Charlotte TURNS HEEL! MAJOR WWE NXT Call-Up! WWE Survivor Series 2018 Review! | WrestleTalk

Charlotte TURNS HEEL! MAJOR WWE NXT Call-Up! WWE Survivor Series 2018 Review! | WrestleTalk

Charlotte turns heel on Ronda Rousey – or,
arguably, just more awesome. Lars Sullivan’s main roster call-up is announced! And SmackDown won the big one! And by big one… I mean the tag team elimination match on the
pre-show. Which everyone completely ignored for the
rest of the night. As Raw won every single other match. I’m Oli Davis, press the thumbs up and vote
in the poll above my head to give your thoughts on the show, where you can choose from: Best
of Both Worlds, Great Per View, Thumbs in the Middle, Meh Per View and Worst of Both
Worlds. While I review Survivor Series 2018… in
about 4 minu-who am I kidding. This is a Big 5 pay-per-view. So get ready… for a super review… in about
a lot of minutes. Tag Team Elimination Match
The wrestling kicked off in the second hour of the pre-show, because we really needed
a whole first hour of expert insight from Jerry Lawler (who doesn’t watch the product),
Beth Phoenix (what a warrior), David Otunga (still employed) and Jonathan Coachman – GREAT
SmackDown, it was The New Day who got to cut the night’s opening promo, leading the entire
crowd in booing Monday Night Raw (oh, just you wait, Crowd), and introducing each SmackDown
tag team. Once all 48 participants were on the apron,
the night’s Tag Team Elimination match could get underway. Or, as I’m calling it, the ‘Let’s Get
Sad About How Many NXT Call-Ups the Main Roster has Botched’ Elimination match. The B Team were eliminated first, Sanity went
next, then Gallows and Anderson, then Lucha House Party. Every pinfall just another reminder WWE doesn’t
currently care about tag team wrestling. The match did pick up considerably, however,
with the final four teams: The Revival and Chad Gable and Bobby Roode for Team Raw, and
the New Day and Usos for Team SmackDown. The eight men had some of the most exciting
in-ring action of the night, with Scott Dawson even doing a dive outside. Hey, Dawson – that counts as a flip, not a
fist. Gable was the standout, German suplexing an
Uso off the 2nd rope onto everyone outside. It came down to The Usos beating the Revival
in a very good final run with some great near falls. WWE has the tag team talent, they just need
to be booked better. Team SmackDown gets the first win of the night,
then. Which I’m sure will set them up for more
victories and not be stricken from continuity at all. Women’s Elimination Match
The main show opened on the Women’s five-on-five elimination match, which, keeping with this
year’s Survivor Series theme, changed a third of the participants shortly before it
began. Because Ruby Riott and Natalya had a backstage
fight earlier in the day – which no-one could ever have seen coming – Team Raw captain Alexa
Bliss found replacements in Bayley and Sasha Banks. Yeah, the same Bayley and Sasha Banks who
Bliss and her goons beat up just six days ago on Monday’s Raw. What character motivation could possibly drive
Banks and Bayley to put that blood feud to one side and work with their attackers? Because they need to show that Raw is the
superior brand. Those counselling sessions worked too well. Meanwhile, backstage with Team SmackDown,
Naomi revealed their mystery 5th member will be… R-Truth, who brilliantly walked in and started
celebrating. With R-Truth sadly not qualifying as a woman
– hate speech – Naomi made the much more disappointing revelation of Mandy Rose as the 5th member. Rose continued her Absolution split storyline
with Sonya Deville, blind tagging herself in to steal Sonya’s pin on Mickie James. Elsewhere, Naomi and Tamina were eliminated
very early on, Carmella was taken out by a Belly-to-Bailey, Banks made Mandy tap in the
Banks Statement and Bayley and Deville – who had pretty good in-ring chemistry – both got
eliminated with a double countout. But then the match’s main story got involved
– Nia Jax turning on Banks to get her eliminated, and then hitting a leg drop on Asuka to win
for Team Raw. Jax got the most heat on the show from the
get-go, with the crowd booing her furiously during her entrance, and not letting up. WWE have gone with the emotional backlash
against Nia for giving Becky a concussion on Monday and spoiling this show’s most
