Cotto vs. Canelo 2015 – Full Fight

Cotto vs. Canelo 2015 – Full Fight

[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.♪ ♪– Hello, again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On May 7, HBO Pay-Per-View
will bring you live to Las Vegas for an unexpected treat, the showdown between
Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan as Amir Khan moves up
from welterweight to fight for the lineal middleweight
championship of the world against Alvarez. To help get you ready for that, we’re going to look back
at Canelo’s last appearance in the ring, his signature
assignment last November here in Las Vegas
against Miguel Cotto. Let’s take a look back. [bell dings]Round 1 begins.Everyone’s on their feet.As Max pointed out,
there’s not only an expectation
but also a tremendous hope
on the part of boxing fans
that tonight
this will deliver,
and there’s every reason
to believe that it will.
Jones: I’ll tell you what,
Canelo comes out
winging a big left hooklike he’s trying to make
a statement to Cotto
that he has just as good a hook
as Cotto has.
Lampley: Signature punch
from Miguel Cotto
is the left hook
to the rib cage.
Canelo Alvarez
has a pretty doggone good
left hook of his own.They’re standing in the center
of the ring
trying to land big stuff.Kellerman: This is
a pins-and-needles
kind of fight already.[crowd yelling and cheering]Lampley: I ran into
Freddie Roach in the hallway
outside my room this morning
and said,
“Freddie, are you going to box
the first few rounds?”
And he said,
“Yes, we will.
We believe we can outbox him.”Body shot by Canelo.Cotto getting in a little
right hand upstairs.
Mostly they’ve been missing
early on.
Kellerman: But throwing
heavy leather.
Lampley: Good jab by Canelo.He has slightly
the longer arms, it appears.
Cotto high with those
left hooks,
hasn’t gone down to the bottom
of the rib cage,
where he does the most damage.Jones: Good jab by Cotto.Lampley: Both fighters
seeming now to settle down
and relax a little bit.There was tension early on.Good quick left hook inside
by Cotto.
Now good left hook by Canelo.Hard right hand to the body
by Canelo Alvarez.
Jones: Good body shot.
Lampley: Body shots by Cotto.
Left hand to the solar plexus
by Cotto was a good shot.
Jones: Yep,
and he’s stepping around;
he gets to the left
or to the right
as he delivers,
He’s not staying right there
in the middle when he attacks.
Kellerman: Best work
has been done to the body
by both guys so far.Lampley: Cotto believes
he has a footwork advantage
and can step around Canelo.Canelo will come
straight forward in his view
to land his shots.[cheers and applause]Quick left hook by Cotto,and he moves laterally
as soon as he lands the punch.
Lateral movement clearly a part
of the Cotto plan early on.
Good right hand by Canelo.[cheers and applause]
And the left hook.
Crowd loves that.Left to the body by Canelo.Jones: Cotto up on his toes
boxing early,
like they said he would do.
– Bell, bell!Lampley: Pretty even round,not much to differentiate
the two fighters
either way in round number 1.– Here you go. Nice job. Water. All right,
that was your round. Now, you keep
boxing this guy, and his jab’s a little long
for you, all right? But I think when you
land the first one, I’d like to see you step in
with another one, okay? – A second one, yeah.
– Right? ‘Cause you’ve been–kept wanting
to steal it. Back him up with the double jab,
all right? – Yeah.
– Nice combinations, though. The body shots work well,
okay? Keep that body work,
all right? Very good. [both inhale deeply] – Go ropes, all right?
Go ropes. – Yeah.
– Okay. [whistle blows]
man: Ready!
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round 1–
I said it was an even round–they each landed 8 punches,Cotto 8 out of 54,
Alvarez 8 out of 33.
[bell dings]
Small edge for Cotto–
or for Canelo, I should say–
in power shots.
He landed 6 power shots to 5
for Cotto by CompuBox count.
As I said,
not much to differentiate
the two fighters
in round number 1.
Right hand upstairs
for Cotto.
Kellerman: First round
could have legitimately
been scored either way.Lampley: Harold Lederman
gave it to Cotto,
who threw more punches
in the round.
Jones: One fascinating event
is that Cotto is throwing
a straight-right lead
more than we’ve ever seen him
throw it before;
after the jab sometimes,
sometimes he’s throwing
a straight right.
[cheers and applause]Doesn’t look like a very
powerful or effective
straight right,
but he’s using it.
Lampley: Probably to set up
left hooks later on.
Jones: More than likely.Lampley: Jab for Cotto.Canelo ducking underneath
the second one.
crowd: Cotto! Cotto! Cotto! Cotto! Cotto! Cotto!Lampley: Neither fighter fights
at a particularly fast pace,
but it’s Cotto who is throwing
more punches early on,
and throwing more punches
can steal rounds
when neither fighter
is landing all that much.
Jones: Yes, it can,
and it seems as though
Canelo learned
from the Mayweather fight
that he has to be
more aggressive
early in these fights,
or he’s gonna fall behind,
because here he’s being
much more aggressive
early in this fight
than we expected to see him.
Aggressive by meaning–
aggressive by throwing
power shots
and trying to crowd Cotto
a little bit.
Jones: And keeping
the pressure on
staying right in Cotto’s face.Kellerman: Yeah, he’s
the bigger, younger fighter,
and he’s trying to impose that
on the older, smaller guy.
Lampley: Jab lands for Cotto.
Second one missed.
Kellerman: And the older,
smaller guy is using his timing
to catch Canelo,
you know,
off rhythm in between
when Canelo’s ready for it.
Lampley: Canelo fired
the right uppercut,
which was a big weapon
against Kirkland,
but he was using it
as a counter against Kirkland.
Kirkland was wide open.This was different.Cotto was guarding.Jones: Good counter right hand
by Canelo.
Lampley: Followed by the jab,
followed by a left hook.
Canelo starting to get
a little bit more active now
as we come down the stretch
of round number 2.
[crowd chanting and cheering]Already you see Miguel Cotto
throwing 31 more punches
by CompuBox count than Canelo.That can steal rounds.Kellerman:
Canelo’s right-hand counter
has been his best shot so far,
I think.
He’s landed four of them really
well in the first two rounds.
Jones: Yes, he did,
and the difference in this
is that Canelo has power
in both hands;
Cotto only shows power
in the left hook.
But he did land a good
straight right right there.
Kellerman: They’re both doing
good work in spots.
[bell dings]
– Time! Time!Lampley: And you saw a shot
of Melissa Cotto earlier.
There’s Ana Alvarez
along with Nelda Sepulveda,
who is Cotto’s girlfriend–or, excuse me,
