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Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News. I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake.
And coming up on this longer, almost festive episode of Jesus, King of the News: Becky
Lynch calls out both Ronda and Charlotte?! Triple threat didn’t do her wonders last
time. Braun Strowman to be out until the Royal Rumble?! And the WrestleMania 35 Main Event
leaked?! But before we get onto Becky Lynch’s ongoing
flame war with Rousey and Flair. Look at what Sarah Logan got for an early xmas present.
She’s got a flamethrower! The Riott Squad member posted the pic on her
Instagram and it’s far more anarachic than bin kicking and condiment wastage. So, you’re
thinking it, I‘m thinking it, new gimmick for the Riott Squad? Like a Mad Max vibe Riott
Squad? Though if it’s anything like the Rock’s
flamethrower from WrestleMania 32, it’ll take absolutely ages to set off, by that time
the person or curtains you’re trying to set on fire will have got out of the way.
Not even Kane would be caught by that flamethrower. And he’s basically human magnesium.
Now, most people would say that the main reason the Riott Squad haven’t lived up to their
potential as flamethrower punks is because of the writing.
Well, as we found out this week courtesy of Jimmy Jacobs, writing a three hour wrestling
TV show every week is f-ing hard. A comment which caused a bit of a storm in
the wrestling world, so Jacobs decided to join Bryan Alvares on Wrestling Observer Live
to clarify some of what he meant. He said there are 25 writers split into two
teams – the home team who stay in Stamford, Connecticut and the road team that travels
with Raw and Smackdown and produces the TV. He then went into much, much more specific
detail: “It’s a seven day a week job. So, while
the road team is at RAW, the home team is back at Stamford, and they’re helping out
with rewrites on Monday & Tuesday, but by Wednesday the home team will have an idea
of what they want to pitch to Vince. They’ll have a meeting with Vince and then he’ll
give us feedback. Sometimes he’ll want to change a lot, sometimes it’s a little. Then
on Thursday, the lead writers are putting together the pieces of what RAW is going to
look at. Then Friday to Saturday we are putting pen to paper, and writing the promos. By Saturday
evening, all the writers will send in the promos, and then by Sunday the lead writers
will put it all together into a proper script. They’ll send that to Vince, and then by
Monday then there’s the production meeting for RAW by 1pm. We go through the plan, and
then all the writers and agents will give their feedback. Based off those suggestions,
Vince will make changes, and then as a writer on the road, I’ll implement those changes.
We compile those changes and put it in a new version of the script. Then I tell talent
what they’re doing.” Sounds like the rubbish first draft of Craig
David’s Seven Days. To make this Raw on Monday. Rewriting things on Tuesday. We then
pitched to Vince on Wednesday. And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday, still scripting on
Sunday. But it does kind of give you an idea of how
intense the process can be, and how little time the talent can actually have to memorise
their promos and work on delivery, intonation, or work out why their character would even
be doing that? Much respect. Jacobs also said that it’s an “extremely
difficult task to come up with new ideas, concepts and new matches for 3 hours each
week. But yeah, it’s difficult writing for Vince. The prevailing goal is ‘Is Vince
going to like this?’ So, [you’re writing things going] ‘Will Vince gonna yell about
this?’” Yes he will. But the excuses about the product were so
last week, this week it was all about the heroic McMahon family fixing WWE.
That’s why a bunch of NXT superstars were announced as being called up to the main roster
soon: you had EC3, Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross, flipping finally.
Though I guess getting her to change roster is like herding cats.
EC3 was very EC3 about the news posting on Twitter: “Congratulations to me” One name conspicuous by its absence was the
Velveteen Dream, proving the rule don’t believe everything you read on someone’s
legs. Dream obviously incensed by being passed over
for promotion Tweeted during Raw to get the WWE universe onside:
“It’s Not His (Vince’s) Call 2 Make. It’s URs,
So let ur voices B heard….#[email protected] Universe.” NXT’s Mensa level monster Lars Sullivan
also had something to say about his call up, a now deleted tweet which said:
“I’m admittedly being insincere. Everyone in NXT can kiss my ass, especially the 5 who
stole my thunder. And all of you can kiss my ass. I hope your holidays are as miserable
as mine. See you soon, WWE.” Merry Xmas! Someone is getting coal this year.
Which is fine, he eats coal. It seems it’s a bit of a one in one out
policy when it comes to monsters though, because while Lars is on his way in…. Veeeeerrrrrryyy
sllllloooooowwwwlllly, Braun Strowman is still out recovering from injury.
And apparently will be until at least the Royal Rumble.
