Brock Lesnar WWE WrestleMania Plans REVEALED?! Another NXT Call-Up! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2018

Brock Lesnar WWE WrestleMania Plans REVEALED?! Another NXT Call-Up! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHANEWS
– I am Luke Owen. And why yes, I am sporting the new Oooh Wendy
t-shirt available now from – thank you for noticing! It is rather fetching,
and available in all sorts of sizes. From the very biggest to the very smallest. And speaking of the biggest to the smallest
– segue – and this week saw Big Shot threaten AOP manager and 205 Live General Manager (though
I’m not sure they’re the same character?) Drake Maverick so much that he pissed his
pants. Hilarity ensued. This of course was followed up on Monday Night Raw – about the
only storyline from Survivor Series that was actually followed up on – but Big Show didn’t
mention it on Smackdown. And that could be because, it turns out, Show had no idea who
Maverick was before Survivor Series. In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Show
revealed that Maverick was tweeting him to promote the Survivor Series match between
The Bar and AOP and was using fighting words. “The guy that’s the manager of that tag
team, what is it, AOP? DRAKE, whatever his name is, he keeps popping up in my social
media feed talking trash. And I’m like ‘what’s this dude’s issue. He needs to take my name
out of his mouth.’ You know what I mean? I’ve dated women bigger than him, he needs
to shut up.” That was a spot on impersonation. Show was so annoyed by these tweets he called
the WWE office to ask if this was someone backstage that he needed to have a serious
word with, and they had to tell him that he was a character on TV and this was all part
of their Survivor Series feud. Show adds: “Well, I didn’t know he was on the show.
For the longest time, I thought he was one of the writers backstage… We’ve got some
talent that looks like they ought to be writers and some writers that are in better shape
than the talent. I’m all confused, I don’t know what to do.” So I guess we can add
Big Show’s name alongside Jerry Lawler in the “is on TV but doesn’t actually watch
the product” category Perhaps Show will remember the name Lars Sullivan,
who we’re being told by WWE is coming soon. To what brand is anyone’s guess as it was
played on both Raw and Smackdown this week – and he’s scheduled for a match with Keith
Lee next week on NXT. He is being called up, however, and Dave Meltzer has reported in
the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “There is no specific destination or major
program formulated, but the plan is for him to get a super push. He is the Vince McMahon
kind of guy.” So what you’re telling me is that Vince McMahon has an affinity for
large perspiring blokes? I feel like there’s a joke there somewhere in all of this….
Ah forget about it, it’s probably not that funny.
But Lars might not be the only NXT call-up on the horizon. Despite only being in NXT for a cup of rather
pricey coffee, it’s being reported that EC3 is on the cards for a main roster call-up.
Not only that, but he was supposed to be called up after Summerslam before plans changed.
Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted on one of their latest Elite Audio podcasts that the
plan was to call up EC3 after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV – where he lost to Velveteen Dream.
According to Johnson, EC3 was never set for a long stint in the developmental brand to
begin with, but sadly a concussion he suffered in that Dream match scuppered his post-Summerslam
call-up plans. Johnson reports that WWE are now just waiting
for the right time and storyline to bring him up, adding that “the entire makeup of
NXT is going to change in the upcoming year”. …What the hell was that?
Well that was the second annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot match from last night’s
Thanksgiving special of Impact Wrestling – which the whole show was built around. I’ll be
honest, I thought this was going to be the episode where Raven returned to Impact Wrestling.
So essentially I was like this for the whole show:
For the last few weeks here on the MECHANEWS we’ve been talking about Impact Wrestling’s
deal with PopTV and when that could come to an end. Dave Meltzer reported in last week’s
Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Impact will likely stay on Pop until the first quarter
of 2019, even though the channel has bumped them to the later 10pm slot. And PWInsider
have added that Impact have been in talks to move their weekly TV show to WGN America
– who hosted the All In pre-show – TruTV – the home of Impractical Jokers – and SyFy – who
used to host Smackdown and WWE’s ECW revival. But perhaps we won’t see the former Impact
World Champion Austin Aries on the show when it does move next year. Aries’ contract
expired after Bound For Glory last month, which saw him drop the World Championship
to Johnny Impact and then flip off Don Callis and the crowd as he walked to the back, no
selling the finish. Several outlets had reported that if Aries wasn’t at the recent Las Vegas
Impact tapings – as that’s where he lives – then it would be likely that he is officially
done with the company and the ending of Bound For Glory was not an angle. However Dave Meltzer
has reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Aries was backstage for one
