Cage Dives: WWE Top 10

Cage Dives: WWE Top 10

(exciting music) – [Announcer] Where’s Shane? – [Announcer] There’s Shane McMahon. – [Announcer] What’s he doin’? – [Announcer] Shane McMahon climbing up and Rodney going up to meet Shane. And Shane just knocked Rodney
off the top of the cage. What is Shane McMahon doin’? – [Announcer] Look out! – [Announcer] My God, my God, my God! – [Announcer] Cody knows what he’s doin’. This is about a moment in time, boys. – [Announcer] Cody Rhodes
at the top of the steel. – Moonsault. (audience screaming) – [Announcer] What the hell is Seth doin’? – [Announcer] No way! – [Announcer] We saw him throw
caution to the wind earlier, but don’t do it, Seth! – [Announcer] Seth dives
from the top of the cage! From the top of the cage! Rollins taking out Rusev and Owens. – [Announcer] Once again,
another great opportunity for John Morrison. – [Announcer] All Morrison
has to do is drop. – [Announcer] Oh, wow! – [Announcer] That was
a sacrifice right there. – [Announcer] Don’t even think about it! – [Announcer] Rikishi is 400 pounds! Don’t do it Rikishi! You’ll regret it the rest of your life! (announcer screams) For the love of God it’s got to be over, and Rikishi may have hurt himself! – [Announcer] I can’t believe my eyes! – [Announcer] Oh, my God! – Do it!
– No! No! – [Announcer] Crossfire takes down Wyatt! – [Announcer] Matt, don’t do it! No, don’t do it, you’re a family man! Think of your fans, think of everybody! – [Announcer] You’re gonna kill him! – [Announcer] Good grief! – [Announcer] Good God! – [Announcer] Mankind up on the top rung. What’s he doin’? Good lord, 300 pounds off the top! – [Announcer] Hardy on top of the cage. – [Announcer] Look out! – [Announcer] Whisper in the
wind for the love of God! – Eddie, more!
– Don’t do it, Eddie! Eddie, don’t do it! – [Announcer] Oh no, Eddie, no! – Don’t do it!
– No! No! No way! No way! Oh, my God! – [Announcer] Frog Splash, Frog Splash! From the top of the cage too! – [Announcer] WWE Universe,
please welcome Jagger Eaton, the star of Nicklodeon’s
“Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life”. How are you? – [Jagger] I am doin’
great, how about you? – I’m also doing well. Okay, now tell me about
your show, what’s the deal? – What we do is I travel
to these amazing places and I meet these amazing people who are extremely
talented at what they do. And I try to do what
they do, at their level. – So what kind of things
are you actually doing? – Let’s just say we have
been all over the map, from shootin’ hoops with Chris Bosh to divin’ the Bahamas. I mean we have done some fun things. – So you’ve competed in
the X games as well, right? – Yes, I have.
– So what was that like? – You know, it was unbelievable. And to compete against my idols, and the people that really
got me into skateboarding was a huge accomplishment. – Alright, so who are some of other people that we get to see on the show with you? – We’ve got Chris Bosh, Andre Drummond, professional surfer Coco Ho. Liz Parkinson, who’s a freediver. I mean, we’ve got some crazy people. – So you’re here at a WWE event. Have you ever been to a show before? – No, I haven’t, I cannot wait to watch. – Jagger, are you gonna
have a WWE superstar come on your show? You know what, I was
talkin’ to Miz backstage, and I think we might have
something cookin’ up. But, you know, it’s only for the future. – Well, the only other
place to see this man, Jagger Eaton, is on Nickelodeon,
“Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life”. That is airing Fridays at 7:30. Thanks for hangin’ out. – Of course, thank you. – Can’t wait to see your show. – It’s exciting.

100 thoughts on “Cage Dives: WWE Top 10

  1. It takes a lot of courage just to go to the edge of the cage, don’t even talk about jumping!
    These guys deserve respect

  2. How did Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's splash off the top of the cage onto "The Magnificent" Don Muraco not make the countdown?

  3. Man I remember watching the Eddie vs JBL match. I was pissed that Eddie did the frogsplash I was telling everyone all he had to do was get out of the cage and he would've won.

  4. I don't know, I thought that Jeff's whisper in the wind in the tag team cage match against Edge and Christian was better than the Umaga one.

  5. Must admit these men put their bodies on line. Public never thinks for a second before booing them but the fact is they deserve respect.

  6. Where’s Kane top of the cage Clothsline? He did this against Xpac I think in october 1999 When he returned with Paul bearer.

  7. How could you leave out the pioneer of it all? Superfly Snuka's MSG leap onto the Magnificent Muraco! The most Iconic of them all!

  8. What about Kurt Angles perfect looking moonsault? The fact it was not expected and more than just some one falling essentially….

  9. the one where Matt Hardy delivered a leg drop to Edge from the top of the cage that match happened at Unforgiven 2005 SPOILER ALERT Matt Hardy won that match

  10. The zoom in on Rikishis face gives me chills every single time. That is extreme dedication! Every dive off the top of the cage is extreme in itself, but theres something about a 300 pound man doing that makes you really admire what they do to there bodies for us in the crowds.

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