58 thoughts on “Candice LeRae silent on Johnny Gargano: NXT Exclusive, March 25, 2020

  1. This rivalry with ciampa and Johnny gonna make cadence heel she might attack one of them during their match hmmm

  2. Dakota is going win the ladder match.She is gorgeous…I like her…💛💛💛🖤🖤🖤🤘🤘👍👍

  3. I'm so glad but GLAD, that she is not getting into Ciampa vs Gargano rilvary. She need to focus in her life and in becoming the NXT Women's Champion. Not in his man and his friend, ANYMORE.

  4. Honestly Candice is like an icon in Intergenter Wrestling… why NXT make her play the role of just Joey Garnono's wife? 🙄

  5. Imagine if Candice LeRae betrays Johnny Gargano for helping Tommaso Ciampa to get the victory for winning the match.

  6. It’s Candice Wrestling time! She doesn’t want to talk about Johnny and Tommaso. That’s between those two guys. They’ve been champions before. Candice hasn’t been champion yet. It’s her time💪🏾😄

  7. I see comments saying “Candice will help Ciampa” but you people do realize that Johnny and Candice are together, right?

  8. This guy had the AUDACITY to ask Candice LeRae about the Ciampa-Gargano situation than her objective on the 6 Women Ladder match?!!! That's a stupid thing to say. Candice had enough of the hell she suffered. Not this time. Is her time to shine.

  9. (Click on video)
    Interviewer: "Well Candice congratulations on your victory."
    Me: "So I literally spoiled a match I didn't know happened." 🤔

  10. Candice Lerae is the female Humberto Carrillo.
    1. Gets title shot.
    2. Lose the title match.
    3. Repeat in three months.

  11. Me:Do you smell that?
    Rando:what?is it the rock's cooking?
    Me:Maybe not.
    Rando:aww man.
    Me:But i do smell a heel turn.

  12. please use background voice of peoples in match for feeling ,, like in videogame ,,,,, please please……..

  13. Everyone's saying that they smell a heel turn, but I don't smell it!!! Maybe my nose is clogged!!! Excuse me while I go pick it!!!

  14. Ok wwe i do not understand the wwe wrestlemania 36 is not at Raymond gemes studiam but nxt take over tampa bay will at the tampa bay with no fans but Vince McMahon do at Raymond games studiam wrestlemania 36 with no fans

  15. Fans: "I can't wait for Candace Lerae to turn heel!"

    Candace Lerae turns heel

    Fan: "So predictable, everyone saw this coming smh."

  16. Hey wwe now that you guys are pre-tapping stuff maybe you can add sound effects to punches and slams , add music for drama etc make it a real tv program

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