100 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

  1. That should have been a discualification …. Charlotte couldn't been win…wwe need to make more rules ….just put a stop on it…..geez is why Rhonda Rousey leave the wwe…is not like UFC lol for real but I get it…wwe is for marketing….is alguud.

  2. I really like the Auska and Kari sane tag team as a heels,it’s breathed fresh air into them both,I love the green mist spot aswell,May be it’s done a little to much but who knows,if wwe split them up eventually I would keep them heel but as singles

  3. Asuka has always been one of my favs but this pattern of Charlotte beating her or Asuka winning unclean annoys me because I know the real Asuka could destroy Charlotte, and Becky and Ronda. Asuka deserves way better than an unclean victory. The booking is terrible and although I’m glad she won, I miss NXT Asuka

  4. FINALLY WWE let Asuka have one. Only it's way too late. Charlotte beating Asuka at Mania absolutely destroyed Asuka. But then again pretty much every female is destroyed after losing to Plastic Fantastic.

  5. I love you sooo much I'm at the controllerzzzuhhh K
    Lol I haven't felt that light in awhile. What ohh my Frankenstein laugh….

  6. ถ้ามึงดูอ่านเม้นกูด้วย..อากาซ่า เล่นสกปกไม่มีความเป็นนักกีฬาทุเรศ..จริงๆไม่ผ่านควรให้ออก

  7. There is no way that she can beat asuka…asuka is a master at wrestling….this is just entertainment for vince….he will not have an Asian over an American

  8. Please WWE Asuka Disbanned In WWE In She Back In NXT She Not Belong In WWE And She Have One More Thing To Cheat Like Green Smeat Thats Cheat I Don't Like To Watch Cheating In WWE I'm Not Basher Of Asuka But I Like Asuka She So Strong Woman

  9. asuka supposed to be the heel but gets the loudest cheers…

    charlotte supposed to be the babyface but gets zero reaction

    lol wwe

  10. I really do NOT get how the referee doesn't disqualify Asuka after seeing her opponents face completely green. There is no way a ref does not notice that! A Chair shot behind their back, okay no real proof for that but Charlotte's entire upper body was green and the same goes for Asuka's mouth

  11. I'm very confused about you "fans". You lot were moaning that asuka has never pinned Charlotte until and now you lot are moaning still just because she cheated ? SHE'S A BLOODY HEEL, ITS WHAT HEELS DO AND ITS BEEN HAPPENING FOR YEARS ?? start being happy and satisfied for once!! ?? are you even fans at all??

  12. People saying 'this isn't fair cuz Asuka cheated' idc cuz stil if Asuka didn't spit that green Stuf on Charlotte she would stil have won this. Btw, Vince does not want Asuka to use her Joshi wrestling, style , cuz if she did she would've already beaten Charlotte like she did before.

  13. Wow it hit me real hard… When was the last time that's we think Asuka beat Charlotte is just a normal thing….now it's impossible without cheat…

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