After the TLC match with Baron Corbin where a slinged-up Strowman got his mates to duff
up Bazza Corbs, WrestleVotes tweeted: “As we said, Strowman wouldn’t compete. Source
says he’s not cleared until the Rumble.” Which seems fair enough, last I saw his arm
was a crazy shade of purple. Hopefully Braun hurries back soon, as he’s
exactly the sort of big draw that could help stabilise the viewing figures which have been
nosediving for the past few weeks, but did get a little boost at the hands of Vinnie
Mac this week. The audience was up 16 percent from last week’s
record low of 2.19 million viewers, ending up at 2.55 million viewers, the best figure
since the RAW following Hell in a Cell. The first hour of this week’s show with
the McMahon family promising the world and delivering… Raw… was strong but actually
below that of the November 12 and November 19 shows.
But the drop off this week wasn’t as bad as it has been recently and the third hour, with
the women’s gauntlet match, was the best hour three since October 22.
So really it was the lower level of drop off that lead to it being the highest rated RAW
in the last three months and not, one Vincent McMahon.
It was a similar deal with viewership over on Smackdown which was back up to 2.281 million
this week, an increase of 15 percent after falling below the 2 million mark for the past
couple of weeks. And with an 89 percent retention rate of the
Raw audience, it was right in the range of what SmackDown has been doing recently. But you can have call ups, and Strowmans,
and as many McMahon’s as you like, get Linda involved, doesn’t matter. Because the saving
grace of WWE is what’s going on between Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Sadly there was no showdown between all three
players following TLC where Rousey cost The Man and the Queen the Smackdown Women’s
Title. Thankfully, for this feud at least, social
media exists and that’s where the face off continued. Rousey took to Instagram to explain her actions
at the pay-per-view: “#TLC wasn’t revenge, it was a warning.
@charlottewwe @beckylynchwwe You’re both lucky I let you off so easy. Asuka deserves
to be champion more than either of you cheating cowards. And @beckylynchwwe says SHE came
at ME head on!? @beckylynchwwe has only ever attacked me when my back was turned – that’s
some more #BackwardsBullshitBecky. If you and @charlottewwe are smart you’ll consider
the score settled, learn this lesson, move on…. and don’t provoke me again.
Check link in bio for context.” Slight swerve at the end there. ‘I hate
you, I wish you were dead, check link for reasons’ But it was a solid volley from Rousey but
she is up against Becky, the queen of trash talk, Stig of the dumping on Rousey. Lynch retorted with this picture of her owning
Ronda and Rousey’s ‘pants not down’ [030] Saying: “I remember now you said I attacked
you with your “pants down,” you little weirdo. Not going to lie though, I did walk
in to your dressing room and see an ass – but it was fully dressed.” [030] Not quite done though she also took a sideways
shot at Charlotte. “Hey Charlotte, I’ve replied to Ronnie
now, so you can come along behind me, copy me, and put wooo at the end. You know like
you do in work.” She’s like Equilibrium with these Twitter
shots – Gun Kata. But it seems like this three way slanging
match will actually go somewhere. According to Jon Fisher of Oh you didn’t know,
WWE has already informed 7-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair that she’ll be main eventing
WrestleMania 35 Now obviously we had rumours of this from
around summer this year saying that Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte would be the main event
of Mania. But that all seemed to change once Becky Lynch
came on the scene and the massive reaction the WWE Universe had to the idea of her facing
off against Ronda at Survivor Series. So people thought they might main event Mania. But then Becky’s face got broke and Charlotte
replaced her and got a huge reaction for kendo-Ing Rousey to within an inch of her life. And it seems like WWE still plan on having
Charlotte main event. As Jon Fisher says: “A good source told me within the last week
or so that despite the booking of the TLC match with Charlotte, Asuka, and Becky Lynch
before the Charlotte/ Ronda Rousey match at Survivor Series that Charlotte was told that
she’d be in the main event of WrestleMania.” Brad Shepard also reportedly added that he
heard there were even plans for a triple threat match at WrestleMania between Lynch, Flair
and Rousey. Which is always a good way to protect someone. But it still seems a bit up in the air what
we’ll actually be getting at Mania. Charlotte vs Rousey, Becky vs Rousey or a triple threat
with all three. The good thing to come out of it all though
is that all the evidence is pointing to the women of WWE main eventing on the grandest
stage of all. Which is just awesome. Johnny wrestling doing wrestling but not at
WWE? Apparently. You can find out where and how by clicking the video onscreen now. And
give us a subscribe to stay up to date on all of the latest news. I’ve been El Fakidor
and that was lucha.

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