Canelo’s girlfriend.
That’s Canelo mother
and Canelo’s girlfriend
seated at ringside.– [speaking Spanish] – Just relax. You’ve got to advance
and move in there good. When you’re gonna push in,
flex your waist. Flex your waist. You got to fake him. When he attacks you,
leave him short. Leave him short; you’re leaving
him short, and he ducks. You got to move him. Flex your waist and move in,
okay, but when you go in,
you got to get him. You got to–got to
throw more of that left, more left. – Just–he’s got nothing, okay?
All right? If you don’t back him up,
he’ll come forward, okay? All right, keep backing
this guy up when you can, okay? It’s very good. Your jab is doing a great job,
okay? All right? Your right hand
and your body shots behind that are working really well,
okay? – All right.
– It was a great round.Jones: Here we see
Miguel Angel Cotto
land this straight-right lead
right down the pipe.
Not the most powerful punch
but a beautiful setup punch…
[whistle blows]
A beautiful lead.
You can’t ask for a more clean
right hand–
cleaner placed right hand
than that.
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round 2:
Cotto was 10 of 55,
Alvarez 8 of 41.
So Cotto has thrown
more punches in both rounds,
landed one more punch than
Alvarez so far in the fight.
9-5 power advantage for Cotto
in that round.
Kellerman: It’s a nip-and-tuck
kind of a fight.
So far, what we can see
is that Canelo Alvarez
is not Delvin Rodriguez
or Sergio Martinez at the end
or Daniel Geale.He’s a different level fighter,and the improvement
that Freddie Roach has made
in Miguel Cotto
have brought him up to a level
where he’s competing
on even terms with Canelo.
Jones: Yes, it is,
but I can tell you right now,
Canelo is the sharper puncher
tonight, Max, by far.
Kellerman: Agreed.Lampley: And we agreed
that both fighters
have been relatively
conservative so far
looking not to make a mistake,and now Canelo begins
to open up in round number 3
landing a body shot, trying for
the right hand over the top.
Good hard shot by Canelo
up the middle.
– Pick ’em up.
Pick ’em up.Lampley: Heard Robert Byrd
telling him to pick it up.
There’s a good right hand
by Canelo.
man: Ooh!Lampley: Alvarez blocking
the left hook
with his right hand.[cheers and applause]
Lands a straight right.
Crowd likes that.Best round so far, by far,
for Canelo Alvarez,
who’s stepping up the action.Now takes a right hand
from Cotto.
Kellerman: As expected,
where Cotto has the advantage,
it’s when his superior feet
put him in position
to land punches, and when
Canelo has the advantage,
it’s when his hands, feet,
and reach
puts him
in the position to land.
Jones: Of course,
but that right hand right there
from Cotto had a little sting
on it.
Lampley: Counter left inside
by Canelo.
Now the jab lands for Alvarez
as well.
Jones: Canelo is showing
a good jab
and a good left hook so far.Lampley: Much more active
in the third round
and seizing the initiative here
a little bit from Miguel Cotto
after Cotto outthrew him
in the first two rounds.
Now Cotto seems to feel
the need
to throw more punches himself.Jones: Good jab by Cotto.Two good jabs by Cotto.[crowd chanting]
Lampley: Timing.
Miguel Cotto has great timing
on his jab,
and he is frustrating
Canelo Alvarez
with this sharp timing
right now.
This is a good round.Both fighters have done
some damage.
Kellerman: Canelo just looks
so much bigger
physically than Cotto.Jones: Oh,
good right hand by Canelo.
Lampley: Hard right hand
by Canelo.
Jones: Good hook by Cotto.[cheers and applause] [loud tapping]Lampley: Well, you get a sense
here in round number 3
that the fight is beginning.The boxing match has been going
for three rounds.
The fight is coming
at some point.
– Okay, excellent. Now, you’re getting the jab.
You’re getting the range. Very good, okay? Now, after you land those jabs
and that two jabs, okay, I need some head movement, ’cause he’s always gonna
come back, okay? – All right. – Don’t stand up in front
of him, okay? – After the jabs,
move now. – Yes, okay?
– Shoulders. – All right, angles,
movement, okay? Make him chase you,
okay? – All right.
– All right? You’re scoring really good…Jones: Here you see Cotto
get stopped in his tracks
by a beautiful left jab
by Canelo Alvarez
right as he was throwing a jab.Then you see Canelo counter
this jab from Cotto.
Dips right under it
with a beautiful straight right
over the top, and his straight
right hand’s keel on it
is not quite like the same
straight right hand
that Cotto is throwing at him.Lampley: CompuBox numbers
showed a good round
for Alvarez,
13 out of 45.
All 13 of the landed punches
were power shots.
Cotto was 9 of 58.Now we go to round number 4
of a scheduled 12.
Harold, how do you have it
through three?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I got it 2 rounds to 1,
29-28 Canelo Alvarez.I tell you, Jim,
I’m impressed the way,
you know,
the way he’s walking him down
and landing the power shots,
just like that.
Backs him up,
walks him down,
and belts him
with a right hand.
You know, it shows real skill
that Canelo’s got.
I mean, for a kid
that’s 25 years old,
he fights for a guy that
looks like he’s much older
and with much more experience.On the other hand,
Miguel Cotto boxes nicely,
lands a lot of jabs,but I just don’t think
he’s doing as much damage
as Canelo is,
like there with the right hand.
Lampley: Well,
that was the hardest punch
of the fight so far, that
right hand by Miguel Cotto.
Thank you very much, Harold.
Lederman: You’re welcome, Jim.
Lampley: 29-28 Canelo on
the Harold Lederman scorecard.
it could be anything
on the three official
judges’ scorecards,
’cause these have been
relatively close rounds.
Kellerman: That’s why Freddie
wants the head movement
and the angles from Cotto,because Canelo has the heart
of a champion.
When you go at him,
he comes back at you.
And so when Cotto lands those
one or two or three shots,
Freddie wants him out of there
with Canelo chasing.
Jones: And Canelo came out
throwing a strong left hook
to show Cotto that he was
willing to exchange
left hooks with him
if he wanted to throw the hook.
Lampley: Now here comes Cotto
with left hook,
left hook, left hook,one to the body,
two to the head.
His primary weapon
well in evidence now
as we get into the
middle portion of the fight.
Kellerman: The feeling is,
Canelo’s not good at chasing.
He wants you to be
in punching range.
Lampley: Talked about
the timing on Cotto’s jab.
Now Canelo is starting to time
his jab effectively.
Jones: See that hook
right there?
Lampley: Right there, yep.Jones: That hook slows
your opponent down
