BIG WWE Title Change! WWE Star RETURNING To Ring! | WWE Smackdown, Aug. 21, 2018 Review

A big title change! Brie Bella is still hanging
around after SummerSlam. And they’re actually going for Becky Lynch as a heel. I’m Oli
Davis, click the ‘i’ above my head to give your thoughts on the show, where you
can choose from: SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, Ellsworthy and A Smack
in the Face, while I review 21st August 2018 edition of Smackdown Live… in about 4 minutes.
Miz opened the show with a wickedly heelish promo – announcing through crocodile tears
that he’s retiring… from ever facing Daniel Bryan again. It was one of those swerves that
everyone saw coming, but was still a dick move. Grr, Miz.
This brought out Bryan to continue their feud after Miz cheated at SummerSlam, calling him
a wannabe Hollywood star cosplaying as a wrestler. Great line, Bryan, but move aside because
an actual star’s here now. It’s time to enter slow motion for the first time in ages
with ‘BRRIIIIE MODE’. Seriously, someone needs to give the Bellas
a lift home now. Brie defended her husband’s honour by punching
Miz in the face as Maryse bailed from the ring [5] – still neatly building their feud
around the punch – for Bryan to announce it’ll be a mixed tag match between them all at Hell
in a Cell. That didn’t pan out so well the last time that happened, Bryan.
So WWE’s booking mentality right now is have all the faces as heels, the heels as
babyfaces, and everything left over gets a Bella twin. Bella for you, Bella for you,
Bella for everybody! This was all very exciting, but I’ve got
no interest in seeing Brie or Maryse wrestling in this feud. Bryan’s big return from retirement
has seen a limp WrestleMania match, a Big Cass feud, and now a mixed tag match, when
he should be the face of SmackDown. Randy Orton went for Jeff Hardy’s ear in
their following match, causing Jeff to snap and getting DQ’d when he stomped on Orton’s
penis. That’ll teach you for shaking my hand before the match, Randy. Allegedly.
The two brawled around the ring afterwards, but because Jeff is currently working injured,
In a match most likely booked so Corey Graves could make fun of Dave Meltzer, Peyton Royce
beat Naomi after a few distraction spots from Billie Kay. Given the last few days, I’m
surprised the Bellas weren’t at ringside. Becky Lynch came out to reveal she attacked
her best friend Charlotte after losing at SummerSlam because Becky should be the champion
– yay, she’s a badass babyfac And because all you fans gave up on her. Ah,
dammit, WWE thinks she’s a heel. Yep, they’re portraying Becky – someone
the crowd organically want to cheer – as a villain, and Charlotte – someone the crowd
organically want to boo – as a face. Whatever Triple H says in interviews, WWE don’t listen
to their fans. Even with Charlotte’s fiery charge down
to the ring, the crowd still booed her heavily [10]. Paige sent the entire women’s division
down to pull them apart, which depressingly included a rare Asuka sighting. I’m surprised
the Bellas weren’t at ringside. Just to get over how pointless the SummerSlam
pre-show was, we got Rusev & Lana vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega again! This
was a far more interesting encounter, though, with Aiden English finally getting it right
and stopping Almas from using a chair – helping Rusev Day pick up the win. I’m surprised
the Bellas weren’t at ringside, though. Renee Young interviewed AJ Styles at the top
of the entrance ramp next, where the WWE Champion promised the next time Samoa Joe mentions
his wife Wendy’s name, he’s going to rip his heart out. Which was Joe’s cue to choke
Styles with a Coquina Clutch and then scream into the camera: OOOOOOOHHHH WENDY! Daddy’s
not coming home. This has become my favourite feud in WWE. I love it, love it, love it.
And not a Bella in sight… For now. Capping off a very entertaining show, the
New Day left Big E behind (he was still selling his rib injuries from Sunday night) to become
your five time WWE Tag Team Champions in a fun main event.
Possibly due to Rowan’s reported bicep tear at SummerSlam – in which case, serious street
cred for wrestling a chaotic No DQ match while injured – the Bludgeon Brothers dropped the
title after 10 minutes of frantic brawling. I’m surprised the Bellas weren’t at ringside.
While parts of the show were frustrating – Bryan in a mixed tag feud, Becky as a heel – this
show moved at a wicked pace and was always very entertaining. Also OOOOOOOH WENDY! This
week’s SmackDown is SmackTastic. There’s an update whether CM Punk will make
his wrestling return at All In! Find out what by clicking the video onscreen now! And make
weekly NXT reviews happen by clicking the picture of me and Luke! I’ve been Oli Davis,
and that was wrestling.

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