CM Punk Responds To $1M Wrestling Return! Top NXT Star Injured? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

CM Punk Responds To $1M Wrestling Return! Top NXT Star Injured? | WrestleTalk News May 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments as I can for the first 15 minutes after this video goes live. National Beat Up John Cena Day is often attributed
to AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. But really, the year’s best holiday was
actually founded by Kevin Owens on his main roster debut – which KO celebrated yesterday
with an anniversary tweet: “On this day 2 years ago, I showed up on
#Raw to assault my child’s hero on national television. Happy Anniversary @JohnCena! @WWE”
Owens is such a good dad. It’s a significant moment in anyone’s
childhood, when their father rips apart their beloved icons to reveal the world isn’t
populated by superheroes, but just hordes of confused, morally compromised adults who
have no idea what they’re doing…Wrestling! Yesterday was also notable for British promotion
5 Star Wrestling publicly offering CM Punk $1 million to return to the ring for their
128-man tournament starting next month. Punk left WWE in 2014 under very heated circumstances
and is currently under an exclusive contract with UFC. 5 Star owner Daniel Hinkles said
he’s been trying to contact The Straightedge Superstar since 2015 with the offer, but hasn’t
been able to get through. Although Punk hasn’t made an official response,
he now seems to be aware of 5 Star’s advances, replying to a fan’s joke tweet:
“@CMPunk I’m offering you 1.1 mil to wrestle that Wawa Hoagie on a Pole match in my backyard. Smart Mark will film. $$$”
“sweet. Need half up front. Half of the hoagie.” – with a gif of Scrooge
McDuck taking a very dangerous head first bump into a vat of metal. A quick Google tells me a Wawa Hoagie is a
form of fast food sandwich. Punk doesn’t appear to be on the ‘No Carbs’
Jinder Mahal diet. 5 Star Wrestling’s tournament starts on
the 10th June, so hopefully we’ll find out soon if Punk really is interested. DIY and the Authors of Pain are currently
set to supercollide in an NXT tag team title ladder match at this Saturday’s TakeOver:
Chicago show, but one half of the challengers Tommaso Ciampa was reportedly injured at an
NXT live event last night. Fans at the show have tweeted that the referee
threw up the ‘X’ hand sign – the signal to notify backstage officials an injury is
legitimate – while Ciampa yelled “get me outta here”. He was then helped to the back while his tag
team partner Johnny Gargano looked confused. The plot around this, however, is potentially
rather thick. A singer called Hope Vista posted recently
in a since-deleted tweet: “Tomorrow I am recording lead vocals for WWE star @JohnnyGargano‘s
theme for when he enters the ring. Shall be interesting.” This might mean she’s just recording new
entrance music for DIY, but it has, of course, also led to speculation Ciampa and Gargano
might soon be splitting up. So it’s a lose/lose. Either Ciampa really is injured, or it’s
a work for DIY to split up. If you want to find out mine and Luke Owen’s
NXT TakeOver: Chicago and Backlash predictions, they’ll be in Saturday’s episode of WrestleRamble. Or, if you donate $5 or more on Patreon, you
can watch them right now. In the meantime, check out the most recent
episode where Luke and I decide who won this week’s WWE war – Raw or Smackdown. And one of the top wrestlers in the world
has signed with WWE. Find out who by clicking the videos to the
left, press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. "Scrooge McDuck taking a very dangerous headfirst bump into a vat of metal". This guy needs more subs.

  2. just a random question that has nothing to do with the video but how come aj styles gets to straight away walk into wwe and bobby roode is stuck in nxt for quite a while now

  3. WWE execs have become so desperate that it's pathetic. bringing back great wrestlers is not going to change the fact that the overall product is crap because of the PG rating, bad booking and overall horrible dialogue… WWE is dead.

  4. wtf is this shit?? you guys need to check out what culture instead of making a joke of the business with the stupid host

  5. I thought that was a Flash shirt at first glance, But obviously not.. I'd it a Shazam shirt, or something else? Shazam is dope tho

  6. If he's still contracted with UFC, is it even an option for him to do the tournament?…When's it expire?…

  7. DIY being split up?!


  8. If the million dollar offer isn't a rumour, I don't see why CM Punk wouldn't accept it, but then again, you can't believe everything you hear over the internet. I don't blame him for never coming back to WWE though, even if the offered him a quadrillion dollars.

  9. Wow. You have elements of WhatCulture's Fast Count and Wrestling With Wregret's Who War it Better and you have half the views and none of the charisma.

  10. So about Gargano and Ciampa…. best thing to happen in NXT ever. This is going to be an awesome rivalry. Ciampa has THE LOOK of a super heel, while Gargano is a straight up babyface. And Ciampa, as well respected as he is, will get the heat he deserves as a super heel (heels getting heat is in today's wrestling world, a sign of respect). Gargano will have the crowd behind him in a traditional babyface way.

    Friggin brilliant!

  11. STOP! STOP fucking saying "the Jinder Mahal zero carbs diet." We all know he's on an all Wisterol diet! & the zero carb diet has been around since 1998, remember Atkins? Stop talking like its some new rage.

  12. Cm punk is fuckin trash he can't wrestle for real and fake he got destroyed at ufc and in wwe he trash as well.

  13. Wawa is far much better than anything you can get at a fast food place. Dont ever disgrace Wawa's great sandwiches by comparing them to that piece of crap chain fast food place subway. Im from Jersey, home of hoagies and we love wawa out here. #Hoagiefest coming soon. love your show by the way haha.

  14. 1:31 – 1:34 "CM Punk Responds to $1M Wrestling Offer" "Although Punk hasn't made an official response…" … … well I guess that's the level of integrity & quality of this channel's content then lmao

  15. Title: CM Punk responds to $1 million wrestling return offer!
    Content: "Although CM Punk hasn't made an official response…"

  16. The fact I live in South Jersey and there are WaWas all around me, I loved the little bit about the hoagie, lol.

  17. i wish that Cm Punk could face off against Kevin Owens in his return at scotttrade center at mitb where he is quite familiar with and he could be the new us champion if I was going to be in the front row and I could give him a hug and maybe just maybe he is always the best in the world

  18. trying to find a fight and keep getting these fucking faggot wwe links dude get a fucking life nobody gives a fuck about your gay fantasies stop posting bullshit all your views are from people trying to find real fights now i know why god kills people cos idiots like you need to go FUCK GAY FAKE WRESTLING

  19. Why don't you talk about how bad the tag teams are or how about why aren't the young talent isn't getting a good poch or why wwe just get ride of good talent maybe wwe should step back a little bit

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