from throwing his own hook.[cheers and applause]Lampley: They trade body shots.Cotto got in a good left hook.Canelo came back with a hard
counter right hand to the body.
You saw Canelo’s mastery
of range there.
Cotto sticking the jab
and not quite getting it
to Canelo’s face.Jones: Good body shot
by Canelo.
Lampley: Sometimes he leaves
himself open
when he throws
those body shots,
so you wonder
if Cotto’s gonna land
the big counter upstairs
at some point.
Kellerman: Well,
Canelo’s very good
against a stationary target,and Cotto being the shorter guy
has to at times get inside
to land those punches,
making him a target for Canelo.
Lampley: Closing seconds
of round number 4.
Cotto trying to come backin the closing stages
of the round.
Another close,
difficult round to score.
[cheers and applause][relaxing music]♪ ♪– Good round.
– [breathing sharply] – Great. All right, now,
you’re getting your rhythm. All right,
you’re backing him up. Okay, now, that’s
the key, okay. When you land that jab and you’re taking that slack up
and back him up to the ropes, he’s got nothing,
okay, all right? – With that left, and then bring
that right back, okay? Shot, shots, move, hit,
and then come back out and then with that right hand up
and more punches.Jones: This is Canelo’s
best punch right here
so far of the fight.He lands a straight ja–
a straight right hand
right over the top
of Cotto’s low jab,
’caused Cotto’s legs to just
kind of freeze for a second,
but he didn’t appear
to be hurt by it.
Lampley: Well, so far,
it’s clear that Cotto
is effective with his footworkand can at times
outwork Alvarez,
but on the other hand,Canelo’s punches
seem more powerful, Roy.
Jones: They’re more crisp
and more powerful and more–
he would be the sharper
of the two guys tonight.
But we have to see how long
he can hold this.
Kellerman: And you heard
Freddie a round ago
wanted Cotto, “Movement,
have Canelo chase you.”
Now he wants Cotto
to back Canelo up
and put him on the ropes,maybe feeling that Cotto
had some success
in the last round
and now it’s time to step it up
a little bit.Jones: Or that Canelo
is getting too confident.
Lampley: You saw
that Harold Lederman
gave the fourth round to Cotto,evening it
on the Lederman scorecard
two rounds apiece.Kellerman: Good hook
to the body by Cotto.
Canelo acknowledged it.Lampley: It’s being reported
to me that on Twitter,
several of the ringside writers
are revealing their scores,
and some of them
are 4-0 Canelo so far.
Jones: Good right hand
by Canelo.
That may have hurt Cotto again.Kellerman:
That’s a possible score.
The first round could have gone
either way,
and so could the fourth.Lampley: We don’t know,
of course,
what the official judges
are doing
as they score the fight
as they go along.
We can tell you what Harold…
Jones: Oh!
Lampley: And Twitter
can tell you the others.
And there’s a hard left hand
for Canelo Alvarez.
Jones: Hard left uppercut.Canelo is really doing
some great feinting
to cause Cotto some issues
right now.
Lampley: But Cotto comes back
with a flurry of punches
of his own.Jones: Yeah,
he had to do something, Jim.
He was losing momentum bad
right there.
Kellerman: And what’s the story
of the fight so far?
The bigger man is able
to absorb, it seems,
the little man’s shots
with greater ease
than when the little man
gets hit.
He seems to move more
and get stung more.
Jones: And Cotto’s shots
right now
seem to have no effect
on Alvarez.
Lampley: He’s able to walk
through some of these punches
and keep going forward.Cotto’s side-to-side movement
stops Canelo from throwing,
but when Canelo throws,
he lands and lands sharply.
Jones: Oh, good overhand.
Lampley: Like that.
Like that.Kellerman: And then Cotto
does the right thing
by making those little stands,
where he flurries,
because you’ve got to break
the momentum of the bigger guy.
Jones: Just seems to be too big
for Cotto at this point.
Lampley: Good hard
left uppercut by Cotto–
or, excuse me,
by Alvarez.
Cotto seems to realize nowthat he’s gonna need
to volume Canelo.
He’s gonna need to throw
more punches,
because when Canelo lands,the crowd and some at ringside
are going “ooh” and “ahh.”
Hard right hand by Alvarez.That one moved Cotto.Jones: Yeah,
he’s definitely
the sharper puncher tonight,
and being the bigger guy
is giving him
all of the advantages.– Four, three, two… [bell dings]
[cheers and applause]Lampley: That’s the Cotto
family at ringside,
wife Melissa in the middle,Miguel’s mother
to the far side.
[pop music]– Miguel, deep breath.
Thattaboy. – [inhales sharply] – Take a deep breath. – All right, now, you let him
dictate the pace that time, okay? – All right. I can’t.
– All right? You’ve got to get back
on the jab, and you back him up
with the jab, all right? Double jab.
Take the slack up, okay? – All right. – Do not let him come forward,
okay? He’s strong coming forward,
okay? You stop him in his tracks
with the jab every time. – All right.
– All right? Set these up.
Double jab.Jones: Here you see Canelo
do the old Roberto Duran,
feint the right hand and come
with a beautiful
left uppercut up the middle.I thought only me and
Roberto Duran could do that,
but I see that Canelo
has it too.
Lampley: Now there are three.
Jones: [laughs]
man: Six.
Lampley: Power punches
in the fifth round:
Alvarez 10 of 20,
Cotto 6 of 17.
Canelo with a 14-to-6
landed punch advantage
in that round.
Kellerman: The effect
of Cotto’s shots
on Delvin Rodriguez,
on Sergio Martinez,
on Daniel Geale
were devastating,
and that has not been the case
here tonight.
Canelo’s ability to absorb themis the difference
in the fight so far.
Lampley: Well, one of
the questions coming in was,
what exactly was the import
of Cotto’s
three sensational wins in a row
under Freddie Roach?
Was it because he was so greatand had been taken
to another level,
or was it because all three
of those opponents
were severely compromised
when he fought them?
Jones: And that was
a beautiful left hook–
I mean, a straight right hand
by Canelo again,
but, Max,
what I was gonna say was,
all those three hooks
that you were talking about
against those opponents,
he was coming forward.
Today he is going backwards
and is circling.
He’s no good going backwards
and circling.
That’s the difference that
Freddie Roach had made in him.
Kellerman: That’s why Freddie
wants him to double on that jab
and come in
pushing Canelo back.
[cheers and applause]Lampley: Good combination
by Alvarez.
He reversed it,
threw the right, then the left,
and landed heavily
with both shots.
Jones: Yeah, he pretty slick.He’s showing some really
slick stuff tonight, Jim.
Lampley: There’s a good
body shot by Cotto
with the right hand.And he hasn’t landed one
