Brock Lesnars in Steel cage with Goku Super Saiyan WWE Savage

Goku vs. Lensars in Steel Cage No mom What a display Here’s Lester All the reversal by Brock Lesnar The following contest is a steel cage man making his way to the ring Minnesota 209 Guys we have two of WWE’s most exciting superstars ready to square off here And there’s nothing quite like seeing two superstars settling it in the ring and want action Michael Some are saying he’s in the best shape of his career right now, would you agree with that chord? It’s hard not to agree with that statement Cole. I mean just look at him I’ll tell you he’s gonna be tough to beat that’s for sure And his opponent from the edge of reality weighing in at 323 pounds the super athlete Karl Q We have one on one action on the way and this one should be nothing short of amazing I don’t doubt that for a moment Michael. In fact, I would go so far as to say this match might just steal the show Allow me to point out just how focused he appears to be here tonight. I noticed the same thing Coe In fact, it looks to me like he’ll settle for nothing short of a victory here in this one Here we go steel cage action kicking off here And I don’t think I’ve heard of Toronto crowd this loud since we were in the dome for Wrestlemania 18 He’s taken on a punishment if it continues it could eventually affect his vision Uses the forearm in the European uppercut punishing blow Now its Lesnar taking some punishment I fully expect him to bounce back though This is the type of one-on-one atmosphere where he thrives let’s not get ahead of ourselves cold This is just a little bump in the road for him here. Nothing to worry about. Well this certainly escalated in a hurry I don’t think any of us expected to see him fall behind so quickly He’s been forced right off the cage that’s the risk you take One of this play of unmitigated strength Look at a catch him off-guard he’s a long way from a three-count I can tell you that vice kick out there a nice shot by Brock Lesnar. They’re not dreaming this that bear is for real He’s putting pressure on that arm Nicely done as he gets out of the submission color me surprised Michael. I did not see that one coming Action progressing he’s starting to rise up the cage wall here feeling a little antsy He’s been thrown clear off the cage the strategy was solid the execution not so much He looks a bit off his game here he’s going to want to make sure this doesn’t snowball out of control This is one of those pivotal points in a match where some superstars fall to the pressure But I wouldn’t expect that from him. His perseverance will likely push him through here here He goes working his way up the side of the cage heading topside. Apparently, here’s Lester He’s making his way up the side of the cage away we go Here’s Lester, no, no. No, he’s been forced right back down. That was a nasty fall. Hope he’s okay He’s making a statement here with this attack He gets it with the reversal Soon And now she’s starting to ascend the cage I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Huh and here we go. Is it fancying up the cage wall fill it I Guess he seems to have lost his footing there. The mind was willing, but the body wasn’t able Brock Lesnar with a nice reversal I don’t know guys He’s in Here we go. And now he’s tossed right off the cage when he went up there. That was not what he had in mind And a test here for Brock Lesnar. He has to formulate a plan quickly to get things going He might this have nothing left to give guys few superstars are as dominant as this guy All the reversal by Brock Lesnar Turns it around Going to be tough for him to fight back from this Well, the first thing he needs to do is get back to his feet, which is clearly easier said than done And now look at this here we go he’s made it to the top of the cage go go go They’re steel cage matches in the books Here is your winner the super athlete Karl Q Big singles win here guys. These guys look like a couple of houses going at it out there great match Guys, it sounds like we can all agree. That was an extremely impressive win

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