of the Las Vegas Impact tapings, however “Right now there are no plans for him although that
could change tomorrow.” Which brings us nicely to…
And this week’s Wrestler You Know in a film you (probably) don’t know is current Impact
World Champion Johnny Impact/Morrison/Mundo – featuring in the straight-to-DVD release
20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending – which also stars the legendary Danny Trejo. The
film is directed by Marc Clebanoff and is about a documentary filmmaker who enters into
abandoned New York Subway tunnels and stumbles upon a whole world of darkness – including
ex-cop Jake, Danny Trejo’s Angel and a couple of gang members – one of which is Johnny Impact
– or Former WWE Champion John Morrison as he’s credited in the film’s trailer. Former
WWE Champion, eh? 20 Ft Below was released on DVD in 2014, and Aint It Cool News called
it, “dull in parts” while said it was, “essentially one cliché after
another strung together until they approximate something you might run into on the Lifetime
channel.” We are currently nearing the three year anniversary
of AJ Styles finding his way to WWE, debuting at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Fightful are reporting
that Styles is one of the several WWE stars who’s deals are set to expire in January
2019 – which one would assume would also include Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
as they all left New Japan Pro Wrestling at the same time. According to Fightful, Styles
is looking to negotiate a new deal that would look like the one Randy Orton has – where
he would work TV tapings but not as many live dates, with one source saying that AJ requested
he drop the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan as holding it means he has to be on the road
away from his family. Fightful add that Styles is in a good position,
as WWE stock is up from where it was at the start of the year thanks to the Saudi Arabia
deals as well as the new television contract from Fox – and many stars backstage are looking
to get a pay increase while negotiating new deals. According to the report, Styles knows
he has other non-WWE options and he can use these as leverage while negotiating – something
that could become even more interesting given the news this week about All Elite Wrestling
and those two WWE stars who have reportedly already agreed to join the new promotion next
year. Someone who could also be negotiating a new
WWE deal is the current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. The Beast surprisingly picked
up Raw’s main championship back at Crown Jewel when many expected he would be out the
door so he could train for his UFC fight that is rumoured to happen in the first quarter
of 2019 – though Dana White has recently said he’s not sure if that match will take place
– however other outlets are reporting that Lesnar is currently scheduled to work Royal
Rumble and WrestleMania, but not TLC, Elimination Chamber, Fastlane or anything post-Mania.
When Lesnar won the belt a few stories went around saying that Brock could hold onto the
Universal Championship until WrestleMania – where he would then lose it to Braun Strowman
. However it was announced on Raw that if Braun beats Baron Corbin at TLC he would get
to face Brock for the championship at Royal Rumble – which is rumoured to be the direction
so long as Braun is cleared to compete following his bone spur surgery.
So if Lesnar is facing Strowman at Royal Rumble, where does that leave him going into WrestleMania?
Well according to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “Lesnar is
right now scheduled to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.” Meltzer notes that he hasn’t
been told that Strowman is winning the Championship at the Rumble, so this could be either a title
match or just a single’s match, but he does write, “Lesnar vs. Rollins is scheduled
to play off Roman Reigns in some fashion, so Reigns’ name and illness are scheduled
to continue to be used in storyline going forward.”
And making predictions on WrestleMania will soon actually mean something here at WrestleTalk.. …as we introduce WrestleTalk’s new prediction
system: WrestleLeague! We’re going to be tallying up all the correct
predictions for major wrestling events up to and including the Royal Rumble – which
includes TLC, Wrestle Kingdom and Impact Homecoming – where the person with the least correct
predictions will have to record a wrestling entrance theme cover of the SWAFT Nation’s
choosing. Previous covers have included #PotatoThrower and Stephanie McMahon – so which track could
be next? And following NXT TakeOver: War Games and
Survivor Series, I can reveal that I am currently bottom of the table with 7, behind Laurie
Blake’s 8 and Oli Davis’ 9. But, in the larger scheme of things, we’re
not very good, as the full table of writers has Andy Datson at the top with 12.
Andy, you might remember, is the guy who filled in for myself and Laurie on the Evolution
WrestleRamble review… and is also the guy who’s in charge of putting everyone’s
scores together. I’m totally sure there’s nothing untoward
there at all. Have you bought the latest WrestleTalk merchandise?
Click the icon on screen to be taken there right now! And check out Laurie and myself
talk about this week’s NXT in the WrestleRamble. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar WWE WrestleMania Plans REVEALED?! Another NXT Call-Up! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2018

