We’ve got new tag team champions! The Undertaker
returns to Raw! But unfortunately so does Kevin Owens, my man!
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Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore – as I review the 3rd September, 2018 edition of Monday
Night Raw …in about 4 minutes. Dropping any shades of grey or complexity
that his character possessed at the end of last week’s show, Braun Strowman went from
justified avenger to full-on smirking heel flanked by heel cronies to kick off Raw.
This brought out the Shield through the crowd for a rather badass brawl with the entire
locker room trying to keep everyone apart. The Shield are so awesome, my nostalgia still
so fresh, that I even cheered Roman Reigns. Bad Oli!
This ended with The Shield being arrested and driven off in a police van. Because WWE
brawls are illegal now. WHY ARE THE BELLAS STILL HERE?
Nikki and Brie made their return to the ring, beating the Riott Squad with two botched dives.
I’m not a fan of the Bellas. To me, they still epitomise everything the current women’s
division is trying to get away from. But I must admit, they had their moments here. Chad Gable and Bobby Roode, however, are the
real tag team I never knew I wanted. It’s sad, in a way, that both men’s singles runs
have been booked into oblivion, but their pairing together is inspired. Chad’s endearing
goofiness and spectacular in-ring ability makes any act better, and it’s promising
for the overall tag division that more teams are being established. For the second week in a row, a prolonged
Elias segment was just used to set up a Natalya match, rather than give him an actual feud.
Alexa Bliss beat Natalya with some interference from Alicia Fox on the outside, causing Ronda
Rousey to nearly rip her shoulder from its socket!
The Bellas came to see Ronda backstage afterwards, saying if she ever needs help with anything
– like wrestling training, running a company outside WWE, her PPV make-up – come see them.
BREAK THEIR ARMS, RONDA! As the heels run Raw now, Drew McIntyre and
Dolph Ziggler were able to beat up the Revival and take their tag team championship shot
against the B Team – which they won in a pretty decent match. And the tag division reboot continued with
Drake Maverick announcing himself as the new manager of Authors of Pain… while dressed
like a Mini-Me version of them. I love Drake Maverick and this act could be
really strong. But not if he’s dressed like this.
Also, what was wrong with their original manager Paul Ellering?! Next up had the pre-announced return of Shawn
Michaels to hype Undertaker vs Triple H at Su-Su-Super ShowDown next month. While he
got a great pop coming out, the content of the promo dragged, being an awkwardly worded
plug for a match a month away. That all changed when the Undertaker’s massive
dong hit, though, sending the crowd crazy even though he didn’t have any Dick Druids.
The two men then had a great back and forth, with Michaels saying he stayed retired out
of respect for Taker, for Taker to accuse him of only stayed retired out of fear. If
Shawn did return to the ring, he’d put him down again, just like he’s going to do to
Triple H. Continuing the storyline of getting Dana Brooke
ready for Evolution, she teamed with ‘still without a storyline on the main roster’
Ember Moon against Bayley and Sasha Banks. Titus Worldwide shouting advice distracted
her for the loss, causing Dana to storm off. Baron Corbin just gave Bobby Lashley a performance
review, my man! And it said, my man, that he’s got anger issues, my man. Presumably,
because he suddenly has to say ‘my man’ three times a sentence.
Lashley did a live meditation session with Jinder Mah al in the ring to treat these anger
issues, which was as lame as you’d expect it to be, my man. But the real criminal part
was having Kevin Owens return to beat Bobby up with a powerbomb on the apron. One of the
most intriguing storylines from last week’s Raw – KO suddenly quitting the company – dropped
after a week and wasted on a comedy segment with Lashley. Owens should’ve been kept
out at least until after Hell in a Cell. Thankfully the 78th rematch between Finn Balor
and Baron Corbin was replaced with Balor vs Braun Strowman. The two work really well together,
with Balor inventively countering Strowman’s usual spots, but Braun hit a single powerslam
for the win in the end – somewhat undermining the two powerslam finish to their match several
months ago. But it was all to set up the Shield rather
ridiculously returning to the arena in the police van they were taken away in. Which
was silly, but I kind of loved it. The ensuing brawl was rather brutal too, with the heel
locker room helping McDolphMan, and lawndarting Seth into the police van window, potentially
injuring Rollins when the glass smashed unexpectedly. The Shield reunion curse continues.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take my eyes of Owens here, out there like just another heel
midcarder, assisting Strowman, the man that made him quit the company just last week.
I actually rather enjoyed this episode of Raw, but the KO quitting follow-up was atrocious,
and another depressing sign that he’s destined for a particular slot on the roster for ever.
Which means this week’s Raw is AvRAWge. What’s the real reason WWE didn’t release
Neville last year? Click the video onscreen now to find out! And click the picture of
me and Luke to become a WrestleTalk Patreon today! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was

