100 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair to lead Team Raw at Survivor Series: Raw, Nov. 18, 2019

  1. I love Joe but what was the point of him coming out in the first place, he can’t do anything the the people that were in the ring and i think it was a little weird. Just a thought

  2. It's really weird how WWE tries to make Charlotte a 2005 pre doing DX again Triple H with Shawn Michaels and Becky a mix of Cena (you want some come get some thing) and Shawn Michaels (Best friends better enemies)

  3. The rundown the Irish man saying the same thing when the rock wanted to fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they sound alike

  4. That's Right Becky, Shut Both Peyton, And Billie The Hell- Up !!! And Charlotte Give Us All A Break, PLEASE !!! I'm So Proud Of This Comedically- Sultry Irish Lass Sweetheart, LOL !!! She Has Zero- Tolerance For Stupidity, Ready To Put An End To Any Of It, Wherever She Goes ! And If The Librals Thought That Dealing With Our Commander, And Chief Had Them IGNORANTLY On- Edge ! Theyr'e Damn- Sure LUCKY That The Man Wasn't Born In This Country, LOL !!! Because, Later In Her Life. She Would Have Won On Election Night, When She Gets Into Her Cougarous 60s. And After Being Sworn- In At Her Inauguration. Our 1rst Ever MADAM- PRESIDENT Of The United States, Rebecca Quin, LOL !!! During Her 2- Terms, Would Have Not Only COLLECTED AMERICA'S DEBTS !! She Would Have Given The Radical- Left The Biggest Psychotic- Mental Breakdown Of All Time, The Libral Agenda Would Have Literally, SELF- DESTRUCTED. And Only A Minority- Population Who'd Wake- Up, Just Before It Was Too- Late. Wouldn't Have Become Part Of That Rubble Left- Behind ! LOL !!! Again, The Radicals Are Indeed Sure As ** Lucky That Becky Can't Run For Office, WHAT ?!!! LOL !!!

  5. Can someone please tell me in the comments when the woman’s triple threat elimination match Charlotte was talk about does anyone know when it is please tell I really want to know so I can watch it please tell me

  6. Sasha is team captain for smackdown women division
    Charlotte is team captain for raw women division . Then we’re getting Becky vs bayley vs shayna
    Four horsewomen 2019

  7. directly match three directly the process of risking the championship belt, who wins can become a coach like RVD ROY VANDEM, a WWF wrestler

  8. I don’t get why Asuka and Kairi Sane are on Team Raw. The KW should have defended their titles… maybe Kabuki Warriors vs Mandy & Sonya vs Team Kick?


  10. this was weird because right when they did this it went to commerciaL. Raw goes Like 12- 15 minutes before the first commerciaL. this was at Like 7.

  11. Charlotte can’t help but to herself into anything just because she’s a ridiculous 10 time women’s champion. It’s like she doesn’t she doesn’t have to be included but, she obviously just complain if she doesn’t.

  12. Why is Charlotte raw team captain of Becky is the raw women’s champion? That makes no sense and Charlotte being a 10 time women’s champion has nothing to do with it. In my opinion Charlotte has the biggest ego in the Wwe. It’s funny how Becky talks tough and she’s also very physically tough but, Charlotte only talks tough she’s not physically tough. FYI Vince loves blonds that’s why he is so invested in Charlotte well she’s not a natural blond.

  13. Just another FYI Becky doesn’t need Charlotte’s permission to anything. Becky can do what she wants. Hey Vince lets Charlotte do what she wants.

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