antipicated match, with Michael Cole even billing Jax as the ‘facebreaker’. Yes, WWE are essentially rewarding someone
for a botch, but I believe they’ve got something here. And if it all builds to getting babyface Becky
over even more – with the good guy getting a moral victory in the end, I’m all for
it. So two matches in, and we’re one apiece. Or are we? Raw vs SD Authority Figures
Because in the backstage segment next, Stephanie McMahon told Baron Corbin he needed a clean
sweep for Raw tonight if he wanted to become the show’s permanent General Manager…
despite SmackDown winning in the pre-show. The graphics from this point forth would never
count SmackDown’s forgotten win, lost in that mysterious out-of-continuity world that
is the Kick Off Dimension. Seth Rollins beat Shinsuke Nakamura
Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura was up next, which should’ve been great but it never
really went beyond ‘this is a solid Seth Rollins match’. All the moves were there, with Seth kicking
out the kinshasa, …dives and Nakamura cosplaying as JD from Scrubs – but they never managed
to create an emotional hook. And failing to build on their Raw storyline,
there was no Dean Ambrose in sight. Instead, we got former WWE Cruiserweight Champion
Enzo Amore in the second row – OH HAI ENZO! Seth won, making it 2-0 to Raw, but actually
2-1, and Charly Caruso later told him he’d be defending his Intercontinental title against
Ambrose at TLC. Both that announcement, and the Rollins/Nakamura
match, were missed opportunities. AOP beat The Bar
The crowd were noticeably disinterested for AOP vs The Bar – which could be Amore getting
thrown out by security. Or because this was a heel vs heel dynamic
that had little build and no-one cared about. The four men did the best they could, with
Sheamus and AOP having some decent big meat man moments, but the match ended in a rather
stupid, childish angle. AOP manager Drake Maverick saved Razor by
putting his foot on the ropes after a Brogue Kick, so Cesaro chased him into the Big Show,
who lifted …Drake Maverick up by his throat where he pissed himself in fear. Which wasn’t funny, made no sense from a
character perspective, and undermines …Drake Maverick as a mastermind heel manager for
AOP, and thus, AOP themselves. Off that literally piss-poor distraction,
AOP hit a powerbomb on Sheamus for the win. 3-0, but really 3-1, to Raw. Buddy Murphy beat Mustafa Ali
Thankfully, Triple H got to play with his toys next – where 205 Live’s Mustafa Ali
and Buddy Murphy easily put on the best in-ring match of the night; which mainly involved
Murphy pushing Ali off various top rope situations to the outside. The match was so good, an awesome Spanish
Fly from Ali to Murphy off the announcers table even got a 205 Live chant going. You got the crowd chanting for a weight limit!
Murphy picked up the win in 10 minutes, which could have been even better if they just went
another five. For those keeping count, SmackDown is now
joint with 205 Live at 1 victory apiece. But because SmackDown’s win doesn’t count,
and 205 Live also beat itself… Raw is still the only winner. Lars Sullivan Main Roster Call-Up
The broadcast played a video package for Lars Sullivan next, revealing the Jack Kirby drawing
come to life is ‘coming soon’ to the main roster. NXT could only keep him hidden from Vince
McMahon for so long. He was just too big, of course Vince would
see him eventually! Men’s Elimination Match
After some more R-Truth hilarity backstage, where he managed to get into both the Raw
and SmackDown pre-match pep talks – we got possibly the most frustrating part of the
night: The men’s five-on-five elimination bout. From Braun Strowman coming out to a noticeably
quieter reaction to when he was super over several months ago, the stories and characters
in this match felt rushed and undeveloped. And the opening spot – Samoa Joe getting almost
immediately eliminated by Drew McIntyre – got chants of bulls-word from the crowd. Carrying on that frustration, the next part
had Dolph Ziggler and Shane McMahon recapturing their roundly condemned World Cup to Determine
the Best in the World magic. Teammates Drew and Braun eventually brawled
between themselves, which turned into Shane taking out Braun with a flying elbow off the