of his signature left hooks
to Canelo’s body.Jones: Well, Canelo is doing
a great job of defending it
and sending a left hook
of his own at Cotto
anytime Cotto goes towards
the body with the left hook,
so those are the two big
reasons he hasn’t thrown it.
Lampley: That and the fact
that Canelo’s very dangerous
with the right hand.Jones: Yep, making him keep
that left hand at home.
Lampley: Good body shot
by Cotto there.
Jones: See, Cotto’s punches
just don’t seem to have
the steam on them
that they normally have
against those smaller guys,because he’s going backwards
Kellerman: Or circling.Jones: Yes.Lampley: Freddie Roach
kept saying to him,
“Don’t let Canelo
come forward.
You need to back him up.”Freddie doesn’t think
that Canelo’s a good fighter
going backward, but he isn’t
going backward tonight.
He’s been able to go forward
most of the time.
Kellerman: If you had to guess
what these guys weigh,
’cause neither
weighed in today,
Cotto looks
a little heavier maybe
than he was when he weighed in
yesterday at 153 1/2 pounds,
probably about
150-something pounds,
and Canelo looks like
a super middleweight at least.
[cheers and applause]Lampley: So the size advantage
seems to be showing up
as we come toward
the middle point of the fight.
20 seconds left
in the sixth round.
Another round
in which they’ve landed
just about an equal number
of punches,
but Canelo’s punches
have more effect.
Jones: Much more effect.– Six, five, four, three, two… [bell dings]
Lampley: Halfway through.[cheers and applause] – Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Where’s the bag? How are you feeling?
Good. All right, several–we got
to throw more combinations. We got to light it up. Good? Yes. Yes. You got to throw more punches,
okay? You’re doing good defense,
but you got to punch more. Punch more. You got to throw
much more punches. Throw more punches,
son. Don’t just stay here close up
and catching punches. If you’re gonna stay there… – Okay?
[speaking Spanish]Jones: Here you see Canelo
land a right body shot first
to pull the hands down,beautiful body shot
right on the waistline
to make the left hand
come down.
Then you see him come back,and this is when you know
a guy feel like–
feels like he’s in control.Instead of going down with it,he looks down
and comes over the top with it.
So he’s in full control
right now
and being able to do
anything that he wants to do,
and that’s not good for Cotto.[bell dings]Lampley: So it’s been a pretty
good first half of the fight
for Canelo,
or so it would seem.
Now we go to the second half
of the fight.
Early in the seventh round,
as you can see in the picture,looking like the larger man
in the ring.
how do you have it through 6?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I’ve got it 4 rounds to 2,
58-56 Canelo Alvarez.You know, Jim, in rounds 4–
no, rounds 5 and round 6,
Canelo really got
into his game.
He backed the guy up.He–you know,
he’s walking him down,
moving forward,
landed the harder shots,
just like that,
two hard right hands.
He’s doing more damage.That’s all there is to it.4 to 2 Canelo Alvarez.Kellerman: Even if you look
at the way this round started,
Cotto was active,
Canelo took a few shots,
and then it was like,“Okay, that’s all you got,
little guy?
Here I come.”Jones: Yep, yep, exactly.Kellerman: Canelo’s corner
wants more activity.
Lampley: Hard body shot
from Canelo.
Cotto seems to be searching
for an answer.
He knows he needs to try
to back Canelo up,
so now he’s trying
to step up the pace.
[cheers and applause]Activity level going up.The more they trade,the more dangerous
it seems to become for Cotto.
Jones: Mainly because it’s like
he’s trading with one hand,
and now Canelo’s trading
with two.
The only thing he seems
to be able to hurt Canelo with
is a left hook,
if he hits him.
He don’t even know that
that can hurt him or not.
But Canelo seems to be able
to hurt him
with a straight right hand,
a left uppercut,
a left hook, a right uppercut,
a body shot–
Lampley: And there.Jones: Exactly.
Good hook by Cotto there.
Kellerman: Cotto’s
gonna have to commit
to that hook to the body.Jones: And he’s not doing it
right now
because he’s the smaller man.You do not want to commit
and trade with a bigger guy.
Now it’s on Freddie Roach.
Freddie Roach is the greatest
trainer in the sport
and the one most capable
of making an adjustment
that can change a fight.This fight needs to be changedfor Miguel Cotto
to have a chance to win it.
Jones: Well, when you say
it’s on Freddie Roach,
but Freddie Roach
can tell you what to do;
Freddie Roach can’t
go out there and apply it.
And he told him to go forward
and push him back.
And he’s trying,
but he’s not going back.
He’s steadily coming forward
because he’s too big.
[cheers and applause]Kellerman: You’re right;
it’s not that Cotto’s
not landing punches.He is landing punches.Jones: Just that he is so small
that Canelo
has no fear for him.See,
then that right hand,
that wouldn’t hurt Canelo
[loud tapping]Lampley: Cotto landed
a left inside.
Byrd: Six, five,four, three…Jones: Even the left hook,
he’s just not sharp tonight.[cheers and applause][upbeat music]– Good round.♪ ♪– Better, okay? – That’s better, right?
– Yep. All right, now you–
you’re getting in charge of everything, okay? All right, you’re backing him
with the jab, okay? Now, you’re backing him up
with that double jab. I think you have
the right hand there, okay? But you have to be
right behind it, okay? All right,
don’t reach for him. If he steps back, keep stepping
in with the jab, all right? Double jab, right hand right
down the middle for me, okay? – All right, all right.
– All right?Jones: Another sign
of the growing confidence,
he steps back off
of a straight-right lead,
which he’s not afraid of,
throws a right uppercut,
then slips the left hook.Wow, and the only punch
he’s caught by is a jab
that causes him no problem
at the end of it.
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
through 7,
Cotto 75 out of 380,Alvarez 76 out of 255.And, again, if they land
an equal number of shots,
Canelo’s are harder shots.Jones: Oh.Lampley: Another left uppercut
lands for Canelo.
Kellerman: It buckled
Cotto’s knees a bit.
Jones: Yeah, that hurt
pretty bad there, Max,
and that come from reaching
at him with that jab.
Just what they told him to do.Back him up with the jab.Kellerman: Freddie Roach
wanted Canelo for Cotto.
He saw Canelo…[cheers and applause]Ooh, good action.Good, real tough exchanges
from both guys.
Lampley: Good body shot
by Cotto,
one of his best of the fight.Alvarez answers the body shot
with one of his own.
Tremendous uppercut
for Alvarez,
another uppercut,
