Chris Jericho’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

Chris Jericho’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

– [Zach] I put out a
poll at the end of 2019 to see who you guys wanted
covered on Bell to Bell in 2020. Out of the 5 wrestlers I picked, Chris Jericho received about
half of the over 32,000 votes. I’m pretty excited to be
looking at Le Champion myself so let’s begin 2K20 with Y2J! Before he was a nine-time
Interconteineal champion, Jericho was a kid who grew up
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada named Chris Irvine. His passion for wrestling
came when he attended local wrestling events and
became exposed to performers such as Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels. At the age of 19, Jericho
began his training under the mentorship of the Hart brothers and he had his first
match in October of 1990. For the next five years, Chris Jericho would travel
and perform across the globe in the U.S., Japan, and Mexico. Things picked up in the mid-90s
when Y2J would debut in ECW. His time in the land of extreme
ended up being pretty brief because WCW quickly took notice of Jericho and signed him in 1996. For the next three years,
the King of the World began to leave his mark
on the wrestling industry. While he was a multiple-time
champion in WCW, probably Jericho’s most memorable moment was his “Man of 1,004
Holds” segment in 1998. But finally, in 1999, after leaving WCW and spending almost a decade wrestling just about everywhere else, Chris Jericho finally arrived in WWE. In the weeks before the
future AEW World Champion made his debut, a clock
would appear that read “Countdown to the Millennium”. The timer hit zero on the
August 9, 1999 episode of “Raw” while the Rock was in the ring. The arena went black and
after a blast of pyro, one of the greatest
entrance themes of all time started playing and there was
Jericho standing on the stage. Y2J stated he was here to save the WWE. The Rock responded back
in his signature fashion before the segment came to an end. For the next couple of weeks, Chris Jericho would
mostly appear backstage and attack other wrestlers. Eventually, though, the
Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla would have his first match
in WWE and it took place on the August 26, 1999
edition of SmackDown. The first person to the ring
was Chris Jericho’s opponent, the Road Dogg Jesse James, who had been attacked by
Y2J on Raw awhile earlier. After the D O Double G gave
Jericho a single DX gesture, the two wrestlers locked up. The King of the World
knocked his opponent down with a shoulder block but
Road Dogg quickly responded with a Monkey Flip and a
clothesline to the outside. New surroundings create new
possibilities and Jericho took advantage of them by shooting one half of the New Age
Outlaws into the steel steps. Chris Jericho then put his
Cruiserweight background to use by going for the top rope. Y2J soon realized he had
jumped the gun as Road Dogg knocked Jericho down and hit a Superplex. Howard Finkel, whom
Jericho had befriended, ran out with a drink in hand
to help revive his buddy but it mostly ended up
in Road Dogg’s face. It turned out to be a good distraction and allowed Jericho to get the upper hand. Y2J’s opponent attempted
to make a comeback but a double arm tilt-a-whirl backbreaker stopped those plans in their tracks. Fuzzy’s future lead vocalist
then decided to bring out a table and set it up in the ring. Everything was going as
planned except that Road Dogg refused to go through the piece of future. After countering with a DDT, the DX member successfully
made his comeback by hitting a series of
his signature moves. Showing his resilience, Jericho kicked out of the
D O Double G’s pin attempt and then power bombed his
opponent through the table, thus disqualifying him. Not content with that, Chris
Jericho locked Jesse James in the Walls of Jericho until
the referees broke it up. A different way to end a debut match but I think it still made Y2J look good. I also liked that there
was a bit of backstory for the match rather than just
throwing the two together. The contest itself was
okay but Chris Jericho would go on to have many
more amazing matches. The first major feud for Jericho was with Chyna and by December, he would beat her to
win his first WWE title, the Intercontinental Championship. Y2J went on to win the belt
another two times in 2000 while also competing against performers such as Chris Benoit,
Kurt Angle, and Triple H. Things got even bigger
for Jericho in 2001, as he would become the first
Undisputed WWE champion when he beat The Rock and
Stone Cold in the same night. He would hold that title
until WrestleMania 18 when he was defeated by Triple H. Shortly after this, the