top rope through the announcers table. Finn Balor was eliminated next after a running
wild hot tag and some great chemistry with Rey Mysterio, and then Shane hit a Coast to
Coast on Dolph, but a second was cut off by an awesome Braun clothesline mid-air. Then it turned into Braun beating everyone
– eliminating Jeff Hardy, then Rey, then Miz, and finally Shane. But I thought he was the Best in the World. Baron Corbin then blindsided Strowman while
he was celebrating and ran up the ramp – really positioning that storyline on Raw as far more
important than anything on SmackDown. Team Raw gets its fourth win of the night. And SmackDown actually goes down minus one. Ronda Rousey beat Charlotte (DQ)
After a disappointing first nine hours of Survivor Series, Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey
began a really great final two matches. Despite everyone wanting Becky Lynch in this
spot, Charlotte worked a terrific match with Rousey, targeting Ronda’s legs for the Figure
8, while Rousey went for Charlotte’s arm for an eventual armbar. A simple, but very effective narrative – both
wrestlers going after body parts. As is the way with all women’s WWE wrestling
this week, the action was given an extra element of realism when a stray elbow from Charlotte
busted open Ronda’s mouth. But just when the two were getting This Is
Awesome chants, Charlotte turned heel and attacked Rousey with a kendo stick! Well, I say ‘turn heel’, but the crowd
were shouting ‘thank you Charlotte’ during the beatdown. Charlotte properly snapped, shoving down referees,
stomping on Ronda’s neck wrapped in a chair, and even did the ultimate sign of disrespect
on this most hallowed annual Raw and SmackDown going head to head in direct competition eve:
she tore off her SmackDown t-shirt! Does brand loyalty count for nothing? This was a great angle, and finally gives
us the babyface Becky and heel Charlotte dynamic we’ve wanted all along. Brock Lesnar beat Daniel Bryan
Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan had a great match in the main event spot, but as good
as it was, I think Bryan’s heel turn on Tuesday really held the story back. Daniel came down to the ring like a true heel,
grinning smarmily and stopping his own Yes chants. It was all set up for Bryan having a masterplan
against Brock. But he didn’t. He was destroyed by Lesnar for ten minutes
on a guided tour round Suplex City. Brock even had him beat with an F5, lifting
Bryan’s shoulder so he could dish out more punishment. Bryan’s masterplan, it seemed, was to bide
his time getting absolutely destroyed until the ref was accidentally knocked over – by
Brock, not him – so he could kick Lesnar in the dick. I didn’t buy it. But the action from there was really engaging,
with Brock perfectly selling his panic in the match’s second Yes Lock, and the crowd
coming alive after getting worked over for the first half. Ultimately Lesnar won with an F5 – because
Raw wins, LOL – but Bryan looked strong in defeat. A very good match that could have been excellent
if they had held off on Daniel’s heel turn, and gone with a traditional heel vs face dynamic. In true WWE style, it felt like most of Survivor
Series was booked to frustrate their most dedicated fans. There’s a weird resentment there between
the promotion and those who love it the most – and that goes both ways. The fan favourite SmackDown losing every main
card match. Drake Maverick pissing his pants. Nia Jax calling herself the Facebreaker. There’s only so much heel heat the average
fan can take. We need a babyface we’re behind to come
out on top once in a while too. The last two matches were pretty good, but
the rest of the card was deeply frustrating. And, as always, the show was far too long. Survivor Series 2018 is a Meh Per View. We didn’t get Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey,
but what are all the other Survivor Series matches in history that were advertised but
never happened? Click the link onscreen now to find out! And watch our brilliant NXT TakeOver: WarGames
review by clicking the video in the top left! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. OLI: Apologies the review took a little longer than normal today, folks. It's double the length of our usual videos, so it took extra time to make. Hope you enjoy MORE WORDS, though, and stay SWAFT.