a right hand across the top.
Cotto lands a left hook,
tried to land another one.
[cheers and applause]Best action of the fight
so far.
Left hook lands for Cotto.Right uppercut lands
for Canelo.
[cheers and applause]Jones: Canelo is just
the sharper guy tonight so far.
Lampley: Bigger hitter.Jones: Right now.Lampley: Bigger man,
bigger hitter.
Jones: Like that. Like that.
That hurt.
Those hurt Cotto.Lampley: He is gradually
getting Cotto into trouble
from the accumulation
of punishment.
Kellerman: These are
furious exchanges,
and the difference is
one guy’s ability
to absorb it over the other.Jones: Oh,
good exchange of hooks.
Lampley: Tremendous left hook
by Cotto.
Alvarez answers with a right
and a left.
Hard right hand
by Canelo Alvarez!
Tremendous round!And it’s still
only halfway done.
Looks like Miguel Cotto
has decided
he needs to make a stand.Kellerman: Yes, he’s trying
to break Canelo’s momentum,
and he’s paying a price
to do it,
but he is landing
his own big shots.
Those were some
terrific exchanges.
[cheers and applause]Jones: Good hook by Cotto.Lampley: Three great punches
by Cotto.
Jones: And that was a–Lampley: And Canelo took them
and stood right there
and landed a return shot
of his own.
Jones: But that was a beautiful
combination by Cotto.
Kellerman: I was saying,
before that fight broke out,
that Freddie Roach saw Canelo
at Wild Card
when Canelo first got
to the United States,
and based on what he’s seen
from Canelo,
he really likes–
he liked this fight
for his fighter, Cotto,
but it’s obvious
that Canelo has improved
since then.
Lampley: Tremendous body shot
with the right hand
by Canelo Alvarez.The book on Alvarez is that
he can have stamina problems.
So we’ll be watching
down the stretch of the fight
to see if he’s able
to maintain the pace.
Kellerman: Good right
to the body by Cotto.
Lampley: He’s fighting
very hard in this round.
But you see the difference
in power punches landed.
Canelo’s almost tripled Cotto
in power shots in this round
despite the number
of good, hard, clean shots
we’ve seen Cotto landing here.Kellerman: Cotto’s jab
is usually like a power shot,
but not against Canelo.– Five, four, three, two…Jones: Good shot.[bell dings] [cheers and applause]Lampley:
Best round of the fight,
fairly close to even,
but, again,
the thunder being from Canelo.– More pressure now. How are you feeling? Good. Great. I don’t want you to do things
you don’t need to do, all right, son? He hit you with a straight shot.
Why? Because you were
overconfident there. You’re playing around. – All right. – All right, and you want to
land those shots like that, and you’re never hit. Don’t stay too long, okay? – All right. – All right, now, here,
the biggest thing, don’t throw the lazy jab,
okay? He’s gonna counter with
the right hand over the top. All right? I think your double jab
right hand will work…Jones: Here you see
Cotto come in,
best flurry of the fight
for him, I think.
He started with
straight-right lead
that was partially blocked.Then he threw a jab
that wasn’t blocked,
a good right hook to the body,
left hook to the body,
left hook to the head.Left hook to the head,
was not as sharp finishing
as he wanted.
There, that was a straight
kind of left hand but jab
at the end of the round.Lampley: CompuBox found Cotto
landing 13 of 60
and Canelo 21 of 43
in that round
with Canelo with an 18 edge
in power shots.
The judges mostly see
how many punches you throw,
so Cotto was trying to stop
what appeared to be
something of a losing streak
by rounds,
and Harold Lederman gave him
the eighth round
as some of the other judges
might have as well.
Kellerman: I can see that.
I can see that.
It seemed like the narrative
of the fight
had been established, but Cotto
interrupted it last round,
but the punch stats
say otherwise.
Lampley: And the question is,
how big a price did Cotto pay
to change the momentum
of the fight?
Can he keep it up?Jones: But he just landed
a good straight right
earlier in this round,probably his best one
of the night.
Kellerman: And you hear
the difference in the reaction
of the corners.Freddie Roach in Cotto’s corner
was saying, “Okay, that’s good.
Now I think we can also
do this.”
And in Canelo’s corner,
they were saying,
“We don’t like what you did
there so much.”
Lampley: Yes,
and they’re saying,
“You were overconfident.”Jones: And they were talking
about that jab
at the end of the round.‘Cause like they said,that really could have been
a left hook
or a semi-overhand left,
and it could’ve been dangerous.
That’s what they’re
worried about.
Good right hand
by both fighters.
– All right, break.
Break! Break! [speaking Spanish]Jones: Oh, good uppercut.[cheers and applause]Cotto threw
a good body shot there.
It didn’t land,
but he threw a good one.
Lampley: No, the real
Miguel Cotto is beginning
to show up now.There’s the left hook
to the body,
which is his best punch.And there’s Canelo answering
the left hook to the body
with his own left hook
to the body.
Jones: Three good jabs
by Cotto too.
Oh, good hook.Lampley: Quick hard left hook
might have hurt Cotto.
[cheers and applause]That was great footwork
by Canelo.
Jones: Oh, good uppercut.
Kellerman: I think Cotto
blocked it, Roy.
Jones: The uppercut?
Kellerman: Yeah.
Jones: Okay.Lampley: Good jabs by Cotto.Canelo seems willing
to take those jabs
to get a better look.Jones: Oh, good hook by Canelo.Kellerman: That was
a good hook.
Lampley: Quick left hooks
by Canelo,
three of them in this round
blistering Cotto.
Jones: Oh, good uppercut
by Canelo.
Lampley: There’s another one.Jones: And Cotto comes
right back off of it, though.
I’m impressed.Lampley: He’s got a great chin.
Jones: Yes, he does.
Kellerman: It does look
as though
when Canelo hits him
with those shots,
“Uh, this is going bad
for Cotto,”
but then he doesn’t
actually wobble.
Jones: No, he comes right back
and throws
three or four of his own.The only thing is, they don’t
have the velocity on ’em
that Canelo’s punches have.[loud tapping] – Eight, seven,six, five, four,three, two, one. [bell dings]
[cheers and applause]Lampley:
3/4 of the way through.
– Great. Where’s the bag?
How are you feeling? Good. Good. All right, there’s three more,
son. You’ve got to do strong rounds,
son, strong rounds. You’re stronger than he is.
You’re faster than he is. But you give him time. – Okay? We got to press him
again, okay? And we can’t let him
back us up, okay? – Yeah, all right.
– All right? – 9 more minutes. – You know, you back him up
with the jab, all right? Throw combinations
right behind it, okay? – Yeah.
– All right? All right, but, yeah, don’t
stay in the pocket too long. But do–all right,
