100 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair is ready to make history at WrestleMania: Raw, March 23, 2020

  1. Wwe is magic itself. A lot of women somehow got their boobs bigger and lips thicker as soon as they work there

  2. Plastic flair should not be able to speak…. She is so useless into this gimmick… Yelling woooooo wont make you good….

  3. At wrestlemania 36 Shes gonna be the first women to win the nxt womens title….. so whos been winning it so far 😂

  4. Very excited to see what happens when they clash at wrestlemania
    Love the line if rhea needs a history lesson she can watch some of my matches at wrestlemania!

  5. Please postpone Wrestlemania!!! Drew doesn’t deserve this. He deserves his moment infront of a thunderous crowd.

  6. So uh, how is she making history again? There's already been a 2-time NXT Women's Champion edit: nevermind didn't watch it all the way through 🙁

  7. Charlotte is just insufferable…her promos are so robotic. She looks ridiculous after the countless surgeries. So sick of her being involved in everything bcuz of Vince's agenda. She had no business being thrown into Ronda/Becky. She has 10 title reigns & 1 isn't memorable

  8. Charlotte, you're pretty ready to get destroyed by Rhea and let her finish your unbeaten record at Wrestlemania

  9. At one time I liked Charlotte, but lost all respect for her after the TLC match where she was very careless with an obviously concussed Kairi Sane (slapping her face after a botched spear and dropping her through a table when you can see her trying to signal that she wasn't ready for that spot). Also tired of her no-selling moves from certain wrestlers and the backstage politics.

  10. Here is Charlotte speaking About how overpowert Vince makes her and gives her all great wins and Opionions Because she is the Daughter of Ric Flair


  11. Am I the one one here who thinks that maybe this woman needs to quit WWE and go work at a different company?! Because, I think she needs to find her own identity and to have more opportunities that would actually feel she truly deserved it. Not because of nepotism.

  12. Either Bianca costs her the match,or she gets added to it like the Hardy's to that tag match a couple years back.However I don't see Charlotte winning it at all!

  13. She's had her teeth whitened.

    She doesn't need to win at mania, she's already over. She needs to put Ripley over. I have a funny feeling Vince will put Flair over because he knows nothing about developing current talent. He relies on Goldberg and bringing Edge out of retirement.

  14. You were given Asuka’s streak because an out of touch old man gave it to you… Just like how he shoehorned you into last years main event you had no business being in. Not take away from the talent she possesses, or what she deserves. This woman is one of the best hands down. She deserves a main event in wrestlemania, but her involvement at the end was forced, and Asuka deserved a moment in the spotlight longer than 2 months.

  15. Charlotte Flair is ready to make history at WrestleMania with an empty arena. Millions of people at home will watch her with boredom. She will woo a lot in the match.

  16. Ummm….the "first ever" ? You might get away with that with people who started watching wrestling when Super Cena showed up…but the rest of us know better.

  17. 0:55 did I hear that right? She said that she will be the FIRST WOMAN to win the NXT Women’s championship? I think she is extremely late for that because that title has existed for a long while now

  18. 0:51 So I guess all the other holders on the NXT Women’s Championship were guys? Yeah, sure, that checks out.

  19. does anyone else notice that Charlotte has a title every time wrestle mania came accept this year’s wrestle mania

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