100 thoughts on “Cole makes Dunne pay a painful price after top rope leap: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)

  1. Survivor Series has been a great PPV. The Chicago crowd shows how a hot crowd can make a PPV better. They've been loud all night. Cole vs. Dunn watch match of the night. Good world title matches. Traditional SS matches were good. NXT War Games was sick too. AEW is definitely making WWE step it up a notch. I like it.

  2. My goodness Pete Dunn… a grown man wearing a leotard and he sure does have a good reason to wear a mouthpiece.🤢🤮
    A Royal mouthful of rotten teeth.

  3. How many Red Bulls did Adam Cole drank ? Bcs he competed almost everyday from last week until today , the guy really is Undisputed !

  4. It is so irritating when they call shining wizard (front) the last shot. It's only the last shot if it's the shining wizard to the back of the head. They have announced that many people have kicked out of the last shot because of them not knowing that. Please tell Michael, Nigel, and Mauro, please.

  5. Adam Cole should be named Superstar of the Year,,,on every pay per view matches he has been putting himself into,,dang! This guy is next level talent

  6. Why must wwe ruin adam cole entrance?you could of shown his yesterday match before the title match..I wanted to see his bay bay pop at his entrance.

  7. Adam Cole the real work horse of WWE, just when I think to myself should at least one member of UE lose a title they show me why they deserve gold for all of 2020!

  8. They could have made a better booking for Adam Cole . Come on,guys he is nxt champion ,they could have made Adam Cole Vs Seth Rollins so that he could get a spotlight like other nxt stars in survivor series

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