do this for me, okay?Jones: Here’s when you know
you got two
really good fighters
in action.
You see one come and throw
a body shot, body shot,
then the other counters
with a body shot–
or a head shot, body shot,
mainly the body shot, though.
That’s when you know you got
two real competitors in action,
top-notch competitors.Lampley: Now here comes
round 10 of a scheduled 12.
Midway through the fight,Harold Lederman
on his unofficial scorecard
had Canelo in charge
by a couple of points.
Harold, how do you have it now
through 9?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I’ve got it 87-83–
87-84, 6 rounds to 3,
Canelo Alvarez.
You know, Jim, Miguel Cotto
takes a great punch.
He looks like
he ain’t getting hurt.
But what you’re judging is,
is, who’s doing more damage?
And there’s no doubt about it.The flat-footed Mexican
is doing more damage.
He’s coming forward.He’s landing monstrous shots.And Cotto starts showing it.He’s trying to punch back,but he certainly can’t go
shot for shot with Alvarez.
Alvarez is just too strong.6 to 3, Canelo Alvarez.Kellerman: And I think what the
punches landed indicates, too,
Jim, is that Canelo,while not bouncing on his toes,has good upper-body movement
defensively on the inside.
Jones: Inside and outside,
[cheers and applause] – [unintelligible] [cheers and applause]Lampley: Tell you
another thing Canelo has.
He has tremendous confidence.He has tremendous self-belief.He’s fighting
with body language that says,
“I can’t lose.I am going to win this fight
walking away.”
Whether it’s true or not,
that’s what Canelo believes.
Kellerman: Cotto’s got to be
able at some point,
if he wants to win this fight,
I think,
to make Alvarez
feel his left hook,
especially to the body,
but period.
He has to throw
those hard left hooks,
or the fight seems likely
to continue in this fashion.
– No, no, no.
Stop! Get back. Go.Lampley: A little bit
of a lull now for Canelo
here in the 10th round.Needs to produce some action,or else he might be in dangerof giving a round away
to Cotto.
Cotto’s more active,
trying to move side to side
and confuse Canelo,
gets in a body shot…
– Ah, ah, ah, ah! No, no, no, no, no.Lampley: And pushes Canelo down
with his arm
on the back of the neck.You know what the defense is
for Canelo, Max?
He’s got great reflexes.
Kellerman: Yep.
Lampley: He can see
what’s coming,
and he gets out of the way.Kellerman: And he bends
with his upper body.
Jones: Oh, good body shot.
Lampley: Oh, good body shot.
Jones: My goodness.Kellerman: Those were
the kind of shots
that Cotto needs to land.Lampley: And Cotto gets
a weary look on his face
after that blistering body shot
from Canelo.
Jones: That was pretty rough
there, Jim.
Tough to take them kind
when you’re this fatigued
in a fight.[loud tapping]Good right hand.Lampley: Good hard right hand
by Cotto.
[cheers and applause]And Canelo answers back
with a three-punch combination.
[cheers and applause] – Sorry.
– It’s okay. It’s okay.
Sit down. Good job.
Legs out. Relax.
Good job. Okay,
now you’re scoring points, and he’s not getting
nothing back, all right? – [speaking Spanish] – So now he’s gonna get
a little more angry, and he’s gonna come
with more force, all right? You need to use that footwork
side to side, okay? Use combinations and angles,
okay? – 6 more minutes.
– All right? Lead him.
Kill him with the jab. Every time–every time
he steps to you, right there… – Okay.
– Fast, hard jabs!Lampley: If Canelo Alvarez
can win this fight.
he wins the WBC title belt,which Miguel Cotto gave up
earlier this week
rather than to pay
the sanctioning fee
that that governing body
But that governing body says
if Canelo wins the fight
that within 15 days
after the fight,
he must make a deal
to fight Gennady Golovkin
or risk being stripped.Some people believe Canelo
will go ahead and make the deal
and fight Golovkin.Others believe that he won’t
and that the governing body
won’t force him to,
as they say they will.
But all that
is after the fight.
Right now, we’ve got
two more rounds to go.
We’re in the 11th,and Max Kellerman is in
the corner with Freddie Roach.
Max?Kellerman: Freddie,
Miguel seems to be following
your instructions,
but ringside, it seems to us
that Canelo’s size is negating
some of Miguel’s advantages
and carrying the day.What do you see?Roach: I think that
we’re outscoring him.
We’re outpunching him.But he is coming forward,and he is very strong
with his shots,
but he’s missing most of ’em.I mean, I think that
we’re outscoring him, actually,
but it’s a very close fight,
but I think that we have
a little bit of an edge
with scoring the jab more
and the combinations.
Kellerman: Like that.
Roach: Yes.
I mean, we have more of that
than we have the other.
You know, very seldom
does he get him in the ropes.
You know, he’ll land maybe
one or two clean shots,
and that’s about it.I don’t think it’s enough.Kellerman: So you don’t feel
that Miguel needs to put
a little bit more on that hook
to hurt Canelo,
to stop his forward momentum
at all
in these next few rounds?Kellerman: Well, no,
I would like that.
Yes, because
I’ve been urging him,
“Now, don’t let him
back you up.”
I said,
“Let’s back him up.”
And I think he can do that
with the double jab
and the hard right hand,
but we need to get–
we need to do that
for the next two rounds, yes.
Kellerman: Thanks, Freddie.Lampley: Canelo Alvarez
landed a right hand inside.
He’s working calmly
through this 11th round,
fighting as though he believes
he’s in control,
even as Freddie Roach
tells Max Kellerman
that he thinks
Miguel Cotto’s outscoring him.
Good left hook
by Canelo Alvarez.
Jones: Yeah,
Canelo is in control, Jim.
The thing, though,
right now is that
he’s also giving Cotto
an opportunity
to land that thunderous
left hook
if Cotto just sits down on it
and throws it.
Lampley: Freddie
refers to the jab,
and, yes, Cotto
just landed a jab there
and may have had the edge
in landed jabs
throughout the fight.But the power shots
of Canelo Alvarez
have seemed to move Cotto
from time to time.
Jones: And then this footwork
from Cotto
seems to be giving Alvarez
a few problems.
And he’s landing that jab,just like Freddie said
he could.
Kellerman: You can see
Freddie’s point of view.
Cotto is landing his shots.What we see is,
those shots are not having
the same effect on Canelo
as vice versa.
It’s gonna be interesting
to see the way this is scored
if it goes to the cards,which it looks like
it’s heading that way.
Lampley: Every judge
is different.
Every scorecard is different.We don’t know what to expect
as we come down
toward the last round
of the fight.
[bell dings]
– Time! That’s all. [cheers and applause] – Breathe. Breathe.