original brand split began and Y2J was drafted to SmackDown. His time on the blue brand
was brief as he’d be moved to Raw in July of 2002 which ended up being a good decision. On the flagship show, Chris
Jericho formed a tag team with fellow Canadian Christian and they would become
World Tag Team Champions. Like all great tag teams
though, Jericho and Christian would eventually break up and squared off at Wrestlemania 20 with the
latter coming out on top. Other notable moments in
Chris Jericho’s run on Raw included creating a WrestleMania classic with Shawn Michaels in 2003, winning the Intercontinental Championship another three times, and feuding with Goldberg
among other moments. Towards the end of his first run in WWE, Jericho began competing
for the world titles again and his final rivalry before leaving would be with John Cena. After failing to beat Cena
for the WWE championship, the two-faced off one more
time in a You’re Fired match on the August 22, 2005 episode of Raw. As you can probably guess,
the Leader of the Cenation came out on top again and
Y2J’s time with WWE was over. But, after a two-year hiatus, Chris Jericho made his return in 2007. He would go onto have more amazing matches with Shawn Michaels, won
a plethora of titles, and also reinvented his character by becoming a suit-wearing,
low voiced heel. Jericho’s second run lasted a
little less than three years when he was taken off TV in 2010 after receiving a punt
kick from Randy Orton. From here on, Jericho kept on returning and leaving every few years. While he accomplished a lot
and had some fantastic matches, I think the moment that
had the most impact was the List of Jericho. This also led to one of
the best Raw segments in recent history, the
Festival of Friendship. Speaking of which shortly
after losing the US title to Kevin Owens in 2017, Chris Jericho would once
again disappear from WWE. He showed up at the
25th Anniversary of Raw in early 2018 and his final match in the company would take
place only three months later. On April 27th, 2018, WWE
began its controversial series of events in Saudia Arabia
with the Greatest Royal Rumble. Fitting with the name of the show, the main event was a
50-man royal rumble match. Over an hour into the
contest and six competitors still remained in the ring. That was until the 50th
and final wrestler entered into the match which of course was the Living Legend, Chris Jericho. He charged into the ring and
immediately began brawling with his former best friend, Kevin Owens. After knocking down KO,
Y2J kept the momentum going with a Lionsault,
a springboard dropkick, and Code Breaker that allowed him to eliminate Shelton Benjamin. Owens tried to get his revenge, but the purple clothed wrestler countered with the Walls of Jericho. You can only stay on
top for so long though, and Jericho’s onslaught
ended when Big Cass smashed his foot into the
side of the Candian’s head. By the time, Chris Jericho
got back to his feet, Braun Strowman was on a rampage. Y2J attempted to get the
drop on the Monster Among Men after Strowman eliminated Bobby Lashley but Jericho’s plan backfriend and he was sent over the top
rope and landed on the floor. It was a cool surprise having Jericho as the final entrant in the rumble and the brief square off with
Kevin Owens was good too. However, it is a pretty
random way for the career of a legend like Jericho to come to an end and it’s unfortunate that the location overshadows all of that. While his WWE career has
ended, for the time being, Jericho is still very
much a part of wrestling. About a year after his last WWE match, Jericho would join the
new kid on the block, All Elite Wrestling and became their inaugural World Champion in 2019. Additionally, he’s also
been appearing in New Japan and is still apart of Fozzy. It likely depends on how
things in AEW turn out but I think at the very
least we’ll see Jericho inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. To change things up,
tell me in the comments when was the first time
you saw Chris Jericho? I think I first got exposed to him in 2010 but I would consider his return in 2012 to be my first real
experience watching Y2J. Make sure to leave your answer and then check out the
previous episode on Sin Cara. I’m Zach from Tap Out Corner
and that was Bell to Bell!

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  1. Raw Is Jericho, Y2J, List of Jericho, Lionheart, Le Champion. This guy is one of the best wrestler in the world, The Legend, and a G.O.A.T.

  2. I remember watching the man of 1004 holds segment live. What an awesome time in wrestling. He was definitely a standout in Wcw while he was there.

  3. Bro said 2010 was the first time he saw Jericho. Damn I feel old! The first time I saw him was like ‘94 ‘95 🤦🏽‍♂️

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