  2. I agree with almost everything except for what you said about the Seth Rollins vs Nakamura match. We all knew that would be a great match already and if Dean would have interfered then everyone would be complaining saying a great match was ruined: I think having Rollins win clean was a good call. Making dean interfere would have made the match predictable. Everything else I agree with.

  3. Fans have chanted the following over the years: ECW! What! Yesx3, Nox3, Yep! You suck!, Suck it! Cm Punk NXT!!…. And now 205???

  4. This was my most hated PPV of the year. It was boring, with the exception of Charlotte beating the crap out of Rousey. I hate they are giving sloppy Nia Jax a continued push.

  5. DB vs Bork lazer really bothered me..because going into it. DB looked like he was about to dance circles around brock…he looked so cocky and confident, it was honestly awesome. i wanted him to actually push brock around a bit or bait him around to get some good shots in. we all knew they wouldnt let DB win. but god damn they didnt have to destroy him so easily…and it went on for so long. when DB started making his comeback, it wasnt even that exciting to me because i knew he couldnt come back from that beat down. just a big ole shame

  6. Rousey gets chair neck stomp and two minutes later she gets up on her own to leave while other wrestlers in the past requires a stretcher and neck brace. Wtf???

  7. Horrible!! I mean to push Raw up you just push down smackdown after a 1000 episode just released in this year.It could be booked better.

  8. Oli Davis you are absolutely entertaining! I watch wrestleTalk only for you! but yes, your content, the packaging, etc is also absolutely delightful

  9. I was so happy when Charlotte Flair beat the s*** out of Ronda Rousey I can't stand her in the WWE please retire and go back to the rock thank you hit on there after losing in the UFC Ronda Rousey I used to like her but she's too damn cocky

  10. If your to sentitive then wrestling isn't for you😲 the WWE needs more writers for every title and division. To greatly improved on the booking. They have lots of talent. But some talents are not getting the attention theirs skills can bring to the table. Why dont they do a real money in the bank match where any thing goes . Where it doesn't matter if your a heel or a baby face or a rookie. The case you be a contract where the wrestler is promise to be book the right way untill the next money in the bank match.

  11. The crowed was so rediculas and rude to Rondy tonight. It was so sad the smarks are hurting the product. We need to be respectful they are amazing athletes and after the beating ronday took she desecerd a standing ovation but instead got you deserve it! That's some bs and us as fans are better than that. Have fun get loud cheer or boo who you want but also be respectful.

  12. Their most dedicated fan base, if Oli believes hes part of WWE's dedicated he should never get married! It will be yeah you gave me head, but i really wanted my nipples sucked! I know i have never been a women but you shouldn't wear those type of skirts, listen to me dear, I make a living begging people for money so Luke and I can play dress up and tell people how to book a successful wrestling promotion and I/ve never done that either.

  13. I really enjoyed Charlotte killing Ronda !
    Bryan vs Lesnar was surprisingly good.
    I was surprised to see the Cruiserweight on the main card, they should always be, they deserve it.

  14. Smackdown urgently needs to get an upgrade to 2h and Raw needs a cut to 2h, just to bring them both to the same level. SDlive is a better show indeed, but there's no doubt on the fact Raw has the best athlets (just because the show itself lasts longer and it has a bigger roster).

  15. oli sucks boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amd boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo davis

  16. Rewarding Nia for seriously hurting their biggest star is total bullshit! It pisses me off that people are gonna let this slide… yea fans booed her but they should of chanted "FIRE NIA!!!" THE ENTIRE MATCH!!! She's dangerous and isn't entertaining…. it's not even heel heat to me… it's literally just a non charismatic dangerous worker that I don't care about in any match she's in or any shape or form… GET RID OF HER! She's not an entertainer!

    It's decisions like this to reward dangerous behavior for the sake of creating yet another heel that are going to sink this company….they don't how know book anything… they don't understand that we want to see some form of story line continuity…. they just jump all over the place and do whatever they think will get any kind of reaction, especially if it's a bad reaction… it's tired, it's boring.. BE CREATIVE WWE!


  17. I loved the show. I think we can still get the babyface Bryan vs Brock match later.

    Bryan's booking made sense as a heel. He was cocky because he had masterplan, but then it turns out he's not as smart as he thought and his plan goes out of the window the first time he gets hit. He's visibly defeated early on (Because he's not "as good" as the babyface he's feuding with – AJ). But through sheer luck he gets a chance to cheat, so he does. Then he's ruthless in his attack on Brock. The only downside is that he inevitably turned part-babyface when he had a hope spot and was showing heart by surviving. But hey, that gave us someone to route for, and he can get his hear back later.

    Either way, Bryan was masterful in his role, and it instantly made him must-see again.

  18. I actually liked what happened between Charlotte and Ronda. Ronda needs to look more human and not win all the time. She's gonna be the female Roman Reigns.

  19. “Just you wait crowd.” Lol. Holy shit SurvivorSeries was so disappointing. Literally only the last two matches were enjoyable for me. 🙁 and not sure how I feel about Bryan losing even iif it was good, because when everyone predicts you’ll lose, and you do, what isbthe WWE title now?

