Taste In Movies

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