Catch WrestleMania 34 – Sunday, April 8, on WWE Network

Catch WrestleMania 34 – Sunday, April 8, on WWE Network

It is a beautiful disaster, welcome, everyone to elimination chamber, step on the gas, this is WWE Fastlane! [SOUND] [MUSIC] There is nothing like WrestleMania. [MUSIC] And we are on the road right now.

88 thoughts on “Catch WrestleMania 34 – Sunday, April 8, on WWE Network

  1. Royal rumble is veryyyyyy bad horrible and sick.I hope WrestleMania will not.And pls at WrestleMania shinsuke Nakamura and asuka will loooose veryyyyyy badly.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Predicted card so far…
    Taker vs Cena
    Styles vs Nakamura
    Angle vs HHH
    Lesnar vs Roman
    Shane vs idk….
    Asuka vs Ronda (raw title)
    Braun vs Miz (IC title)

  3. What was the point of dolph ziggler coming out at number 30 wwe can do way better he gets eliminated in not even 2 minutes someone way better then dolph could of came out and possibly won the royal rumble Wwe poor job

  4. Have Alundra Blayze to show up on RAW on LIVE TV to announce herself to be the host of Wrestlemania 34 will be even awesome

  5. I'm Telling you right now that Roman is BOOKED to win the Elimination Chamber and will Challenge Lesner for the Universal Title. Plus Wrestlemania 34 is happening on My BIRTHDAY!!

  6. What Kofi Kingston (and the New Day) did in the Rumble was so special. The pop he received for eliminating Jinder Mahal was great. Always a highlight.

  7. WrestleMania in New Orleans is always ONE OF THE BEST MANIAS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! And this year you better believe, because WWE gave to us THE MATCH THAT WE ALL WANTED – AJ STYLES VS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

  8. The only gift you can give us is to change the personality of Roman reings to a lovable superstar. Please do it for us WWE please . Who's with me give wwe a yes yes yes yes yes yes. Please wwe

  9. -Nakamura vs Aj styles(Main event)
    -Roman reigns vs brock lesnar
    -Braun won andre the giant battle royal
    -Asuka vs ronda rousey
    -Taker vs cena
    -Rollins vs ambrose
    -Angle vs HHH

    That's what i know from wwe creative writers.

  10. Dream matches:

    1.Styles-nakamura ( wwe Titel)
    2.Lesner-reigns ( universal Titel)
    5.Hhh and Stephani- The Rock and ronda Rousey
    6.Jax-bliss (raw womens Titel)
    7.Charlotte-aska (sd womens Titel)
    8.Balor-rollins-the miz-samoa Joe (ic Titel)
    10.Orton-ziggler-roode( US Titel)
    11.Usos-bludgeon brothers-rusev Day
    (Tag Titels)
    12.woken Hardys- gallows anderson(Tag Titels)
    13. Daniel Bryan-shane mcmahon
    Surprises: Jericho,carmella cash in,Ambrose Comeback…
    Host:New Day

  11. Main Events:
    Brock vs Roman
    AJ vs Shinsuke
    Cena vs Taker
    HHH/ Stephanie vs Ronda and Kurt Angle
    That what I hope they are planning

  12. WrestleMania 34 predictions:
    Andre the giant battle Royal

    women's battle Royal

    cruiserweight title
    (Hideo itami vs cardic Alexander)

    Smackdown tag team title
    (the usos vs the new day vs Kevin owans & sami Zayn)

    7-men Ladder match for US title
    (Roode vs Randy vs jinder vs rusav vs Corbin vs Ziggler vs Dillinger)

    Hell in a cell match for Raw tag team title
    (The bar vs woken Matt & brother Nero vs the club vs the revival)

    Fatal four way match for IC title
    (The miz vs Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins)

    Raw woman's title
    (Asuka vs alexa bliss)

    Smackdown woman's title
    (Charlatte vs Becky lynch)

    Mixed match
    (HHH & Stephanie vs strowman & Ronda rausey)

    No disqualification match for universal title
    (Roman reigns vs Brock Lesnar)

    Co-main event:
    Career vs career match
    (The undertaker vs John Cena)

    Main event:
    WWE title
    (Nakamura vs AJ styles)

  13. The title of this video is WrestleMania 34 Sunday April 8th that is completely wrong WrestleMania 34 was today April 1st 2018 not April 8th whoever made this video needs to get their facts straight and actually know what they're talking about when it comes to wrestling cuz obviously they don't know what they're talking about.

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