  20. At first I thought the piss segment was dumb for Drake Maverick's character, but then I thought he could spin it as an ingenious ruse, with a Capri Sun in his pants or whatever. That would make it acceptable, but will WWE even address it again? Who knows.

  21. Do we know that heel Charlotte means babyface Becky? I say Becky is awesome with her new badass attitude, so I sure hope she doesn't go back to the old Becky. Keep the BMF attitude, but no longer be forced to insult the fans and stuff like that. I think it could be interesting for both Becky and Charlotte to be BMFs together for a while, before another split.

  22. From the moment they made (turns around) Drake Maverick piss himself I knew that creative and Vince totally lost their mind making him, AOP and 205 Live more or less a joke

    Like always the main roster show couldnt stand a chance against NXT

  23. Everyone will botch just not on camera no one is talking about Rhonda and Alexa.o that's right,she's Romans family so of course hate hate hate.

  24. Re: "Busted Open Ronda's Mouth" Nope. Probably a blood pack and a planned spot. Her mouth stopped bleeding a hell of a lot faster than mouths usually stop bleeding.

  25. I predicted that Monday Night RAW would win it all but I'll give SDL credit for winning the tag team Elimination Match why WWE didn't count it in the final score I'll never know my overall rating – Thumbs in the Middle

  26. Let me just say it outright, CHARLOTTE FLAIR DID NOT TURN HEEL!!! She just went uber face!! Just like becky!! Now, wwe might wanna portray her as a heel, just like they did with becky, but when she shows up on smackdown she will be cheered like a hero. Everyone saw, people loved her when she attacked rousey. They cheered for her for the first time since her feud with becky began. If she is a heel, so is becky. But guess what, the universe loved it!!! I'm looking forward to an alliance between becky and charlotte. just like stone cold and triple h. THE POWER TRIP!!!!!

  27. When I saw Drake Maverick pee in his pants, I thought, "This is what they're doing with him after all this?" I agree with Oli. This isn't positive character development considering the context.

  28. No surprise in this review. After fangirling out to an okay NXT I figured they would hate Survivor Series because it's mainstream… Oh I mean lackluster. Great reviews guys!

  29. Actually Bryan I believe went a bit off script and tried to tire brock off and frustrate him which he did and no spelled lesnar as he smiled while laying sideways without a sweat and lesner was sweating buckets. Bryan showed brock how unfit he was and how slow him reactions are. Lesner even said to heyman quietly and cameraan cut off before it was said I can't believe this shit, what the fuck was that, I can't do this anymore. Which paul reacted with u need to stop. In terms of brock fitness and training I think lesner is falling off his wagon and became incredibly unfit, he is built muscular but his legs are so small and his face was red after one jog round the ring. I'm sorry but Bryan almost as of wanting to help brock made him realise he can't do what he used to in ufc he is to unhealthy at this point

  30. Looking and acting like an idiot. Your parents must be proud. Too bad you can't make a living by acting your age.

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    INSTAGRAM: (@khamileo_salamander)
    FACEBOOK: (Khamileo Salamander)

  32. WWE followed the best PPV of the year with the worst one in my opinion. Didn't like it. Some stuff was great but the bad booking keeps ruining everything. Also I was never into Nia as a character or performer and this booking is just plain stupid to me. Very frustrating show to watch in its entirely smh

  33. Sorry Olie but I disagree. Only children and puppets root for wrestlers based on whether they are faces or heels. I root for wrestlers that are entertaining and perform well in the ring and on the mic.

  34. I was looking forward to seeing what would go down between Ruby and Nattie on the same team. Then they took away the only intriguing element in that match. Super disappointed by that.

  35. NXT War Games only had 4 real matches and 1 few second match and it made Survivor Series look bad. Goes to show that you don't need just big names or even have anywhere from 8 to 12 matches on a card. Just put on some good wrestling and the fans will respond in a very positive way. But, Triple H runs NXT, so I think I speak for every one when I say that Triple H taking over complete control will bring back at the bare minimum Ruthless Aggression Era style matches and storylines. Possibly a slight transition back to the Attitude Era.

  36. I actually really enjoyed Survivor series for the most part. It was organized chaos and I'm one of the fans who love that shit! When WWE tries to make things a little unpredictable during the match even if the ending is predictable, at least it's hella entertaining

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