Let’s go. We’ve got to close
very strong. How are you feeling, son?
Good. Let’s go. Let’s go. You got to throw more punches,
dude. Last round.
Last round. Flex the waist.Jones: Here you see Cotto land
a counter right hand
over the top
of Canelo’s left hook,
which was his best right hand
of the fight, I think,
but then he comes back,
and Canelo strips his jab
and hits him
with a lead left hook,
and it seemed like Cotto
kept his hand pinned to his eye
after that as though it may
have hit him right in the eye
or that it affected that eye
in some way.
He even rocked back afterwards.
[bell dings]Lampley: And you heard
Freddie Roach say
that he believe Miguel Cotto
is landing more punches.
CompuBox does not agree.CompuBox counting 130 landed
punches for Canelo Alvarez
in the fight to only 118 so far
for Cotto.
Harold Lederman has given
the last three rounds
in the fight to Canelo Alvarezand has him with a 5-point lead
coming to the 12th.
Alvarez lands a couple
of pretty big shots
to start this last round.Jones: Huge shots.Kellerman: Oh, what action.[cheers and applause]Lampley: Alvarez is trying
to knock Cotto out.
Jones: And Cotto is trying
to do the same.
Lampley: They’re both gunning
for the KO right now.
– Let him go. Let him go…
Lampley: Body shot by Alvarez.
Hard right hand over the top–
no, not really hard.
A looping right hand
over the top.
Jones: It was pretty hard,
[cheers and applause]Lampley: These shots
are hard enough.
Jones: Good body shots.Lampley: He’s getting
the better of him
in every way right now.This is a very big round
so far for Canelo.
Now here comes Cotto
trying to reverse it.
[cheers and applause]Mexico, Puerto Rico,the two best 154-pound fighters
in the world,
a tremendous fight
down the stretch.
Jones: Cotto has a cut
over that left eye
bleeding in his eye now.– Come on, guys, stop.Kellerman: And if this is close
on the cards,
that’s a bad look.Cotto needs to do
something dramatic here.
Lampley: Yeah,
because Alvarez just did.
He cut him in the 12th round.Jones: Oh, and hit him with
two more big shots right there.
Lampley: A little left hook
lands for Cotto.
Same thing has been the case
all night, though,
that Alvarez
walks through the shot
and then loads up a big one
and knocks Cotto back.
Kellerman: The three-to-one
odds for Canelo
reflected not only the fact
that he’s such a fan favorite
among so many but that youth
and size would be served.
And by our lights,that’s what’s happened here
There’s 40 seconds left.[cheers and applause]Jones: Good body shot.
Oh, that body shot hurt.
Lampley: Hard shots by Canelo.Jones: Yeah, that body shot
hurt him bad.
Lampley: Very hard shot.Jones: That body shot
hurt Cotto really bad.
Lampley: He’s in trouble now.We’ll see if Canelo
can finish him off!
Only 20 seconds to go.Cotto trying to survive
what has been a brutal assault
here in the 12th round.Jones: And Cotto just tried
a mean left hook
just there too, Jim.Lampley: Combination for Cotto.Not many chances left,
[loud tapping] [cheers and applause] – Six, five, four,
three, two, one. [cheers and applause] [bell dinging] Time!
Good match! [cheers and applause] [unintelligible] [cheers and applause]Lampley: Two extremely classy
That’s a good prize fight.
That’s a great prize fight.
And those are very classy guys.Let’s go to Michael Buffer.[bell dinging]Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen,
after 12 rounds of boxing
here at the Mandalay Bay
of Las Vegas,
we go to the scorecards.John McKaie: 117-11;Dave Moretti: 119-109;Burt Clements: 118-110;all three scores for the winner
by unanimous decision
and new middleweight champion
of the world…
[cheers and applause]From Guadalajara, Jalisco,
Saul…Canelo…Alvarez![cheers and applause] [laughter
and indistinct chatter] – Whoo! Whoo!Lampley: Now let’s go
to Max Kellerman
with another one
of the same stripe,
Canelo Alvarez.Kellerman:
Congratulations, Canelo,
on such a big win. – [speaking Spanish] – Just–can you describe
what you’re feeling? – [speaks Spanish] [cheers and applause] – [speaking Spanish] – It’s an emotion that I just
can’t put into words. – [speaking Spanish] – I’m very happy, and
much respect to Miguel Cotto. I will always admire him. He’s a great champion. – [speaks Spanish]
– But now it’s my era. [cheers and applause] – I haven’t seen you
this emotional after a fight, after a big win. Why are you
this emotional tonight? [both speaking Spanish] – It’s a great victory for me. – [speaking Spanish] – Not just for me
but for all of my country. – [speaking Spanish] – For all my people,
for all my people, for my family,
and especially for my team. [people speaking Spanish] – [speaking Spanish] – Got a great trainer. – [speaking Spanish] – He’s the one that
brings you here from nothing. – [speaking Spanish] – I didn’t even know
what a jab was. – [speaking Spanish] – And then we get
to this level, and that shows the quality
of these trainers. They’re great trainers. – [speaking Spanish] – I’m very proud to have
people like them, and more than trainers,
they’re my family. – [speaking Spanish] – I want to thank my family. I want to thank my friends
that are always supporting me. And all this is for them. – You guys were boxing at–
you know, it was a boxer-puncher
kind of fight, both of you, and the difference seemed to be
that your punches were having a greater effect on him than
his were on you when he landed. Did you feel his power? [both speaking Spanish] – You know, it’s also,
like I said, my respect for Cotto,
as I said. – [speaking Spanish] – You know, like I said,
my respect for him, and what I said; it doesn’t
matter if I landed ten punches but ten well-connected punches. – [speaking Spanish] – And obviously not get hit
by his punches. – Okay,
now we turn our attention to what’s coming up. The hope in the boxing world was that if Canelo won, he would fight Triple G, because Canelo
fights everyone. What are your thoughts
now that you’re considered the lineal middleweight champion and he has all the belts–
or many of the belts– what are your thoughts
about fighting Triple G? – [speaking Spanish] – You know,
with all due respect, before, I didn’t want
to answer you because I was focused
on this fight, but with all due respect, if you want to fight him
right now, I’ll put the gloves on right now
and fight him now. – Yeah!
– [speaking Spanish] – My respect.
He’s a great champion. I know him.
He’s a friend of mine. But right now, I’ll put
the gloves on against him. – And this is one
of the many reasons the boxing world loves Canelo. Congratulations, champ. – [speaking Spanish] –Gracias.[speaking Spanish]Gracias.[dramatic music]♪ ♪