  1. Why is lars being called up but he was saying on nxt that he wants to go for the nxt championship is he getting called up or is he going to become nxt champion? Seems noone is thinking about that only where is he going it was so shocking that noone seems to remember that he was saying he wants the nxt champion at this last nxt

  2. I swear if they (WWE) are still not planning on pushing Rollins as the main guy I am done with this promotion. You literally have no one else to push!

  3. I am NO Roman fan but they need to leave his real life Illness out of it. My Sister is a Cancer Survivor and it pisses me and her, her hubby and son off when they bring that shit up. To me, it is wrong, rude and totally disrespectful to Roman and all other people with Cancer period. Someone's illness is nothing to make light of. So for that, I say FUCK YOU WWE and ANY Wrestler that goes along with it. People need to stand their ground and tell Vince they are not going to be that classless and cold hearted. I do hope the MAN gets better but I really don't care to see the Character back ever again.

  4. Thanks #ImpactSlamoftheWeek for reminding me why I don't watch Impact Wrestling. WTF yo! A small amount of comic relief is one thing, but everyone just buried themselves.

  5. -WWE: has Ciampa, Gargano, Alester Black, velveteen Dream, Pete dunne, ricochet, and Undisputed Era all ready for the main roster
    -WWE: picks laurs Sullivan and EC3 instead 🙄🙄🙄

  6. You started the "Wrestlers you don't know in Films" on the count of 3, shoddy editing, just shoddy! Was still better than last Monday's Raw though.

  7. What is with Luke Owens! I mean the guy tucks his ears into his hat! Looks ridiculous and needs to cut his chin beard short. Find him frustrating to watch. His certainly no oli Davis!👍

  8. Seth Rollins can possibly, finally be called the Beast Slayer! This is probably the only time I hope Brock holds the belt now. Just so Rollins can dethrone him.

  9. The main roster needs more faces because we have major faces turning heel. The only major face on RAW I can think of is Seth Rollins but on Smackdown I cant think of any

  10. I think they'd be smart to throw all of that out the window, and see what it would cost to bring DC in for wrestlemania. Because Brock's gonna get embarrassed if he's dumb enough to get in the octagon with him on March 2. And it's not gonna be a good look to have the guy who just destroyed 1/2 of your main event sitting ringside with his kids less than a month later at your biggest show of the year… Wrestlemania.

    He's expressed interest in working with wwe for years, and it's not exactly a secret that he'd love to get his hands on Brock's belt, so it might not be the worst idea to let him have it for a couple months when March rolls around. Because it's one thing to come back after years away and get a win over Mark Hunt when you're juiced to the gills. It's something else entirely to think you can come back and hang with one one of the greatest fighters of all time after two years on the shelf.

  11. Wrestling, and this channel, are becoming boring IMO. Wow, another major headline: "Big plans for Brock Lesnar". The only problem though is that if you look back at those headlines you'll notice hardly anything sticks. Anyone can make up stories ya know.

    Man, I miss the 90's. How to up-play a wrestler? By having all the at that time major managers show their interest. Bam Bam Bigalow. One manager would drop every week and at the end of the day even Heenan did not get BamBam. Of course we can't have managers anymore because it would look too real. We also can't have good competitions, instead we'll get New Day vs. the Bar at least 5 times every year. Wh0000.

    No, I really can't comprehend why the indie circuit managed to sell out the Garden within 30 minutes…

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  16. Aries is minority owner of Ring Warriors which is on Sunday mornings and is taped in Vegas. Killer Cross and Eli Drake are also apart of it. IMPACT is not taping the in the same casino as Ring Warriors. Aries I bet will be back or they are going to do some angle to bring the promotions together. Ring Warriors is on WGN America who IMPACT is considering to move to

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