100 thoughts on “BIG WWE TITLE CHANGE! HUGE WWE RETURN! | WWE Raw, Sept. 3, 2018 Review

  1. Since Lashley came back they're treating him as a joke we need the Lashley from TNA the destroyer he should have gotten the shot at Lesnar not Roman

  2. KO beating up Lashley could make sense if he blames him for injuring his friend Sami. I do agree it should've been later though.

  3. I agree with the Kevin Owens quitting angle WWE lost their patients and didnt let the storyline develope He should of been given time off to be missed Now he will be stuck in a fued with Mr personality Bobby Lashley For shame

  4. There is so much wrong with RAW lately that i cant justify watching it, Brawn is the biggest over baby face on the show and he is forced to be a heel, Roman is the biggest heel on the roster and he is forced to be a baby face, the bellas are ruining everything they touch, Balor is just a glorified jobber now when he should be in the main event picture on smackdown, Lashley has lost everything that made him cool and dont even get me started on the tag division. Why should i watch this? the only people that WWE care about on RAW are the shield, i love seth and deans ok but everyone else gets buried to push the shield, why should i waste three hours of raw when i know the shield are always going to win and always going to look strong. I hope ALL IN sets a fire under WWE's ass and they get to booking better because the only good things about WWE are NXT and some of smackdown.

  5. I don't care what anyone says, The HBK- Undertaker segment had me glued to my screen. I could have watched them cut a promo for an hour. Easily the best part of RAW.

  6. No comments on the sounds of the police van siren? No comments about the fleeting hope that it was Big Booty Daddy Scott Steiner showing up?

  7. the michaels-taker promo definitely saved this raw from getting a poor but personally, I wish when michaels was plugging his merch, the WWE network and the PPV, he would of at least pulled a kevin nash and said "you're welcome hunter". it makes him look like less of a corporate shill.

  8. What was wrong with Paul Ellering is… that Vince and his people know fucking better than everybody.

    HHH and NXT knew that they needed a manager to get over, because they have zero personality and don't speak particularly good fucking English….

    But they come up to the main roster, and Vince knows better, so he dumps the manager. He lets the tag team fester for a few months, kills all their momentum and then realizes, "Hey, these guys probably can't get over without a manager on account of that they barely speak fucking english!"

    So he sets them up with a new manager. And more squash matches.

  9. KO should be champ 🙁 its really sad that top talent is PUSHED aside. Kevin and aj shinsuke and the list goes on. they cant book for shit

  10. You know it kind of pisses me off the kind of unfair criticism Nikki Bella's in-ring work gets. She's improved a lot over the years and was really good in her last run before her neck injury. And the fact that she can still wrestle shows she's tougher than most of the people who criticize her.
    And Brie used to be REALLY hot before she got pregnant and had a kid, so give her a break too I guess.

  11. Personally, I thought last night's show was possibly the worst of the year. Gable and Roode was fun, but the rest looked like a really bad Michael Bay movie. So much of this show made no sense at all.

  12. Uhmm. Ellering basically retired. He is 70 years old and didn't want to work the travel schedule. I thought that was made clear when aop first came to the main roster.

  13. Paul is 65 and the travel schedule for the main roster compared to NXT is a drastic different probably have to due with age or health reasons touring that much AOP will be fine with me out him

  14. Just checked out the Undertaker segment and, I gotta say, THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!! The emotion…was real! The words (scripted or not)…were real! The looks….were very real. I'M hyped and I don't even like the current WWE. This is what got me into wrestling. Compelling television. And to make it even better….you have two guys who've been friends for 30+ years. Who know each other SO well!
    If the WWE continued this type of story telling, guaranteed, WWE will be instantly better. But..ya gotta have writers that aren't chimpanzees in a Vietnamese fortune cookie workshop.
    Matter of fact, this had to be ad-lib or Paul Heyman's doing.