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    Ps It pretty much went as I thought but why avoid GGG ??

  12. Canelo too strong for cotto, the fight looks like a great middle weight vs a good welter weight. Cotto just couldnt hurt canelo.

  13. Just noticed that cottons issues with stamina is because he doesn't breathe while fighting he was completely fatigued in the first round and at the same time he likes to jump and that takes he's energy faster that was Freddie roach job to notice and he didn't you can notice because cotton fights with he's mouth open so he is breathing from the mouth

  14. Roy Jones: let's watch this slow motion replay of canelo landing this jab last round
    Jim Lampley (the very next sentence): Canelo lands 13 shots last round, all of them power shots.

    This is one of the worst I've seen from lampley, obviously predicted cotto to win the fight and had to deal with dismay all fight

  15. Cotto ending in survival mode… In my memories this was a little more competitive, but Cotto was beaten in brutal fashion.

  16. Y todavía ay gente q dicen q el solo le ponen bultos y a todos se los a fregado.
    Arriba el Canelo y Arriba México 🇲🇽

  17. Miguel Cotto was a good fighter but was the worst fighter after a fight to be interviewed. The guy has the personality of a piece of wood, give me Hector Camacho anytime or Tito Trinidad.

  18. Problem with Cotto is that most of the time , he’s just a 1 handed boxer.
    His opponent doesn’t have to worry about his right because he barely throws it and when he throws it , there’s no power in it.

  19. The translator is horrible. Does not know how to change it from Spanish to English in any manner to which it is understood clearly.

  20. Dude, WTF… Canelo reminds me of my Irish culture..Thats gotta be the whitest Mexican i ever seen……..lmao but lets keep it real……

  21. No entiendo cómo es que dicen que cotto le ganó a canelo, recuerden los golpes a los brazos no cuentan y bueno no pueden comparar un jab con un golpe de poder, si miraron quien tenía la cara más dañada?

  22. Canelo's win over Cotto was just by decision while Pacman KO'd Cotto easily – this is a lot of bull…. this is why I suspect that all of PACMAN'S win over very good champions in the likes COtto, Margarito, de la Hoya, keith Thurman etc. are all hoax and rigged fights an embarrassment to the boxing world.

  23. Cottos woman came there dressed like a total fucking whore, and she has the audacity to give dirty looks because her husband is losing. This bitch should be cheering because it's him risking his health, body, life for the money that she's getting puffed up on. Fucking waste of a woman.

  24. It's not the size. Don't forget Cotto had just got done knocking out the legitimate Middleweight champion Sergio Martínez before this fight. Cotto, like MANY of Canelo's opponents, are scared to commit when throwing punches because they don't want to expend a lot of energy missing and they are scared of getting countered – and Canelo sustained, well-timed, and accurate body work is debilating. They don't want to ignite a battle. Happens ALL the time with tons of his opponents. Even bigger opponents like GGG, Jacobs and Kovalev were scared to throw with steam. Watch Ángulo, Kirkland, López, and Rhodes (12th round) to see what happens when his opponents engage. Cotto played it off by disengaging and moving around, but he got hurt MANY times in this fight. Canelo's punches weren't just heavier, they were better timed and more accurate, too. Cotto hardly lands a clean power shot this entire fight – canelo slipped, blocked, parried, or rolled with the large majority. And Cotto wasn't even throwing punches with authority (for the aforementioned reasons). Good fight by dominate victory by El Canelo.

  25. Cotto played it off ok, but moments Canelo HURT Cotto: 5:25, 18:18, 18:00, 19:00, 19:25, 19:55, 21:48, 25:40, 27:10, 29:15, 29:39, 29:45, 29:55, 30:10, 31:26, 34:58, 35:25, 37:30, 38:08, 39:45, 40:00, 40:10, 45:38, 45:55, 47:00, 47:38…. Cotto didn't hurt Canelo ONE TIME in this fight. I mean, to even say that Cotto was remotely CLOSE to winning this fight, is a complete slap in the face to any kind of sport integrity whatsoever. .. Cotto hardly even landed a clean power punch that wasn't blocked, parried, slipped, or rolled the entire fight… He landed a few alright clean jabs and that's basically it. Beautiful display of boxing by Canelo. Beautiful. Really, I'm starting to think these Canelo haters are getting paid or there are some bots roaming the internet or something… I mean, just look at the families' reactions here 40:10 – you gotta be kidding me… 🤦‍♂️ Cotto won this fight looool Also, the Trout fight. Canelo whoopppped Trout's ass

  26. pinche DELAHOLLA, su expresión reflejaba sus ganancias, para Canelo se veía que le importaba de verdad profesional y humanamente…. TEAM CANELO, MIS RESPETOS PARA COTTO

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