  15. I feel that the KO thing was okay, but if they wanted to bring him back so soon he should've came back as Kevin Steen or under new name then next week he could've came out and been like "Kevin Owens is the loser, Kevin Owens is the guy that quit, not (insert new name) "

  16. it was booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. I am the only one that thought I was on drugs while watching Raw? This was one weird episode, The Bellas actually wrestled but Brie (the good one) misses 2 dives), I thought on the 2nd one that she was dead. Then all 5'4" of Drake Maverick was dressed as an AOP, ok WHAT????? Then its Taker and HBK, cool. The Shield are arrested, DolphinDrew win the tag titles, BOOOO!!!! Dana and Ember and Bobby Roode and Chad Gabel as a tag team???? Bobby Lashley's My Boy, and all smiles, KO returning to take out said smiler. Then an all out brawl as The Shield returns with the cop car they stole, only to get destroyed by the AOP and a wild Drew Gulak. WHAT WAS ALL THAT??? I feel as if I've gone crazy. Was it because All In was so great and different that now when I look at Raw, its messed up my brain. Someone please help me. I may need Jinder to give me some meditation therapy.

  18. The Revival not getting the titles and at least holding them till Survival Series, is a crime of all crimes, I can at least see them giving Drew and Dolph an great match at Survival series before losing them.

  19. The Revival not getting the titles and at least holding them till Survival Series, is a crime of all crimes, I can at least see them giving Drew and Dolph an great match at Survival series before losing them.

  20. I can't even watch these vids anymore. RAW is trash, the roman agenda is out of hand, the writing makes absolutely no sense. Just ZERO effort. You shouldn't call it BORE even, it's a shitshow. JDfromNY is much, much better at reviewing this stuff anymore. You guys lost your edge.

  21. Shawn kept talking about how he stayed retired because he respected The Undertaker. Then I thought about Ric Flair, and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

  22. What the fuck are you asking for patreon you just ramble about wwe which you read by some internet articles…And your edit is second to none.. patreon is not a place for freeloaders like you

  23. I thought the window of the police car was gimmicked until I saw the blood on Rollins arm. Also I think you being angry about Owens is a bit too much to make it an averawge, the show was great, very entertaining.

  24. Havent watched Raw in a few weeks, now i wont be going near it for a while until Owens gets the booking he deserves. GJ WWE

  25. So tired of seeing Owens misused, and now this silly fan-hating, Balor-busting (after the match was finished) Strowman. Everything we’re seeing overtly engineered to get fans to cheer for Reigns. The whole police angle was so silly and unoriginal, and that didn’t help.

  26. I took a break from wrestling in 2012 until 2016 so I don’t have the shield nostalgia like everybody else. I do love Rollins and Ambrose though, solid wrestlers with proper gimmicks.

  27. Bringing back a faction that’s already over doesn’t mean Roman is now over with the fans as an individual. The minute he’s no longer part of the shield he will be seen as forced and tired once again.

  28. I think it's very low to make a comment on The Bella Twins being something that WWE should try to get away from. Literally without them as well as all the girls from the Divas era fighting for opportunities, there would be none for the current crop of women, especially not an entire PPV dedicated to them. There's literally no reason they shouldn't be participating in matches or on TV just because you're not a fan, hell I'm not even that big of a fan, but I'm still not gonna discredit them and say they have no place being there. Show some respect!

  29. I need a worse rating for this episode of Monday Night Raw. It was God Awful and at least -13 stars. It was Possibly the worst Episode of Monday Night Raw in years!

  30. Lashley sucks. Release him.
    Titus Worldwide sucks. Release them all.
    Jinder Mahal & his lil bitches suck. Release them all.

  31. @OliDavis. Do you think that this eventually turn into a traditional survivor series match. Between the Shield and braun drew and dolph.

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